Nate Burleson is healthy and “means a lot” to the Lions offense


The Lions didn’t make any big offseason moves for a receiver to play opposite Calvin Johnson in their offense, which means that they’re going to lean on two of the guys who tried to provide some offensive balance last year before getting injured.

Ryan Broyles is making good progress in his return from a torn ACL and Nate Burleson was able to practice with his teammates during OTAs, which should mean they fill the second and third spots in the depth chart barring further physical setbacks. Burleson’s injury cost the team a needed veteran piece on offense, something that head coach Jim Schwartz said makes his return to health all the better.

“He means a lot to our football team,” Schwartz said, via the team’s website. “It’s important to have him out there for our offense for a lot of reasons. Number one he’s a good player, he brings something to the equation that goes beyond what his playing ability is. He still probably isn’t 100-percent, but a lot of guys aren’t 100-percent right now, but he’s able to do able to do what he can out there and it’s a good time of year.”

Burleson has played all the receiver spots in the Lions offense, so he’ll be a frequent presence on the offense whether or not Broyles winds up formally taking the No. 2 job during training camp. With Johnson also on the field, there should be plenty of balls thrown his way as well.

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  1. They should have gone after at least one wr this offseason. With Broyles and Burleson coming off of pretty serious injuries, we do not know how well they will perform. What if one of them gets injured again? Brian Robiskie time??

  2. Nate Burleson is a leader on and off the field. Having him healthy throughout the whole season will make a big difference. I’m glad he’s still a Lion.

    I’m picturing Megatron-Burleson-Broyles era to be even better than the Herman Moore-Brett Perriman-Johnny Morton era, and that’s saying something. These guys are gonna light things up in a big way.

    If the defense shows up for 60 minutes every week, we’re gonna have a great team this year. The offense looks solid. The defense has a lot of questions that won’t be answered until we see them play.

  3. When your team for the last 10 years is bottom 3rd in the league in points against worrying about pass catchers is stupid.

    When your team has been ineffective running the ball worrying about getting more pass catchers is stupid.

    In that 10 year span of time the lions have used 5 1st rd picks on pass catchers, 2 2nd rd picks and a 3rd rd pick on guys who catch the ball a few times a game .
    They had a 6m cap number on nate Burleson who has averaged 650 yds and 4 tds a year his career. He’s a cheer leader and Titus young’s self proclaimed mentor. Nate needs to shut up and play the whole season and produce. Otherwise how many pass catchers do you need with CJ ?

  4. vikingsrulez69 says:
    Jul 1, 2013 5:04 PM
    Players should learn that good things rarely happen when you leave the Vikes…
    Because the Vikings have ALL of the Super Bowl Trophies…I mean, who would want to leave there?

  5. 10 years??? This team has almost turned over every player in the last 5 years. Stats like that mean nothing unless the same players / coaches are there

  6. Another season of Burleson end-arounds and he will get hurt. I’m sick of that play. Let’s get to that balanced offense where we can have the running backs carry the ball consistently.

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