Another Gainesville incident involving Hernandez comes to light

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Jeremy Foley has some explaining to do.

The Florida Athletic Director recently took issue with the emerging reports of former Gator tight end Aaron Hernandez’s conduct while in Gainesville.  And now a new report has emerged.

According to the Wall Street Journal (yes, the Wall Street Journal), Hernandez was involved in an incident only months after arriving at school, before ever playing for the Gators.  A police report obtained Monday by the Journal reveals that Hernandez, who was only 17 at the time, ordered two “alcoholic drinks” at a restaurant known as The Swamp.  Hernandez later claimed he hadn’t ordered the drinks.

A “verbal altercation” ensued, and Hernandez eventually was asked to leave.  An employee, Michael Taphorn, escorted Hernandez out of the building.  Once outside, Hernandez claimed that Taphorn “got in his face.”  So, obviously, Hernandez slugged him.  Taphorn suffered a ruptured eardrum.

Hernandez wasn’t arrested.  Because he was underage, he most likely would have been prosecuted as a juvenile.

It’s unclear whether NFL teams knew about the incident.  It’s possible that the report was kept tightly under wraps in 2010 (after all, the higher a player gets drafted, the better for the program).

Even if teams knew about the alleged punch to the head of the restaurant employee, it remains difficult if not impossible to project murder from this type of misbehavior.  It’s hard not to wonder how many other college-town police departments looked the other way when players from the football team did something they shouldn’t have done, with the information never to come to light because the players involved never went on to kill anyone.


114 responses to “Another Gainesville incident involving Hernandez comes to light

  1. Urban “no comment” Meyer and the UF AD have the Gainesville PD and DA bought and paid for. Of course nothing came of it.

    What happened at UF starting when Meyer took over up until the present day is nothing short of shameful.

    But hey, it’s ok because Tebow was there right?

  2. We’ve reached the point where it’s surprising if he went a year without having an incident

  3. You go from serial murder to underage drinking?

    A college kid ordered drinks at a bar?

    I clicked through to read this? C’mon guys. Every college Freshman knocks a few back.

    That’s no big deal. Ohhhhhh I bet he also had a keg party in his dorm…

  4. He used to be one of my favorite players. It just goes to show you that all these NFL Players are people. They can be idolized for their athletics talents but can be anyone off the field from
    Awesome Dad to Grumpy Old Man to Killer.

  5. Maybe not project murder, but it can project that a person has a logic disorder. That is not a stretch, and that is something that can actually result in any large number of negative outcomes. And it should be considered when drafting any player in any round.

  6. I think the real story here is that this Florida dump of a bar actually required someone to show ID. I would bet The Swamp isn’t know m for its tapas or martini menu.

  7. How did he have time to go to a restaurant? Wasn’t he supposed to be engaged in some daily prayer meeting with UM?

  8. kd75 says:
    Jul 1, 2013 11:40 PM
    You go from serial murder to underage drinking?

    A college kid ordered drinks at a bar?

    I clicked through to read this? C’mon guys. Every college Freshman knocks a few back.

    That’s no big deal. Ohhhhhh I bet he also had a keg party in his dorm…


    This incident by itself = no big deal.

    This incident by itself + first degree murder charge + 5 gun charges + law suit for shooting “friend” in the face and leaving him to die + possibly involved in another double murder = kind of a big deal

  9. It’s the aggressive behavior even at 17 that this article is trying to emphasize you smart a$$e$.
    Also, it’s apparent that Hernandez has a short fuse and a quick trigger. How long until we hear about addition shootings Hernandez has been a part of?

  10. Freshmen ? Sure kd , in their dorm. Not out in public(1st stupid act) and not punching out an employee enforcing the law! What an idiot,he was the perfect boy to be a successful athlete at Fla and New England. He gives a whole new meaning to arrogant and entitlement. Nothing new for Florida under Meyer.

  11. This isn’t an issue at all. A typical freshman in college. I click this actually thinking it’s something juicy, but in return I get this. -___-

  12. Something is missing here.

    If he claimed he didn’t order and/or they realized he was a minor and couldn’t serve him, then why would it lead to a verbal altercation?

    Wouldn’t they just ask what drinks would you like or simply refuse to take the order for alcohol?

    Even the crappiest restaurants take back wrong things even if you touched it.

  13. papas88063 says:
    Jul 1, 2013 11:36 PM
    The Bar probably did not press charges since they were serving a minor.


    Actually, the bar DIDN’T serve him. Your reading comprehension is shht.

  14. This says more about Urban Meyer than Hernandez. It almost makes me wonder if things got so out of control at Florida that he was forced out.
    If that was the case, then OSU and Urban Meyer are a match made in heaven.

  15. Anyone else wonder why Urban mysteriously retired? Then took a job that requires a lot of travel and time? Each week in a new city and having to spend about 4 or 5 days working? He stated he needed to “rest” or some other crap.

    Come on.

    He isn’t the first coach that it’s very reasonable to make an argument he was pushed out by the AD.

    What’s better? Urban “retires” they can pick any up and comer they want, and he can take a new, high paying, high profile job a year later.


    Seriously, I would LOVE to see more stories about these things that don’t make the headlines.

  16. Umm, are we missing the interesting part where they said that he punched a person who stopped him from doing an illegal act.

    Lots of kids have some illegal drinks but not all act out violently when confronted with them. Those that do, are the ones that are the problem.

    Alone it’s an isolated incident but these incidents are no longer isolated.

    If Florida was hiding them, there is a problem and if they were not, then something is wrong with how the Patriots are evaluating character in it’s players.

  17. Pete Carroll cut and run.
    Chip Kelly cut and run.
    Urban Meyer cut and run.

    All 3 had issues with the conduct of their players or program.

  18. Ray Lewis has to be shaking his head at this sloppy murder cover up.


    killing two career criminals in self defense vs. a planned execution style murder…..hmmm

  19. Red flags galore,….but Im not saying new england should have known he would kill anyone…however, when there were as many red flags to the point that other teams passed several rounds, they can’t be fully exonerated either. They chose to take the risk and it backfired, bottom line. I don’t think its going to ruin their organization or anything , but its still yet another chink in the perceived infallible armor peeling off of the great “hype”machine.

  20. Clearly, he had a history of testing boundaries and the adults around him kept turning a blind eye. Every incident, no matter how minor, validated he was above the law. This time around, he finally left enough evidence behind to get noticed. Intentionally self-inflicted? Guilt does nasty things to the mind.

  21. kd75 says:
    Jul 1, 2013 11:40 PM
    You go from serial murder to underage drinking?

    A college kid ordered drinks at a bar?

    I clicked through to read this? C’mon guys. Every college Freshman knocks a few back.

    That’s no big deal. Ohhhhhh I bet he also had a keg party in his dorm…
    Did you miss the part of the story where he punches the guy in the head and ruptured his eardrum? Shows that he performed acts of violence even at age 17.

  22. Demonstrating a pattern folks.

    Every incident he was involved with becomes a big deal when he’s in jail accused of FIRST DEGREE MURDER.

  23. We can all hear Manti T’eo thanking AH for getting the spotlight off of him….finally. And all it took was a murder or three.

  24. There are 53 players on an N.F.L roster times 32 teams= 1696 active players not including 5 more players on each teams practice squad. 29 have gotten in trouble this year, which leaves approximately 98.3% of law abiding citizens. Considering the pool of people, about 50% probably come from rough childhoods due to their environment, I think it has been unfair to the sport to paint a picture of the N.F.L being out of control. Enough with the sensationalism and at least give some equal attention to the majority of good works that most players do for their communities.

  25. Back in the 70s I used to sneak in to bars and have a few beers while i was watching the bands play. I also once shoved a dish of ice cream into an a-holes face who had really pissed me off.

    Haven’t killed anyone though (yet)

  26. FBI Agent: Son where were you the afternoon of November 22, 1963?

    Hernandez: What? Dude I wasn’t even born yet

    Agent: So what you are telling me is you don’t have an alibi for the timeframe of John Kennedy’s assassination.. is that correct?

  27. The issue is not the underage drinking.

    The issue is Hernandez slugging the establishment’s employee hard enough to burst his eardrum.

    Assault. Not just underage drinking.

  28. Don’t forget when he told some young kids playing marbles that Santa wasn’t real.

  29. I looked up skirts all the time, and although I have wanted to murder a few people in my time, I have never done so.

  30. Football, basketball, and baseball is a breeding ground for criminals to reap millions and do bigger crimes, America Gives them millions kisses there ass, and worships them there criminal, Before we blast him or any other player, Blast our self first for creating these monsters for our entertainment!!!!

  31. Who cares about trying to order a drink at 17?
    Sucker punching an innocent employee just doing his job is the issue…except to Urban. Wonder if Meyer ever mentioned it to his BFF BILL “Patriot Way’, Draft Guru’, ‘Super Coach’, Dynasty Builder’, ‘Spy Guy’ BELICHICK.

  32. They need to quit it with the all the incident digging, in my opinion it doesn’t make Hernandez look worst it shows just how ineffective and downright atrocious law enforcement and the justice system is regarding Hernandeze’s behavior, his behavior could have probably been changed or atleast been properly punished, and could have changed his pattern of behavior you know do what the justice system is designed for.

  33. Obviously this incident happened before Hernandez started receiving those Bible lessons. Because afterwards, he became a true pillar of the community.

  34. Urban Meyer you let a monster run free without punishment. He should be fired from Ohio St. Aaron Hernandez is a nut case that should be locked up in an insane asylum for life!

  35. AH probably got suspended from kindergarten for playing doctor. Then the story just continued on from there to bigger things as time went on.

  36. The Alachua County State Attorney, Bill Cervone, always sweeps these things under the orange and blue carpet. No matter what these guys do, in a few days they are always cleared due to witnesses recanting their stories, charges being dropped due to insufficient evidence, etc.

    And this is just the stuff that actually sees the light of day.

  37. One of the first questions that should be asked of prospective jurors is……”do you read”

    The Lynch Mob is in effect on this blog site.

  38. Looks like a pattern of history. This guy got braver and braver with each step because he continued to get away with it. Assault causing severe injury, shooting a guy in the face but not causing death, drive by shooting killing two, & ultimately first degree premeditated murder. He became more brazen with each step. Dude was a psychopath.

  39. @nutsack every bar in ‘murica is required to ID anyone who comes through the door. It’s the law to check IDs. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to buy alcohol period. It’s a federal law. I guess you live where Porky runs the “county”

  40. There probably isn’t anymore headlines about Hernandez that’ll surprise me.

  41. Also see if you can find out whether Hernadez habitually murdered kittens or else maybe blew up small alligators or other animals with firecrackers or like that … things like that seemingly tell if a person trends toward sociopathy or patholgical narcissism

  42. Think about it people. Your 17, and you get busted for ordering drinks underage…what would you reaction be…

    I would think you would be like oh crap…ok…I’ll leave the building…no problem…no problem…
    and out the door you go feeling lucky no cops were called….

    So think about how backward and bizzare it is that Hernandez in that situation thought it prudent to try and knocked this guys block off his neck…

  43. Here’s my impression of a WallStreetJournalTalk commenter:

    “Who cares? I want to hear about diversifying my portfolio, liquid assets, and all that razzmatazz.”

  44. You can’t minimize the actions of a life-long bully with an overblown sense of self-importance and privilege. You can bet that for every incident being uncovered there were ten more that nobody was aware of. Meyer knows a lot more. He’s staying silent for a reason.

  45. “Even if teams knew about the alleged punch to the head of the restaurant employee, it remains difficult if not impossible to project murder from this type of misbehavior.”

    OMG! You must have an advanced degree in psychology and forensics too!

    Hard to believe but the imbecilic twattery on this site keeps topping itself.

  46. Everyone please look up the word obtuse. To be clear in the face of stupidity,the incident noted IS unremarkable except for the slugging of a restaurant employee, hard enough to break his eardrum. No matter what you yimyaps think in your little bad ass fantasy world,the world doesn’t go round this way.Eventually,it comes home to roost……..Only Corporations are allowed to operate with blatant disregard for others….Hernandez,whether eventually cleared of this murder or not,has clearly shown a proclivity for violence, a lack of accountability and a total absence of common sense. So far,only the latter has been on display by many of the comments here…..

  47. Did you lose a ton of money on a bet in the 94 Sugar Bowl or something? I don’t get your blind hatred of UF, especially considering the fine gems to roll out of WVU like Chris Henry & Pacman

  48. Urban Meyer gonna Urban Meyer. “Coach, I just failed a drug test, got into a fight, and stole someones lap top in one night”

    Meyer “Can you play?”

  49. This story was written not because a seventeen year old college football player ordered two alcoholic drinks at a bar but because after being asked to leave he got severly beligerent and physically assaulted and seriously hurt an innocent employee of the establishment in which he should have been arrested and charged with assault but it was swept under the rug,later in life to graduate to murder which wasnt.lets hope a jury doesnt give him the preferential treatment he grew so used to in college and beyond.

  50. Still waiting for Wes Welker’s wife to tell us to read the Wikipedia page of Aaron Hernandez.

  51. This isn’t a big deal. You can’t go through every incident of his life and point to the murder and say “see!!??”. He did dumb isht in college and punched a guy.

    You’ve just described half of American college kids. Stick to the relevant stuff.

  52. the Journal didn’t have to do too much digging ..this incident was in the news several years ago & is well documented

  53. You seeing all this Ohio State fans? Meyer may be a great coach but he’s as big a scumbag as the players he recruits for allowing this type of behavior

  54. enough about this loser,there going to dig up so much dirt on this guy, dont give him the time..

  55. I’ve heard enough. I hate to see a guy on a team I root for end up like this, but this kid is a disrespectful, deranged punk. If he’s guilty, I hope he never sees the light of day again.

    Go Patriots!

  56. Aaron Hernandez’s behavior wouldn’t have stood out in Gainesville, since the Gators probably have more players arrest than any other major college program.

    The Gators football program has had > 30 different players arrested over the past decade.

  57. I think most of you are missing the really point made evident by this and multiple other incidents in this young man’s life. Talented kids from every sport are given a lot of leeway by programs starting even before HS. With boys raping passed out 16 year old girls in Ohio and Conn. and walking away feeling like they did nothing wrong. Coaches and ADs looking the other way and allowing these kids to veer further and further off the path of normally accepted behavior. You can laugh and joke this off all you want but it’s happening in your town and at your major University program also not just UF. And it appears that until one of your own family members gets raped or even murdered you’re just going to continue to laugh it off. That’s the sad state of affairs in our worship of these athletic programs, from youth all the way up to the pros.

    Go listen to Jack Johnson’s song Cookie Jar, “we all got the blood on our hands”.

  58. aoc57: I have read all comments, mostly for some humor that is displayed from time to time. However, in doing so, your comment indicates you should not ever, NOT EVER, comment again. I am 83 and you have just won the stupid comment of my life award.

  59. @aoc57:

    You’re wording is little off by saying “it’s not a big deal” because this is a pretty stupid thing Hernandez did (particularly being in a bar at 17 and acting like you own the place), but I agree with your main point of this is just kicking a guy when he’s down. He’s going to be tried for MURDER. MURDER is way out of “bar fight” category. This incident has no bearing on that. Just because he got in this “barfight” doesn’t make him a murderer. Killing someone makes you a murderer if people have forgotten. Last time I checked, everyone that’s gotten in a fight at 17 when their drunk is NOT necessarily a murderer.

  60. The coaches at Florida probably looked the other way when anything went wrong. That figures, because they didn’t want to replace the player on the football team. There was no shortage of trouble there with the athletes.

  61. There’s trying to buy a couple of drinks when you’re underage, and then there’s beating a guy so badly the police recommend a charge of felony battery against you.

    I don’t know why some people are making light of this incident; I find it very disturbing.

  62. thestrategyexpert says:
    Jul 1, 2013 11:46 PM
    Maybe not project murder, but it can project that a person has a logic disorder. That is not a stretch, and that is something that can actually result in any large number of negative outcomes. And it should be considered when drafting any player in any round.
    Scary thing is that supposedly AH got a perfect score on the psych test they gave him. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of trouble too.

  63. Sucker punching someone to the point where the police recommend felony charges isn’t the same as murder, and lots of guys who commit assault and battery don’t commit murder. But anyone who is kicked out of a bar (for being a thief and a jerk no less), and then sucker punches the bouncer hard enough to burst his ear drum and make the police recommend he be charged with a felony, is probably a very bad guy (a “f— up” would be a good description for that type of guy).

    Getting into bar fights is not normal college behavior. Getting into bar fights that require the police to come is not normal college behavior. Getting thrown out of bar for being a jerk and not paying for drinks, sucker punching a bouncer and busting his ear drum and getting recommended for felony charges by the police is very abnormal college behavior.

    Anyone saying this behavior was normal is engaged in “keyboard courage”, trolling or is a fool.

  64. The ray Lewis stuff is hilarious

    No one talked about his arrest for a solid 10 years and only started bringing up again when he announced his retirement/the ravens made the Super Bowl

    I mean feel free to hate the dude, he’ll be just fine, but just admit you hate that he didn’t play for your favorite team instead of acting like the snarky, moral Internet police

  65. CKL:

    Yeah good point, but a psych test is just one tool. The problem is the Pats overall testing and evaluation methods are very flawed. The cost of his salary alone made AH a questionable value, but bad value in my mind. Add in the opportunity cost to not have traded him at that time and it makes it a landslide. But the Pats aren’t smart thinkers, and that’s because Belichick is not a smart football strategist.

  66. This article clearly shows people’s lack of noticing a pattern of bad behavior on AH’s part. It is quite clear from an early age a culture of enabling was quite prevalent, who knows how long that predates. If you fail to see a pattern of a downward spiralling negative behaviour, then you must be dumb as rocks. Though shocking that it lead to murder, at least his past behavior puts things into perspective. As some readers have said by getting away with stuff over and over again, this empowered him the more .

  67. I think being 17 and taking a swing at an employee for doing his job is the problem. The drinking is less of an issue. Of course because he played for Florida and this was in the state of Florida you know charges will never be filed. This isn’t the only place this happens. It happens in all the top college programs. Kids get out of trouble because of where they play football.

  68. This just opens the floor to biased fans to make comments like “he was just a typical college kid,” “give me a break, everyone knocks back a few drinks.” Let’s gate back to the MURDER!

  69. I imagine the cover ups in college sports could be gigantic. Just for relativity’s sake, look at the story from stubenville or whatever that place was. That was just high school football.

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