Jabari Greer says Saints singing a new tune

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Sports Illustrated’s Peter King turned his vacation-season “Monday Morning Quarterback” column over to Saints cornerback Jabari Greer this week. And while some of Greer’s stories might hard to follow if you haven’t had that second cup of coffee, what’s clear is the confidence that’s clearly flowing from the Saints after a disappointing 2012.

Weathering the bounty scandal, losing their coach, finishing 7-9 and missing the playoffs clearly left a mark on them, and clearly will be used as motivation.

Greer wove a tapestry of Biblical and musical metaphors, and the point is obvious.

“What was not told in the headlines or on the news, however, was the spirit of our men in the locker room,” Greer wrote. “Experiencing an unprecedented ordeal in the history of the NFL, our men never wavered. Although our spirit wasn’t reflected in the final score of nine of our games, we endured Goliath’s wrath last season, and now Goliath has to pay.

“So forgive me if I sound the trumpet of preseason enthusiasm. It was out of tune for a year, in the shop being repaired. This year holds no promise of a better timbre for the orchestra that is the Saints; but now, in our coach, we have our first chair back, and he has brought in a badass sax player in defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, some new songs and some new steps.”

So obviously, they’re fired up, and ready to go beat on Goliath with a trombone, or something.

They’ll need the motivation, as some of the more tangible components still aren’t there yet. Ryan makes for good copy, but he doesn’t have all the parts in place to run the kind of defense he wants, a problem made worse when pass-rusher Victor Butler was lost for the year with a torn ACL.

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  1. If you’re not ready to admit that you ran a bounty program then there’s no ‘new tune’. It’s the same old one, and we’ve heard it.

  2. you better believe the saints are out to prove something this year.

    drew brees may set some records.
    That man never needed motivation before, now he has his shot caller back, you may just witness history.

    drew brees #1 fantasy QB for 2013/14

  3. Watch out Falcons, your run is over. The Saints will be the Bucs biggest threat.

  4. They were also sounding the motivation trumpet last year… and that didn’t work out so well.

  5. And the new tune is we are ready to play some hard hitting football. And go all the way again to the Super Bowl. Just listen as we crank up the party this season all the way. Can’t wait.


  6. “The Saints will be the Bucs biggest threat.”

    Have that backward big boy, the Bucs will be the Saints biggest threat…winner takes second place.

  7. Always like Greer. Never been a Pro Bowler or a big star but he’s a surprisingly solid corner considering how that defense has been the last few years.

    We don’t need the defense to be great, we just need it to be opportunistic. The defense in the Superbowl year wasn’t “great” by most numbers but it made a ton of big plays when you needed them(I’ll always remember that comeback vs Miami).

  8. Yap, Yap, Yap…Saints love to talk. We have our coach back, last I checked he doesn’t actually take the field. Rob Ryan, he got fired because he couldn’t get it done with better talent in Dallas, so he is going to take the worst defense in the NFL and all the sudden make them great, what a joke!

  9. Jabari Greer still calls the Bounty case “alleged”

    I stopped reading after that. Just because you are out of the loop doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, Jabari.

    Jabari? haha.

  10. Well, just about any tune is better than the constant whining we’ve had to listen to for the last two years from New Orleans.

  11. purpleguy says:
    Jul 1, 2013 11:42 AM
    Well, just about any tune is better than the constant whining we’ve had to listen to for the last two years from New Orleans.

    Says a Vikings fan. The irony.

  12. The Saints weren’t just bad last year, they had the worst defense ever! Last time I checked Sean Payton didn’t run the defense! Not to mention Payton’s personal life is a dumpster fire! Saints are going to SUCK again! For a long time to come too!

  13. I just love it when everyone constantly brings up Ryan’s past and say that he couldn’t do D with that type of talent?

    Exactly what talent was that?

    If I recall, the only team that had any “talent overall” was Dallas and they were injured all the time–can’t work with people that can’t get on the field now can you?

    Dream on guys. Even with our last place defense we still kicked butt.

    And let’s not forget that Ryan has an a Top 20 Defense and if we can get there, then we can’t be stopped at all with that and our offense.

    The teams most feared are the one most vilified.

    And we have been vilified and continue to be over and over…yep – you guys are running scared.

    And you should be.

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