Tiki Barber: Calling Sapp an idiot was blown out of proportion


Tiki Barber responded to Warren Sapp’s contention that Simeon Rice should be in the Hall of Fame before Michael Strahan by calling Sapp an “idiot,” a position he tried to clarify in a later interview.

Barber was a guest on 98.7 The Fan in Tampa last week and said that his words were blown out of proportion. Barber said he “meant no malice” toward Sapp when he called him an idiot, suggesting that he considered Sapp’s opinion to be of the mindless variety and that he thought Sapp should have found a way to make his point about Rice without tearing down Strahan.

“Look, I have nothing disparaging to say about Warren Sapp,” Barber said, via JoeBucsFan.com. “But here’s what I have to say: He has had a vendetta against Michael Strahan and I don’t even know why he has had a vendetta against Michael Strahan. Maybe because he can because he is a first ballot Hall of Famer and Michael wasn’t. I understand what he was trying to do and get Simeon Rice some credit for what Simeon was as a player and he was a fantastic player rushing the quarterback from the defensive end, but don’t do it at the expense of ‘Stra,’ who is my boy. He’s always had my back.”

That wasn’t always a two-way street, but there’s even less value in rehashing old Strahan-Barber feuds as there is continuing this one much further. Sapp got the rise out of people that he was looking for by making the comment in the first place, other opinions were heard and Rice’s career got more spotlight than it has had in ages. With a month to go until camps open, surely we can find another war of words to occupy us while letting this one fade out.

40 responses to “Tiki Barber: Calling Sapp an idiot was blown out of proportion

  1. Tiki has been struggling to stay relevant ever since he retired. That great media career he had waiting for him never really panned out, did it?

  2. It was blown out of proportion, because everyone knows Warren Sapp is an idiot.

    Same goes for most NFL Network former player – “analysts” like Jamie Dukes and Heath Evans.

  3. Come on, Tiki, don’t back away from those comments. That was the first smart thing you’ve said in ten years.

  4. Simeon Rice was an average player. Good rusher but lousy against the run. Not a HOF. Strahan was a stud against the rush and pass

  5. So, according to Tiki, referring to someone as an “idiot” is not disparaging in nature eh? Well, that’s a rather unique position to take.

  6. Rice was pretty nasty. Double digit sacks in every season that he started more than 14 games except for one year. Which was his second and with the cardinals..

    On a side note, you guys should write some articles about predictions for the year. Maybe not W’s and L’s but secondaries vs wr corps, Defenses vs Offenses maybe some key match ups and who has the advantage due to team scheme and players surrounding them. Idk. I barstool talk with my friends about stuff like that all the time. I’m sure Florio has some opinions that no one cares about right?

  7. How can calling someone an idiot possibly be blown out of proportion? This man is a piece of work. I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised though. Tiki Barber is the same man who claimed he was misquoted in his own autobiography.

  8. I think someone who graduated from UVa is allowed to call someone who didn’t graduate from Tha U “an idiot” any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  9. Sapp = first ballot hall of famer and first ballot idiot

    Strahan = hall of famer

    Rice = close, really good player, but no cigar

    Barber (shockingly) = correct about idiot and hall of fame comments

  10. I dunno why anyone would want a job in the media. u can’t have a normal conversation or make a off the cuff remark without having to explain it 10 times over. tiki called the guy an idiot….who …..gives….a….fyck! its the persistence of people like tikis peers that creates this circle of fakeness within the media. its so frustrating how fake everyone in front of a microphone is

  11. Sapp is stupid. Almost on a level of he is so pathetic i sympothize for him. But jamie dukes stands above the rest. He bothers me so much it makes me natious. Also, i cant help it…but does anyone else wish nicole from nfl am would release a sex tape?

  12. Rice was a solid player, he spent too many years in Arizona when the stunk and never got the pub he deserved, he was also over shadowed by personalities of Sapp, Lynch, Derrick Brooks, and Gruden. The stage is only so big.

    I mean Andre Tippett is in the HOF, Rice has 20 plus more sacks than him. Tippett didn’t have double digit sack seasons past 28, Rice was still a force well into this 30’s. I’m not a bucs fan but lets not beat Rice’s reputation into the ground.

  13. Who? Sapps a clown! Only a matter of 12 years or so when Suh will be considered the greatest DT to ever play that we all forget about ol’ Warren.

  14. The Colts defensive line was trying to be that ole Tampa bucs line except they the ONE player they couldn’t find was someone on Warren’s level in Indianapolis. Look, he’s an idiot, I know, but HE’s a GOAT at defensive tackle.

    Rice was a great pass rusher in his day, like Freeney was. But that’s all he could do. Strahan, was a leader like Ray Lewis, and dominated his position, their defensive line although I can’t remember them being as dominating as that Bucs d line, was always top tier though, stepped up when they needed to, to win games.

  15. nfl network feeds the news to the hosts.

    and i wouldnt miss mike irvin in the least. he was a jerk and doesnt deserve the spotlight which underlines why the hernandez release shows more about the patriots organization than it does the nfl organization…

  16. “Simeon Rice was an average player. Good rusher but lousy against the run. Not a HOF. Strahan was a stud against the rush and pass”

    Average player? Isn’t Rice like in the top 15 of most sacks by DL-men of all time?

    I’m not saying he should go to the HOF…maybe so, maybe not…but average???

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