Schiano: Da’Quan Bowers has to go through pain of being every-down player

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The departure of Michael Bennett to Seattle as a free agent has led to a lot of talk this offseason about the need for defensive ends Da’Quan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn to step up and provide pass rush for the Buccaneers next season.

Both players come with question marks. Clayborn is coming off a torn ACL, but is reportedly doing well in rehab and is expected to be ready to go for training camp. Bowers, meanwhile, has started just six games in his first two seasons and has to prove that he’s up to the task of a starting job.

“He has not played any consistent amount,” coach Greg Schiano said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “So if he wants to become anything more than just a situational pass rusher, he’s got to grind through it. He’s got to go through the pain of being an every-down player.”

It could be spun that way, but it doesn’t seem like Schiano’s talking about playing through injuries. Bowers’ ability to play while hurting has been a question for him since he came out of Clemson with a knee problem. Bowers played all 16 games as a rookie, though, and played 10 games last season after tearing his Achilles working out in May. Every player needs to deal with aches and pains, but last year’s experience is a good sign when it comes to Bowers’ willingness to do it.

Whether he can hold up while fighting through blockers at the point of attack to thwart opposing running games is a much bigger unknown and it will be something to watch when the Bucs start facing opposing teams in the preseason.

13 responses to “Schiano: Da’Quan Bowers has to go through pain of being every-down player

  1. Pain is a sensation most animals feel. Pain is to notify the animal something is hurt, being stressed, damage has and/or is being done; it is usually a warning the animal is harming its body to one degree or another; and it is also to deter current and subsequent conduct. Humans are animals.

    In some cases, it is worth enduring pain for the greater good (e.g., getting a vaccination shot, root canals and other dental procedures, even pulling off a band-aid). In other cases, ignoring pain can lead to the “the greater bad” (e.g., players careers and lives being ruined by reason of being rushed onto the field not sufficiently healed – PIT ILB and DPOY Kendrell Bell is an example).

    In this instance, Schiano (and Bowers) need to determine whether the pros of playing through the pain outweigh the cons at stake here.

    We’ll see how it shakes out – but this isn’t as simple as “go play through the pain” necessarily equals the intelligent way to proceed.

  2. Remember when people thought daquan was supposed to be the first pick in the draft? If he was #1 jamarcus would look like a hof player.

  3. “both of these guys came with red flag issues coming out of college and now it shows…both are pure bums!”

    Yet what has kept them off the field has nothing to do with the red flags you speak of, Batman.

    Both of these defensive ends have show huge upside when on the field, a couple of freak injuries is all that’s been in their way. Just wait, Tampa Bay will be eating quarterbacks for Sunday brunch with the teams new re-vamped secondary.

  4. “Pure bums.” “Red flag issues.” “Bucs season over after gambling on two injury-prone guys.” Please!! This is scared banter likely coming from fans of NFCS opponents and it’s promising as a Bucs fan!! Bowers played 10 games after a torn friggin Achilles and you can bet there will be no problems with him getting back. All fail to mention that he came back far earlier than predicted and he was slated to not even be back in 2012. Clayborn was totally proving himself until the injury and he’ll be back for training camp. No one should be worried except opposing OLs. People will find out that these two combined with solid depth in the middle are VERY capable ends. The pass rush is back and much improved along with the secondary. Can’t wait. Go Bucs!!

  5. That’s why TV analyst are useless. Many prior to that draft had Bowers going #1 overall to Carolina…boy, what a mistake that would’ve been.

  6. Those that speak of red flags show their ignorance. Clayborn has erbs palsy, which had nothing to do with his knee getting rolled up on. And Bowers had his knee scoped before the draft, which had nothing to do with a torn achilles…..this is nothing more than Schiano doing a little offseason motivating….

  7. The league will know all it needs to know about the Bucs front when GMC, Clayborn and Bowers start having meetings standing over the opposing QBs layout body.

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