PFT’s Top 100, 76-100

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We’re rolling out our own list of the Top 100 players in the NFL this month, with the first 25 names unveiled today.

Although this wasn’t our intention (the list is ordered solely based on the way our panel of NFL media members cast their votes), the first name we’re unveiling, at No. 76, happens to be a player whose presence on the list will be the subject of a great deal of debate. We’re sure plenty of you will agree, plenty will disagree, and you’ll have a lot to say in the comments.

The Bottom 25 of PFT’s Top 100 are below.

76 Tony Romo, quarterback, Cowboys

77 Doug Martin, running back, Buccaneers

78 Frank Gore, running back, 49ers

79 Carl Nicks, guard, Buccaneers

80 Maurice Jones-Drew, running back, Jaguars

81 Vernon Davis, tight end, 49ers

82 Evan Mathis, guard, Eagles

83 Alfred Morris, running back, Redskins

84 Joe Haden, cornerback, Browns

85 C.J. Spiller, running back, Bills

86 Calais Campbell, defensive end, Cardinals

87 Matthew Stafford, quarterback, Lions

88 Antonio Cromartie, cornerback, Jets

89 Jason Peters, offensive tackle, Eagles

90 Jordan Gross, offensive tackle, Panthers

91 Mike Pouncey, center, Dolphins

92 Mike Wallace, receiver, Dolphins

93 Reggie Wayne, receiver, Colts

94 Ed Reed, safety, Texans

95 Henry Melton, defensive tackle, Bears

96 Lance Briggs, linebacker, Bears

97 Steve Smith, receiver, Panthers

98 Antoine Winfield, cornerback, Seahawks

99 Max Unger, center, Seahawks

100 Matt Forte, running back, Bears

145 responses to “PFT’s Top 100, 76-100

  1. I don’t think Forte should have made the list. And I would put Reed higher, especially ahead of Reggie Wayne right above him. Stafford on the list is a joke.

  2. Even coming off the injury, Peters should be higher than 89. He’s by far the Eagles best O-Lineman, and you have Mathis ranked ahead of him

  3. Is this top 100 of last season or career? Bc how does MJD make this list he played what 6 games?

  4. this is a decent list so far but it suffers from alot of the same issues the NFL-N list does:

    It’s not the names that are important, but the RATIONALE, and this list has none. The NFL-N list’s whole purpose is to give us an inside look at what other players think about their peers. That is the real value of the list – the reasoning, not the placement. Unfortunately, too often they fall short too (perhaps we should expect that since they’re player not analysts).

    Sometimes the insights are good though. But too often its crap basically like “oh he was the #1 pick he was so good” as Andrew Luck gets rated 40 spots ahead of Big Ben which anyone (even this ravens fan) will argue is totally absurd. But I can live with him being 40 spots ahead of Big Ben if at least the players are enlightening me on some unique football thing that players would know that fans would not that might be some sort of reason. Usually the list has the typical cliches though like “he’s a winner!”. Which is how Tebow got on the list last year.

  5. LOL. Tony Romo higher than Frank Gore. Romo can’t carry water for Gore. Gore is ten times the champion Romo is. He’s actually won a playoff game!

  6. Matt Forte is a Top 5 RB, it is a sin to see 5 RB’s already ranked ahead of him!

  7. What is this list based on?

    A) What the player has done in his entire career
    B) What the player did in 2012 year alone
    C) What we THINK the player will do in 2013
    D) All of the above

    This is what the NFL network has yet to answer with their list.

  8. Evan Mathis?! Really? Did you see that O-line last year? The guy blows!


    -____- somebody please remove this comment

    Evan Mathis is a top 3 guard in the league, he should probably be in the top 30 on this list at least. (Not a Eagles fan)

  9. Not a ton of respect for Alfred Morris out there. All he did was out rush everyone not named Adrian Peterson, yet he still ends up way down the list.

  10. I’m excited about this list…
    (Starts scrolling down to the names…)
    (First name appears…)

    76 Tony Romo, quarterback, Cowboys:

    (Stares at screen for 5 minutes…)
    Immediately runs to comment section.

  11. I just hope Jerod Mayo makes this list. He and Vince Wilfork are the only players on an abysmal defense.

  12. At this point of his career, Ed Reed may not be one of the best 100 secondary players in the NFL, let alone overall players. He’ll be going to the HOF because in his day he was the best. But he hasn’t been able to wrap up a tackler in 2 years, he doesn’t have the speed to make up for his gambling instincts, and yet he steadfastly refuses to play within a system. Plus he’s always hurt. Injuries shortened his prime.
    Can’t wait for him to retire as a Raven in one year, Bmore owes him for his great play in years past.

  13. In my opinion, Cromartie needs to be higher. Not only did he step up when Revis went down for the season, but he dominated that secondary and received a first team Pro Bowl selection. That automatically makes him one of the better CBs in the league for last year.

  14. Maybe just based on last year, they should say, if so Ed was not great. He is a horrible tackler with injuries

  15. Doug Martin ahead of Alfred Morris who had over 1600 yds rushing……wow.

  16. Romo at 76? I’m guessing many of PFT would have placed him outside the top 100.

  17. Glad to see Evan Mathis getting some recognition. He really showed his talent while the rest of his fellow linemates were out. If all stay relatively healthy, our biggest weakness last season may turn into our biggest strength this season.

  18. CJ “The Thriller” Spiller at #85? He had the same exact YPC(6.0) average as Adrian Peterson! He also only started 7 out of the 16 games and still racked up 1244 yards, with 6 td’s running and 2 receiving. Also had 43 rec/459 yds, compared to Peterson’s 40 rec/ 217 yards. He may not yet be as good as Adrian Peterson, but give him another year or two. By mid-season you’ll have him ranked in the top 10.

    I think the fact that he plays in Buffalo is another reason why ya’ll are hating on him! Go Bills!!

  19. So Alfred Morris was #2 RB in the league in yardage over 1600yards, only beaten by AD but he is #83?

    I see where this list is going. $5 says Florio intervenes and places Russell Wilson over RG3…..

  20. Strategyexpert, Are you serious? Reggie Wayne is ranked #21 on the NFL Networks’s top 100. I’m pretty sure Ed Reed is not still playing at Wayne’s level.

  21. This should’ve just not even been considered. Nfl Network’s rendition of this list has alot more effort put into it and their list is ranked based on the player’s performance for that season. I’m not sure if this is based on career performance or for last season’s performance. How’s Steve Smith, Reggie Wayne and Antonio Cromartie end up in the bottom quarter of this list seizes to amaze me. They all had good seasons last year, to say the least. This idea should’ve been killed before it even materialized. If you’re not gonna do it right, don’t attempt it at all.

  22. This is coming from a huge Seahawks fan but I think Vernon Davis might be a little low. Love that you guys are doing this though, great group to vote.

  23. Just looking at the first 25 names, my guess is this list is based off predicted success for 2013 and not based off of resume. With all due respect to Mike Wallace and Vernon Davis, who are great athletes and good players, I’m not sure on July-1-13 how anyone can rank anything they have done in the past higher than Reggie Wayne.

  24. dickjagger says:
    Jul 1, 2013 1:47 PM
    “Evan Mathis?! Really? Did you see that O-line last year? The guy blows!”

    You have no idea of what you’re talking about, Evan Mathis is arguably the best guard in the NFL, Pro Football Focus had him rated as the BEST guard in the NFL for the 2011 & 2012 seasons, one can make the argument that he should be ranked higher.

  25. Also, how does C.J. Spiller rank lower than Frank Gore? Gore ran behind the best line in the NFL, Spiller had the same amount of yardage on a lot less carries. Not taking anything away from Frank Gore, but Spiller had the better seasons statistically, and given the circumstances, you could argue he had a MUCH better season.

  26. indywilson40:

    Yeah I’m serious. I have a high opinion of Reed’s game and think he should clearly be ahead. I just think he has consistently been the better player and he contributes more to his teams than I think Wayne has, but yeah Wayne has always been a real good player too. Just a tough comparison for him to be ahead of Reed imo.

  27. This list a joke. I may not even view the remaining top 75.

    Putting Peters on the list is a joke. The guy didn’t even play last year and who know what this year may bring. A 300+ lb lineman coming of an significant injury. Makes no sense.

    Vernon Davis at 81? I can only think of two TEs that maybe better then him. Gronk if healthy and Gram for New Orleans.

  28. romo should be higher, his numbers are brees like but his team and coaching staff sucks. mike pouncey is considered the best center in the game or at least top 3, he should be higher unless your not putting centers high because of thier position. i like wallace on the list, but not in front of wayne.

  29. let me blast the guy saying that Jason Peter’s should be listed higher.


    I think his inclusion in this list was simply to state that “he was so good the team was trash without him”.

    for him to be ranked higher than anyone that actually played is a farce.

  30. Not a Panthers fan, but Jordan Gross would tell you himself that Steve Smith is a much better football player… yet Gross is higher on this list??

  31. At least NFL Network explains why the person is where they are and hint the direction of their future.

    Pretty Weak for a major news source to drop a list of names… That’s like a mock draft with no write up…


  32. How do you have Frank Gore at #78 when even the NFL Network has him at #32?

  33. The real problem with the NFL list is that they question a handful of guys and ask them to rank their top 20. Why top 20 for a top 100 list?

    Romo even said that he has never heard of anyone on the Cowboys being asked to participate in this ranking. So as far as we know it could be a few punts and kickers composing this list.

  34. What Id like to see from Profootballtalk is Division Dream teams. And then rank the dream teams.

    Like NFC north would be Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, etc.

  35. U serious guy?!*! Forte is good for 1100+ yds 40rec a yr! Should be higher imo. But reading what you got through the 1st 75, its garbage. I have no idea how your ranking your players. #fail

  36. Well I guess its safe to say CJ2K is in the top 75….. With a revamped line he will easily be back to form….by that I mean the best back on the Afc if not the NFL…GO TITANS!!!!!

  37. For all you you geniuses complaining because a player (Jason Peters) didn’t play last year and shouldn’t be on the list – I believe this is a list of players going into this next season – were you would value them. As in, Gore had a great last season, but he is a year older and there is expected to be a drop off. Think of it as, where you would draft these players going into this season.

    In thinking about the list like that, I think it’s pretty damn good.

  38. CJ Spiller 85 lol you guys are crazy. I just want to know where your credentials are, because that’s awful. If CJ Spiller would have had the same amount of carries as AP last year he would have smashed the all time leading rusher record. Look it up.

  39. 8 players from the AFC by my count. Should be interesting to see if that trend continues.

  40. dickjagger says:Jul 1, 2013 1:47 PM

    Evan Mathis?! Really? Did you see that O-line last year? The guy blows!

    Follow your own advice. Did you see the other 4 scrubs out there with Mathis? Do you even watch football?

  41. As long as y’all have Jimmy Graham on your list anywhere, it will be more legit than the NFL networks. Alfred Morris probably should be in the top 50 or so I guess. Romo gets to much grief. Switch him with Matt Ryan in Atlanta and the dirty birds go to the Super Bowl last year.

  42. These lists are fun, but there should be one for Defense and one for Offense….

    I know it is impossible to “get it right” since it is all subjective…..

    Mostly, I am just happy because I KNOW my all time favorite player of all time Mr Purple Jesus will UNDOUBTEDLY rest somewhere in the top 3.

    Adrian Peterson is amazing. Watch the highlights. Save them. Cherish them. Show your grandkids. Running backs like him are a rare and dying breed. Once in a generation a talent like him comes around at that position. Even Packers fans breath in “gasp” when he touches the ball. Broken plays that go for 5+ yds.

    Dear god, in your name we pray. Keep his offensive line diligent in blocking for not only him, but Christian Ponder too. Keep these boys healthy!

    On another note, I also see future elite TE Kyle Rudolph hopefully cracking the top 25 after this season if all these analysts watch as much ball as they should to get a ballot.

  43. Am I the only one who thinks that it’s ridiculous that someone who made first team All-NFL is ranked 99 on this list? Unger was 95 on the list that this is trying to refute. You would think that being the best center in the NFL last year would at least get him into the top 50.

  44. Not a terrible list. It will be interesting if you guys all bought into the Adrian Peterson self promotion, or if you’ll give Aaron Rodgers his place at number 1

  45. This list is clear evidence that the “NFL media” is no different than the NFL players in their list. Obviously very myopic in their opinions, which seem to be based more on presumption than actual research. Of this is understandable as they probably put about as much effort into it as the NFL players did on theirs.

    For example, Mike Pouncey was ranked the #2 center by Profootball focus (people who actually study player video), yet he’s 91 on this list? Just in this group there are guards and right tackles ranked higher, which show a basic ignorance of Pro football. In the pro game, the center is at least the 2nd most important position on the line (some might argue #1), as they make all the line calls prior to the snap.

    As for Mike Wallace at 96… if the criteria is what the player did last year, maybe, but career wise, absurd. Evenso, as others have posted, a player who didn’t even play last year is ranked higher.

    In conclusion, I must discount the remainder of list as rubbish, as it appears flawed by misconception, bias, and general ignorance.

  46. Nice to have this to contract to the NFL sites list. They shd just wipe that or have it done by players and others that actually take it seriously.

    It would be nice to know how you define your top 100.

    Romo should have been on the other and I’m glad he is here although I think he should be in the 35-50 range. Whether you are anti or pro Romo his stats and body of work clearly put him on this list. He is clearly a top 12 (or better) QB on one of the highest profile football teams in one of the toughest divisions and given the weight of a QB as compared to other positions its hard to argue logically he doesnt belong on this list.

    I think Stafford needs a substitute.

    Nicely done! Go Cowboys!

  47. Stopped reading after reggie wayne at 93. That is letting me know what type of comedy of errors this list will be.

  48. I understand that on merits, and based upon how poorly he was utilized by Buffalo, CJ Spiller is where he is based upon 2013.

    But regarding the “eyeball” test… wow. I think Spiller will have a better 2014 and beyond than any RB listed in 76-100, including Mr. Martin.

  49. For all of those who wonder why Alfred Morris is where he is in relation to a RB like Doug Martin and are complaining about it…there isn’t anything to complain about, as Martin is the better player.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, both players are very good, but Doug Martin is a excellent receiver out of the backfield, notching 49 receptions and 472 yards, nearly topping 2,000 total yards on the season. Alfred Morris finished with 11 receptions for 77 yards, making him more of a threat on the ground, whereas Doug Martin is a dangerous weapon from anywhere on the field.

    Don’t forget that nearly all of Martin’s success in 2012 occurred with the team’s starting guards sidelined with season-ending injuries. If Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks return to full strength, Martin has a very real chance to be the best RB in the NFL next season.

    If anything, I’d have put Doug Martin a little bit higher on the list. I think he could become Ray Rice 2.0 if he stays healthy and will be just as much a difference maker in the Bucs coming season as embattled QB Josh Freeman.

  50. I understand it’s fashionable to hate on Romo, but to more knowledgeable fans it’s also the quickest way to assess the validity of a list like this.

  51. You guys should make this more anticipating and start from largest number on top, and on the side of the name, postion of the player put where they ranked on the NFL network’s top 100 list (if they were ranked)

  52. about time Winfield got some love. If he’s 98 I am guessing Harrison Smith will be off this list.

    I like this list because I know you guys will focus more on the unsexy positions.

  53. as long as cameron wake is higher that #89 then im good, that was almost as baffiling as graham and romo not making it at all. cam wake is a top 20 player in this league.

  54. Seriously, did a Cowboys fan make this?
    Tony Romo?
    Hmmmm Tony Romo over Morris, spiller and the muscle hampster, right. This guy must draft for the Cowboys to.

  55. Carl Nicks should be much, much higher. Top level guards are much more valuable and have more unique skills than many “skill position” players who vanish in offenses without strong O-line play.

  56. Creating this list was a huge waste of time. Lists are pointless, especially when comparing all these different positions. You honestly think everyone is even mentality capable of ranking the “top”
    100 players? I don’t.

  57. The NFLN list did not have the number of linemen listed which I think is telling. The players always vote for the specialist or the touchdown producer. This list is fairly good so far except-Gore, Davis, Unger, Nicks and Calais Campbell (good player on a bad team) should be higher.

  58. 4900 yrds, 28 td’s, 90.5 passer rating….yeah, romo sucks. some people just have no clue what football is. i hate the cryboys, but i know a good player when there is one.

  59. snaponrules says: Jul 1, 2013 1:54 PM

    Any top one hundred list with Tony “the choke” Romo on it is BS.


    What about, Top 100 Quarterbacks, Top 100 Dallas Cowboys, Top 100 Players Over the Age of 30, Top 100 NFC Players, Top 100 NFC East Players, etc. etc.

  60. lets just get this out in the open….for running backs its Adrian Peterson and then everyone else…..CJ spiller would not crack a 6.0 average with another 141 carries against 8 man fronts like Ap did so stop your compairson you look like damn fools even saying so, Morris deserves to be infront of martin for the fact of playing in cold weather and still turned in a great season more yards and TDS, martin is better then spilller, lets see if spiller can stay healthy and repeat a nice season, maybe carry the bills to a winning record before their fans anoint him a godsend, running for 1200 and a being on a team that went 6-10 isnt anything to cheer about

  61. I knew the list was crap as soon as I see the #5 All-Time rated NFL QB not even in the top 25. It’s a pure hype list and popularity contest, just like the NFL top 100.

  62. Not only do you have players that are possibly the best at their position in the bottom quarter, you provide no real reasoning for it.

    Seriously, you guys get enough hits, stop killing what little credibility you had.

  63. perfect spot for stafford and romo.nothing but fantasy team qbs.good reg season numbers.
    big games speak for there selves

  64. You can’t combine offensive and defensive players in rankings together. This should be seperated into two categories. Top 50 Offensive Players and Top 50 Defensive Players. There is no way to say that a defensive player is better than an offensive player and vice versa. Guarantee you that if you seperate them, it will be more accurate than combining offense and defense together.

  65. I was going to allow my inner-homer to whine about Reggie Wayne being #93 (huh?), but then I saw that Vernon Davis, arguably the best TE in the league (and inarguably top 3) is ranked 87th. Say whaaaa?

  66. The personal prejudices roll. There isn’t a single Steeler in the bottom 25. But Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, and Antoine Winfield are. It evidently ain’t what they did, but what teams they did it with.

    Highly scientific…………

  67. Nice that you put former roommates Ed Reed & Reggie Wayne together again!

    Generally, a list of 100 is too long. Really, you can distinguish between player #63 & #87? Really? How do you compare the value of a right guard v. A cornerback? I think a top 20 to establish the league’s elite would be cool…beyond that I think it becomes almost impossible.

  68. Flat out Romo should be higher. 5th all time passer rating, less than 15% of all his starts did he have a passer rating less than 66.7 as compared to 30% E. Manning just as an example.
    You people talk about him being nothing but stats, but if he’s so bad then why does he have good stats? Maybe if he had a defense that hasn’t been ranked 25th or higher for the past 3 years and generated more than 16 TOs the Cowboys as a TEAM would win more. Compared to the Skins who had 31, Bears 45, but none of that really matters right? only what the media feeds you, BS!

  69. Not a terrible list. It’ll be interesting to see if the voters have an intense crush on Aaron Rodgers, like I do. He should be number 1. He’s number 1 in my book. Oh yeah.

  70. Looking purely at the stats the placement for Gore and Forte looks correct, but I’d rank them both higher. They both have a way of way of making plays when needed and carrying the whole team when necessary.

    It will be interesting to see how Matt Forte fits in with the new look Bears.

    Also – it pains me to admit it, but I think the ranking of Stafford is actually just about right. Until he wins a playoff game … he’s just a guy racking up numbers.

  71. Doug Martin should be in the top twenty
    –says my fantasy football championship trophy.

  72. Suggestion (Something different)- How about the Top 100 NFL Coaches of all time? Let the fans decide them. But notice that I didn’t write “Head Coaches”. They could be the top dogs, but not necessarily. Also, if you name someone, you must give a reason why. There are far too many I believe, who would name Lombardi, that don’t really know anything about him, except his rep with the sports media.

  73. The one on NFL Network was a bad enough joke!! Now Florio and his clan of idiots want to rehash it??!! Originality at it’s finest!! The one of NFL
    Network was such a joke only about 25% of the player’s asked to participate in the voting even bothered!!

  74. People crying about Doug Martin’s place, did you watch the Thursday Night game against the Vikings????? Over 200yds rushing and a LEGIT shot at breaking the single game mark. If our entire o-line is healthy he will dominate again. Kid is a beast.

  75. Alfred morris top 50? No. He’s a product of shannys system and RG3. He’s really no that good. He’s where he should be

  76. Stafford making this list at all is definitely a joke… Look at his stats and look at how many of his receivers were successful during the season. He needs Megatron… Period. It’s also gonna be interesting to see if Eli makes this list because Romo had a better season than him also…

  77. Romo is absurdly underrated by casual fans and definitely belongs on this list.

    Antoine Winfield is a curious selection. He is quite old, struggles to stay healthy, and his old team let him go and he had to sign on as a nickel cornerback elsewhere. 36-year-old third CBs usually aren’t top 100 players.

  78. As a comment to the people who think Alfred Morris is listed too low: have you ever looked at the list of RBs who flourished in a Mike Shanahan blocking scheme? There’s a reason those RBs lack pedigree…they don’t have to be all that good to succeed in the system, just the right fit.

    I guarantee you that if you tried out Doug Martin in, say, the Steeler offense, and then tried out Alfred Morris, the former would be much, much more productive.

  79. I think lists like these are pretty silly…how are we supposed to compared a C to a CB? It’s tough enough ranking players within their own position, but this is such an apples-to-oranges exercise that it’s kind of a waste.

    If “best” means “most valuable”, QBs should all be much higher on the list, based on this mindset.

  80. People just don’t know football outside of the major offensive skill players. PFF did there top 101 and had Evan Mathis as the 6th best player in the NFL.

    Learn not to watch the ball and focus on Line play and you’ll see he is one of the best in the business.

    Remember that name EVAN MATHIS. There’s more to ranking great players then your fantasy football team.

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