Giants confident Victor Cruz will sign new deal before camp

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Giants receiver Victor Cruz could still hold out from the start of training camp if the team doesn’t give him the long-term contract he wants. But the Giants apparently don’t think that’s going to happen.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that there’s a high degree of confidence that Cruz and the Giants will come to an agreement on a long-term extension before training camp begins.

“Everybody I’ve spoken to expects that deal to absolutely get done, to a 100 percent degree of certainty, that Victor Cruz will have a new contract by the time the Giants open training camp,” Mortensen said on NFL Live.

Cruz is almost certain to show up by August 6, as holding out beyond that would cost him the opportunity to become an unrestricted free agent in 2014. But it sounds like the Giants are very confident that this contract negotiation will be over before August, and that Cruz will be locked in for the long term within the next few weeks.

34 responses to “Giants confident Victor Cruz will sign new deal before camp

  1. Love em’ or hate em’ the Giants are one of the most well run franchises in the NFL. Year after year players leave the Giants through free agency to get their paycheck and never fulfill expectations. Cruz would be wise to accept that offer.

  2. Bubby you must be talking about a different team !!! Giants are a top flight organization and always have been

  3. Giants aren’t going anywhere … if they make it to the playoffs, then so what … they don’t have anything.

  4. Nicks better stay. Giants have to do his deal before he’s a free agent. If they don’t the Giants take the risk of someone overpaying him like Mike Wallace and we all know the Giants never have the cap space to compete, even though we have big salaries coming off next year. Giants hardly ever tag people. They’ll either sign him long term or not. Thing is he may want to play out the year to maybe play all 16 games, have a great year, then cash in. Because we all know the Giants will try to make him take less in negotiations holding that against him, though besides last year he hasn’t been hurt too often. I like Cruz, but would have made it a priority to sign Nicks first.

  5. The money will be well spent! Cruz and a healthy Nicks, finally. Watch out now! Oh ya @ bubby blister shut the h double hockey sticks up!!

  6. Bad hands receiver who can’t beat man coverage and is afraid to go over the middle gets overpaid by second rate, low class team that can’t even make the playoffs.

  7. VC is a slime ball. Once he gets his money he will fall off the map. Look at last year, he had like 5 big games, but when teams started chipping him at the LOS he completely fell off…ESP when Nicks wasnt 100%

  8. Put it like this. The giants are a 8-8 team with or without Cruz. Very inconsistent RG3 reigns over that division now salsa time won’t be able to stop that. Suave!

  9. Big Cruz fan, but if I were Jerry Reese I’d trade him for a 2nd rounder, may I remind you Mr. Reese the NFL is a business and you don’t want the Jets style of drama on the other side of town

  10. Vic. I’m a Jersey Boy too. Hackensack. We used to kick your asses in football in HS.

    I am a UMass alum. I was even on the basketball team in 96 when we made the Final 4 (Kentucky was just too deep even though we beat them in the preseason).

    Please sign on the line that is dotted. Pretty please. Just sign. Don’t go anywhere Vic. You don’t belong anywhere else.

    Trust me. Stay here.

  11. Yeah heard that before, let me know when his name is on the dotted line.

  12. The level of insecurity with redskins fans is hilarious. Joke franchise that ran their messiah into the ground. Giants win division in 13, make playoffs and become a threat to win it all in NFC. Skins, well we saw last year. Can’t cash in.

  13. I love reading clueless comments, Cruz had a semi down season is because he was missing his counter part Nick, so they were doubling him on almost every play. Cruz isn’t afraid to go across the middle and he does have good hands.

    Cruz only was targeted 143 and had 86 catches, not bad. Let’s look at some other WRs

    C. Johnson targeted 205, rec 122
    Welker targeted 174 rec 118
    Marshall targeted 194 rec 118

    Cruz had the 3rd most rec yards, if you look at his stats, he is in almost all of the top 10 for stats for a WR.

    I won’t say Cruz doesn’t have hands.
    Cruz also had rec 10 TDs (top 10)

  14. Man, I can imagine the amount of Redskins slugs that would be crawling out from under rocks if they were to actually WIN a playoff game in this century!

  15. Cruz is a high profile player and he’s playing for a high profile team – this is as well as a big deal gets done in that kind of situation. Class all the way. The way the Giants handle their personel is textbook quality. Every team should learn from them.

  16. “arrogantnation says: Jul 1, 2013 5:28 PM

    Love em’ or hate em’ the Giants are one of the most well run franchises in the NFL. Year after year players leave the Giants through free agency to get their paycheck and never fulfill expectations. Cruz would be wise to accept that offer ”

    – Just because players leave your team and suck elsewhere, doesn’t mean you have a good organization. It just means what everyone already knows about NYG, their players are inconsistent. That’s why they don’t want to pay anyone. No one on that team is the best at his position, because all your good players have the same knocks, cant stay on the field or can’t perform at an elite level season after season…

  17. Victor cruz has bad hands? That’s like saying Rg3 has good knees. Redskins 2 playoffs wins since 1992

  18. That bad hands wr sure did cook your team last yr in 4th quarter!!!! Sounds like you’re still salty logicalvoice. Wound still open huh……lol. Good cause that same bad hands wr is re-open a couple stitches in that wound this yr…….again!!!

  19. Don’t give him the money until the night before he has to show up to camp….

    That way he doesn’t go out w/ his boys and get in trouble for being “disrespected” as he’s throwing around the cash….

  20. I see a lot of comments about the Cruz situation being a “drama” or a “Circus”..That couldn’t be further from the truth. This has been one of the quietest scenarios I’ve ever seen playing itself out. Anyone calling him greedy or unworthy is an idiot who should pick out a different sport to comment on, like cricket.

  21. I can’t believe you people are still acknowledging him/her,it’s obvious he/she doesn’t know football…it would be a shock if gmen don’t win this division.


  22. there’s a certain curse in the NFL that the GMEN need to break this year…. and we’ll need VC to help do it.

    Hope he signs soon, the QB-receiver rapport is one of the most important things to get going in training camp, even if they have played together for a coupla years.

  23. Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzz!
    The Colts could use ya brother, give my boy Grigson a call.

  24. The giants are one of the most well run franchises???? They just drafted a crack head from A&M. Ron Dayne, Danny Kanell, Dave Brown, playing a few days after Sandy & taking resources away from citizens that needed it, their owner is doing reality shows, their Oline man is getting DUI & the team doesn’t punish him, plax shooting himself, Tiki complaining about coach to media, Strahan saying the coach should be fired just months before winning SB, their greatest player ever was literally a crack head, while Michael Boley was on team he was hitting his child more than a practice dummy, the team comes off a SB and then can’t make the playoffs, they draft a QB no one wanted while they’re in dire need of line help, they still don’t have any linebackers, they lied to Osi….real classy…

  25. I know a circus when i see one…

    The Giants jerking this guy Cruz around is a total fail on their part!
    Betting on Aaron Ross and Prince to carry your secondary is very risky.
    Every year they grab a middle linebacker off the streets…wtf?
    No Bradshaw, no Nicks, no TEs…a turnstile for an Oline…yeah the Giants are such a well-run franchise.
    Their is no excuse for wasting the window of opportunity you have with Eli as your QB. But Reese seems to think he can get to the playoffs with smoke and mirrors.

    It is very circus like, the hubris that is the Giants.

  26. So happy Cruz is coming back. Eli and Victor are so good together and are one of the best combos in the NFL. Can’t wait to see what they are going to do this year.

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