Aaron Hernandez’s name sparks brawl in diner

Patriots games will have an extra level of intrigue this year, especially if fans show up wearing Aaron Hernandez jerseys.  Or if any of them actually resemble Aaron Hernandez.

According to the Hartford Courant, a brawl erupted at a diner this morning after a patron shouted out, “Hey, Aaron Hernandez!

A pair of men arrested in the aftermath of the ensuing brouhaha told police they were sitting with Aaron Hernandez’s brother, D.J.

The fight started after the person who yelled “Hey, Aaron Hernandez!” was told to shut up, possibly Brian Cashman-style.

Police don’t actually know whether D.J. Hernandez was in the diner.  The Connecticut native is a graduate assistant at the University of Iowa.

47 responses to “Aaron Hernandez’s name sparks brawl in diner

  1. I expect the Pats to ban Hernandez jerseys from the stadium this year, if not permanently.

  2. Maybe DJ hernandez should get a different haircut if he doesn’t want to be mistaken for his serial killer sibling.

  3. Or maybe everyone should realize that Aaron “Triple Homicide” Hernandez is in jail, having bail twice denied, and leave his brother alone.

  4. It would suck to be the brother of a serial killer and someone who threw away a life most people can only dream of.

  5. I cannot imagine how awful it would be for DJ. First off, your brother who you spent your life growing up with is probably never going to be allowed back into society. Unfortunately, people are probably going to be harrassing the Heenandez family for a long time…and for all we know, Aaron’s parents and siblings did all they could to help him live a straight edged life. Everyone tends to blame the parents when their child screws up…but up until a couple weeks ago, the parents were probably viewed in a completely different way. Obviously Aaron lacks a conscience so he probably does not understand what he has done to his family…

  6. This goes to show you how horrible people can be…….expect this to happen all season long. Please please PLEASE don’t be stupid on some “I stand for Hernandez” and wear his jersey to the games…..

  7. “According to the Hartford Courant, a brawl erupted at a diner this morning after a patron shouted out, “Hey, Aaron Hernandez!”

    Who eats dinner in the morning??

  8. What is wrong with people? Say whatever about Aaron, but leave his family out of it.

  9. A serial killer is traditionally defined as a person who has killed three or more people[1][2] over a period of more than a month, with down time (a “cooling off period”) between the murders, and whose motivation for killing is usually based on psychological gratification. Hernandez is not a serial killer

  10. wow! they look like pure twins…D.J. needs to lay really low and change his look by growing his hair first cause he can easily be mistaken for aaron who is a very unpopular man right now…D.J. doesn’t want to be a victim of mistaken identity.

  11. I’ll reserve my opinion on this until I’m convinced that no rental vehicles were involved.

  12. BREAKING NEWS—- Pats TE Rob Gronkowski was at the diner as well, joined the scuffle and in doing so, broke his arm. He is expected to miss all of preseason.

  13. I know this sounds crazy but, maybe instead of D.J. having to change his looks, how about people should stop being idiots.

  14. First of all, there are more jerseys with #81 that don’t represent AH… So wearing #81 to the game means the back-side must be read prior to running ones mouth. I’ll be fixing my front number to reflect the last name of my player inside the #1. Secondly, his brother has nothing to do with the crimes of AH… Change his haircut…Really…Come’on; how about the general public stop bandwagoning and educate oneself on the real FACTS! No bail means just that “no bail”…hence the perp is in jail!

  15. I want to say I’m sorry for being a troll. I know the deadskins suck and will never be relevant. And I also know they are definatly not Marylands team !! Ravens and Orioles are. Washington D.C. didn’t want them and neither did Virginia or Maryland. The only reason They built a stadium in Md. was because they bought cheap land there and built a stadium on cheap land and paid off the politicians. Again, I am sorry. The deadskins actually do suck.

  16. antifreeze27 says:
    Jul 1, 2013 2:16 PM
    Did you mean Hernandez or the guy who doesn’t know what a diner is?


    I actually meant the guy who shouted “Hey, Aaron Hernandez!” in the middle of a restaurant, knowing the guy is still locked up. Then starting a fight after someone told him to rightfully zip his trap.

    But it could easily apply to any of the three.

  17. @creamsiclecannon

    Actually he fits everything in that description. The last bit about psychological gratification may not be true but the description you put says “usually” the killings are done for that reason.

  18. BB: Uh hello, DJ?
    DJH: Uh, hello?
    BB: We saw your high school film and would like to bring you in for a look.
    DJH: Funny, the Boston PD said the same thing.

  19. That’s white trash…Do these people not have jobs??? Shouldn’t they be focused on going to work instead of hanging around dinners in the morning and starting brawls???

  20. If you look closely at the picture, it looks like Aaron is about to taze his brother.

  21. Even if the self defense or strong arm robbery aspects don’t pan out- their is the medical(steroid-prozac etc) aspects- he could get mental health criminal deferment-and get medically treated and released- his testimony on the medical aspect could hurt the pats-the team dogged him out.

  22. I’m not saying what Aaron did was right, but their are always questions to be answered first.

  23. Lol, before I even read the story I thought, “I bet you the diner was Goldroc.” Goldroc is where a lot of people go after the clubs close at 2am. It’s usually entertaining.

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