July 2012 victims didn’t know Hernandez


Odin Lloyd, killed two weeks ago tonight, knew Aaron Hernandez.  Two other murdered men to whom Hernandez has been tied didn’t know him.

According to Antonio Planas of the Boston Herald, 28-year-old Safiro Furtado and 29-year-old Daniel Abreu weren’t acquainted with Hernandez, according to their families.

“Whatever they got caught up with, it’s something that just happened at the moment,” said Jose Centeio, a cousin of Furtado who employed both men at a cleaning business.  “That’s the sad thing about it.”
The two men were killed in a hail of bullets in downtown Boston after leaving a nearby bar.
“They don’t have any association with wrongdoing,” Centeio said. “Every family member is anxious to get some kind of closure.”
Closure could be coming, or at least the commencement of a process that could lead to closure.  After 11 months of nothing, a case that was growing cold finally is heating up.  And it looks like someone who claims Hernandez was involved is talking to police.

8 responses to “July 2012 victims didn’t know Hernandez

  1. You say “someone who claims Hernandez was involved is talking to police” but who is it?

  2. With some of the toughest gun laws in the country, I’m shocked that Massachusetts hasn’t solved this one yet. Even if someone could get a gun, do you know how hard it is to get a carry permit? Oh wait, that’s just for us law abiding citizens. Keep up the gun legislation Massachusetts, it’s working wonders as you can see.

  3. This is interesting to say the least, however the law better have all their ducks in a row because I would hate for them to lose off of some technicality like tampering with evidence. I’m not saying he did or didn’t do it, I have my opinions about the case but I’m not a juror so I’ll let them deliberate, but this story seems like he watched a gangster movie and was like “I can do that.”

  4. That’s an urban legend @crj202. The initiation involves having a new guy pulling the trigger on someone the gang wanted dead anyway, not some innocent housekeepers. Also, I doubt an adult with millions of dollars has to go through the same process as a 14 year old with holes in his sneakers.

  5. What am I saying that gets my comments deleted? This is the 7th time.

    Assuming the victims were ordinary Joes as they’re being portrayed. And not judging guilt or innocence of Hernandaz:

    It sounds like the victims said and/or did something deemed undesirable by the perpetrator(s).

    What happened to the days when differences were settled face to face without weapons? Not slowly driving by unsuspecting individuals walking down the street and firing upon them from the safety of your vehicle. Then speeding away.

    The day these jerks realize that settling differences by shooting and running (driving) away makes you a wimp and not a man, is the day we’ll all be better off.

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