Jags may show continuous RedZone on new video boards

How big will the new video screens at EverBank Field be?  Big enough to accommodate the continuous broadcast of the RedZone Channel — throughout the game.

Jaguars president Mark Lamping tells Don Muret of SportsBusiness Journal that a portion of the 16,626 square feet of video-board space could be devoted constantly to showing the most compelling moments of games simultaneously being played at other stadiums.

“We know this would be welcomed by the large portion of our fans who are transplants to Jacksonville, as well as all fantasy football enthusiasts,” Lamping said.

It’s unclear how many fans living in Jacksonville would decide to pay for tickets if they could keep real-time tabs on another team, or how many fantasy-football fans would prefer tracking all the action while witnessing one the various games.  Still, the approach can only help the broader cause of selling seats.  And EverBank Field would be the first stadium to offer non-stop RedZone coverage.

The video boards, to be installed at each end of the stadium starting in 2014, also may have competing displays.

“Because the boards are so big we don’t need mirror images at each end because they are in view of most fans,” Lamping said. “Some content will remain the same such as time of game, down and distance and replays.”

The approach would give most fans a four-pronged radar screen during games — the field, the two video screens, and their handheld devices.  As the NFL tries to find more and more ways to make the in-stadium experience as good or better than staying home, this goes a long way toward achieving the “as good” objective.

Of course, the best way to fill a stadium is to have a consistently winning team.  Which would mean that several games per year would be played at night, when no other games are happening.

38 responses to “Jags may show continuous RedZone on new video boards

  1. I guess they’ve finally accepted the best way to give fans attending a Jacksonville game a good football experience is to let them watch a different team.

  2. Seems kind of insulting to the home team.

    Now putting it on during timeouts, halftime etc. That would be fine.

  3. might as well cause the product on the field from Jacksonville is not entertaining.

  4. Why doesn’t the NFL come out with an in-stadium version of the RedZone channel that would provide quick updates of divisional games or just other NFL games during those long very boring tv timeouts? Currently we get a quick 30 second update during halftime which is interesting because they just show two quick plays from the divisional games being played at that time.

  5. I think you might see that Jacksonville (Shad Kahn) will be setting new standards in the NFL for fan experiences. Not one of you can truly say that you watch your favorite teams at home and don’t watch the crawler at the bottom of the screen. Mr. Kahn is finding ways for the fans to get that information and he’ll still fill the seats with fans.

  6. Beer and parking are a lot cheaper at my house. Lower those prices to give fans an in-home experience that will get them to the stadium.

  7. Way to keep it “original” guys. Jags have the most committed, charismatic owner in the league. Once the wins start coming this will be the franchise one step ahead of the curve. Get your lame jokes in while you can.

  8. I can sit on my comfy couch…watch redzone for free on my 60″ flat screen

    Or…go to a jags game

    Tough choice there

  9. Just bet $1000 on the home team and you won’t even notice the Red Zone Channel.

    When I used to be able to afford my season tickets, before PSLs, I watched the game in front of me.

    Smoke a J at halftime in the Giants Stadium spirals. Play the bounce a golf ball as high as you can game.

    Soak in the whole experience. And watch Amani Toomer catch a game winner to beat the undefeated Broncos in 1998 (+14 1/2).

    If you are going to a game, you shouldn’t be all wrapped up in your fantasy team.

  10. “As the NFL tries to find more and more ways to make the in-stadium experience as good or better than staying home…”

    • • • • • • • • • • • •

    How about lowering the price of tickets and concessions so a family of 4 doesn’t have to take out a 2nd mortgage just to see 1 game?

  11. Nothing like paying all that money for a ticket and parking so you can go to the stadium and tweet while you watch a game on a big tv.

  12. “Thats right Jag fans! If the product on the field doesn’t excite you, just watch what the rest of the NFL is doing! And if the feed goes down, its time for a bathroom break. Don’t forget to grab a $12.00 hotdot or $20.00 beer on your way back to the seats!”

  13. All you out of Jacksonville have no idea what it’s like in Jacksonville to go to a game.. yeh the team sucked last year but did you know that you can bring your own food into games if you want??? You can’t bring drinks but they offer refillable cups at a discount rate for a stadium… Beer prices are similar to any other sports arena… If a family wants to come to a game, it doesn’t cost that much… tickets are less than a theme park in many areas of the stadium and all seats are good.. For those who can afford better seats, the clubs in Jacksonville are the most affordable in the NFL.. And no PSL’s either… Just some extra deposit money that you can apply to your tickets ever few years.. And that’s only in the clubs for multi-year contracts which give you the best prices…

    I will be excited to see what comes…

  14. Isn’t anyone concerned about players on the sidelines paying more attention to Red Zone than the game?

    Just sayin … I hope they do this in Detroit, and install a giant screen faces the opposing team’s bench.

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