Seahawks need James Carpenter to get, stay healthy


Yes, the Seahawks have had plenty of success in the draft under Pete Carroll and John Schneider.  But that only makes the periodic blunders more glaring.

The most glaring gaffe to date came in the first round of the 2011 selection process, when the Seahawks picked offensive lineman James Carpenter.

The jury is still out on Carpenter as a player, because he has been unable to play much due to various injuries.  In just two NFL campaigns, he has missed the equivalent of an entire NFL season.  If he can get and stay healthy, the Seahawks will be able to get to the next level, and possibly beyond.

James, he’s an animal,” left tackle Russell Okung recently said, via Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. “When he’s healthy, he’s hard to beat.  I don’t think there’s a guy who can line up over him and really say they can beat him, when he’s healthy.”

Carpenter simply hasn’t been healthy.  This year, he had offseason knee surgery, and the team is hopeful he’ll be able to play most if not all of the 2013 season.

“James has a tremendous upside for us and I’m anxious for you guys to see what he’s capable of doing,” coach Pete Carroll said.  “We expect that he’ll make it back for camp so we’ll see what happens.  He can give us a special dimension if we can get him back.  He should be healthy, and it’s just a matter of us getting him in shape and we’ll be very careful to make sure we don’t rush him along.”

The sooner he’s ready and the longer he can play, the better the Seahawks will be on offense.  Coupled with one of the best defenses in the NFL, it could be the formula that carries them from one coast to the other next February.

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  1. That pick wasn’t a blunder at all. Remember when the Seahawks were roasted for taking this guy over Gabe Carimi and Jimmy Smith? Well, Carimi is complete garbage even when healthy, and Richard Sherman is way better than Smith. Carpenter has been a terrific left guard when healthy, see his stellar block that keyed an untouched Marshawn Lynch 80 yard TD run against Detroit.

  2. That pick wasn’t a blunder at all. Remember when the Seahawks were roasted for taking this guy over Gabe Carimi and Jimmy Smith? Well, Carimi is complete garbage even when healthy, and Richard Sherman is way better than Jimmy Smith.

  3. I’m not sure if anyone was watching when he is healthy he is exactly what Okung said a monster. He creates such big holes for Lynch to run through in the run game. When moved to guard he was far better than RT at pass protection (slower feet than expected). He was drafted 25th overall….Look at Carimi and Sherrod who were offensive lineman drafed 1 or 2 picks right behind him -they aren’t doing any better and I’m glad my team picked James. He does need to stay healthy and if he does Seattle line can be that much nastier.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, we wasted a pick on that fatbody. He can feel free to prove me wrong any season now, but I’m not going to hold my breath. GO ‘HAWKS.

  5. Love the jealously of the Hawks. You don’t call a giy a bust after 2 years bcuz of injury. A bust is a tooguy who plays and stinks ala gabe carimi from same draft. People called OKUNG a bust after 2 yrs, too, bcuz he was injured. Now he is a pro bowler. Patience. Btw, adderal isnt much more than 2 espressos and reason its NFL LEGAL with a script. Guilty of not getting a script but not some performance panacea. Carp is going to be a road grader and Florio is correct, see you in NY in February!

  6. Its hard to say the seahawks waisted a pick on him, when we get first round talents in the second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds. Not to mention, if you watch him in games when he’s healthy, he is dominant.

  7. He’s a road grader when healthy, but they still should have taken a QB with that pick. They got lucky and bailed themselves out with Russell Wilson, but lets not pretend it was all part of the master plan.

  8. Carpenter is only a bust so far from a health standpoint not a talent standpoint.

  9. The Hawk master plan is to not reach for talent and reason Chancellor, Sherman, Kj Wright, RWill were steals. Name a Qb that was worthy of that 2011 selection ? Hawks wanted Rwill in rd 2 but took Wagner, let Rwill drop and voila, 2 studs who both were right there for OROY AND AND DROY. Now thats how you draft!

  10. Its his weight. He’s simply carrying too much of it and his bone structure can’t support it. Yeah, he’s a road grader, who can mow down half a line. But if the wheels keep coming off, or the axle breaks, the grader can only sit in the ditch next to the highway.

    I want him to be healthy. I want him to have success. Question is, how bad does he want those things? Ya gotta slice some of that poundage off, Carp.

  11. A few months on the ‘Seahawk Special Diet’ and he’ll be a monster. Then we’ll be talking Adderall again.

  12. The Seahawks have drafted great since this front office took control. Carp will be one of the better guards in the league when he gets healthy and the critics can go jump in a lake.

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