Prosecutor reiterates all three men from car that carried Lloyd are in custody


One of the biggest areas of confusion regarding the Odin Lloyd murder case has been clarified.

We think.

With prosecutors alleging that three men were with Lloyd in the car that drove him to the spot of his death and with three men now in custody, it seems on the surface that the three men allegedly in the car are the same three men who have been arrested.

Previously, prosecutors had said that the three men who were in the car are in custody, without expressly identifying the three men in the car as Aaron Hernandez, Carlos Ortiz, and Ernest Wallace.  On Sunday, a spokesperson for Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter reiterated the general point.

“[H]is investigative team now believe that the three people in the silver Nissan Altima when Odin Lloyd entered it, are in custody,” Yasmina Serdarevic said, via ABC News.

This creates the impression that the three men in the car who are in custody are the same three men whose names have been publicly released:  Hernandez, Ortiz, and Wallace.  But prosecutors have, to our knowledge, never declared that Ortiz and Wallace are the other two men who were with Hernandez and Lloyd in the moments before Lloyd’s death.

And this continues to make us (or at least me) think there’s another person in custody whose name we don’t know.  A person who supplied prosecutors with information about the things Hernandez allegedly said to Lloyd about not being able to “trust” anyone, as prosecutor Bill McCauley said Wednesday in court.  A person who also has provided evidence linking Hernandez to an 11-month -old double murder that has gone from cold to hot faster than a toddler tearing through an Easter egg hunt.

Wallace, who turned himself in on Friday, was wanted on charges of being an accessory after the fact.  If he were summoned by Hernandez to come from Connecticut to Massachusetts and rode in the car that retrieved Lloyd from his home and had some sort of a role in the execution allegedly orchestrated by Hernandez (or at a minimum did nothing to voice an objection), Wallace also would be an accessory before the fact.  And he would likely be charged directly with murder.

Maybe I’m overthinking it.  (As usual.)  Or maybe there’s someone whose identity is being protected for now who was in the car and who has suppled prosecutors with key information about the things Hernandez said to Lloyd, regarding Hernandez’s possible involvement in the unsolved double murder, and possibly more.

If so, it means that prosecutors likely know a lot more than what was shared in court last week.

50 responses to “Prosecutor reiterates all three men from car that carried Lloyd are in custody

  1. Or maybe it’s Hernandez’s girlfriend who’s been chirping this whole time. Money grab.

  2. Had previously seen where Hernandez was heard saying he “couldn’t trust anyone” while in his home before departing with the other 2 guys. Gives me the impression that his girlfriend may have blown the whistle, not someone in the car. Probably why he told her to stop talking to the cops…..

  3. Heaven help me but this has really fascinated me too much.

    Can the season begin already so I don’t turn into a TMZ addict?

  4. Typically, you over-think to an insufferable degree.

    On this topic, however, you are likely correct.

  5. I might be wrong. I thought they said they picked up his conversation on his security system within his house. I could be wrong.

  6. There were two men at Hernandez’s house when the police came to investigate. They were caught on film to some degree. Do they look like the two men who were arrested last week? I’m thinking that the last guy who was arrested (Ernest) was a different guy.

    I agree with golfsox when he said that remarks about “not being able to trust anyone” were on the home surveillance video although the same thing may have also been said in the car.

  7. Unbelievable!!!!!!! How does anybody live with this and play football at a high level. @footballady52 🏈

  8. The prosecutors said that AH told someone “in the house” that he couldn’t trust anyone. They also said when the detectives started to talk to AH’s girlfriend, she was cooperating and stopped AH called. She likely told the cops he made the comment that night and clammed up after AH told her to.

    I think others linked AH to the double, including people Odin told (family members and the people in the bar).

  9. And I’m guessing the reason he was charged as an accessory after the fact is because they have him cold on some act he committed after the murder, and they wanted to get him in custody while they continue to investigate.

  10. Has anyone realized even if Hernandez doesnt get found guilty he will be in jail for a loooonggg time, he will be booked as an accessory with the 5 gun charges. He will not be going anywhere for a long time.

  11. I guess the purpose of a gag order is so that the prosecution only makes public statements a few times a week.

  12. “I can’t trust anyone guys!!!” …and then one of those same guys is providing info on him just one week later. You can’t dance in a snake pit and not expect to get bit. Imagine the dramatic change in lifestyle. From two a day practices and exercising, steaks, lobsters, women, mansions…straight to a small concrete cell with only one hour of exercise on the yard in a cage. I’m saddened for the Loyd family. It’s tough when a loved one is murdered. You never know when they leave, that you’ll never see them again. I don’t wish that pain on anyone. I hope justice is swift.

  13. I hear where Florio is coming from on the direct quotes from Hernandez. Someone obviously is talking but it still could be one of the guys whose name we do know and that is why their charges aren’t more serious. As far as quickly linking him to the double homicide I don’t necessarily think it would take a rat to do that. Cops likely knew that Hernandez was in the same club the night of the murder as those who got shot, but they probably could not fathom him being an actual suspect until this happened. He probably wasn’t correctly investigated until the Odin Lloyd killing. If he didn’t kill Odin he would likely have gotten away with the double murder. Even if he eventually got tried for it, they would of never had nearly the evidence against him that they do in the Odin case.

  14. It seems the only person that might warrant discretion would be the girlfriend since AH would know who was in the car with him. The theory concerning the after the fact charge does make sense though. And alternate theory is that Lloyd recorded the conversations on his phone without their knowledge.

  15. They’re playing with words. Yes, all threesome from the car are in custody. How interesting the purposely don’t state whether or not anybody else is in custody that wasn’t in the car(Bo Fish), or that the three persons noted by the media that have been arrested are the ones who were in the car. I like the girlfriend theory, but think somebody a tad more involved is blowing the whistle.

  16. Mike, I don’t think your over analyzing this at all. But have you considered the possibility that either Aaron’s girlfriend or Lloyd’s girlfriend may have talked to the police? It’s not unthinkable that either of them would reach out to the authorities.

  17. Y are we worried about this murder and all? dont we have better things to worry about like changing the Redskins name?

  18. You might well be right. Two other thoughts, though:

    1. It seems entirely possible that the police figured out the 2012 connection themselves. If my initial reaction was that he must have done it before, then I am sure the cops had the same idea. It would not have been hard for them to have looked back on recent cold cases, and since apparently the police knew that Hernandez had been at that club that night, connecting the dots with the new information would not have been hard.

    2. Less likely, but quite intriguing is the possibility that Lloyd recorded some or all of the conversation in the car with his phone.

  19. @FinFan68

    I guess your post appeared while I was writing mine — I hadn’t seen anybody mention the phone recording theory before, so I’m glad it wasn’t just me wondering about that.

  20. @ tharoostah

    Your post also appeared as I was trying to write mine. I agree completely that it would not have required a rat to figure out the connection ton the 2012 incident. I have read several places that the police did indeed definitely know that Hernandez was at the club.

  21. last wednesday, the prosecutor clearly described a conversation between hernandez and lloyd that he said took place in the car. at the time, i posted that it meant someone had cooperated. now, it appears that it would have been difficult, from the timing of ortiz’s arrest on the same day, and the fact that wallace was not yet in custody, for the information to have come from either ortiz or wallace. add that to the fact that wallace was charged as accessory after the fact, and it leaves room for someone else.

    i’m told that smartphones these days have the ability to record conversations. since these moronic hitmen allowed their victim to text on his way to his death, is it possible that lloyd’s phone also had something beyond the texts to incriminate his killers?

    the conversation in the house could have come from the girlfriend or the surveillance, but not the conversation in the car…..

  22. I don’t think the informant is the girlfriend. The prosecution seemed to know details of what went on INSIDE the vehicle. The girlfriend would not know that…only someone in the vehicle would know that. Undoubtedly she could have told what went on inside the house that would be incriminating, but there’s no way she could have first-hand knowledge of what went on inside the vehicle unless he told her, which I find unlikely.

  23. As far as that other murder, it was released last week that Odin Lloyd lived in the same neighborhood as the two men who were killed. It’s possible the police figured out the connection on their own but my money is they are being fed this information. They probably had their hands full investigating the Odin Lloyd murder and I’m not sure how they could have discovered a connection without someone mentioning it.

  24. Ballistics, might be the same gun used in all three murders?

    That could explain how quickley they tied the two cases together.

  25. I’ve been a cop for 18 yrs….no question in my mind, you are over thinking it. While what you are thinking is technically possible, it is very unlikely. The simplest answer is USUALLY the right one. All three suspects in the car are in custody (Hernandez, Ortiz, Wallace). Someone is talking-most likely Ortiz. Look at the timeline of arrests and when the info came out-it’s obviously not Hernandez talking and since Wallace was the last one found and arrested, it is highly unlikely it was him…also look at the charges-accessory after the fact is someone who participated in covering up the crime (like disposing of the murder weapon, or helping to move the body). By the way, there is no accessort before the crime, that is called conspiracy, and if he conspired and then assisted in anyway with the plan that led to the murder then he would be charged with murder.

    It is possible that there could be another person, not involved in the murder, but who had info because one of those three talked about it after the fact (usually a close associate/girlfriend). Interesting thing is, if the theories about Lloyd having knowledge about the double homicide are true, where did he get this knowledge? Was he present during those murders? Was he a participant in that crime? An accessory to it? If he did have knowledge, He certainly didn’t do the ‘right thing’ and alert authorities about what he knew. Why not? Often times, the victims of these horrific crimes are somehow invovled in their own downfall.

  26. ryann252013 says:
    Jul 1, 2013 9:24 AM
    Has anyone realized even if Hernandez doesnt get found guilty he will be in jail for a loooonggg time, he will be booked as an accessory with the 5 gun charges. He will not be going anywhere for a long time.

    No, that never occurred to anyone during the last week plus of articles and comments on PFT. Thanks for the newsflash Captain Obvious!

  27. Ortiz is being held on an illegal weapons charge at this time according to the local legal experts. The amount of info the police have at this time would have to come from an eyewitness. Ortiz is probably the one who cut a deal right away. Hernadez has hired one of the most expensive legal teams in Boston. Ortiz would my choice as the one who is cooperating with the authorities.

  28. Florio, another possibility that makes more sense is that Wallace has already been talking to the cops. They are just trying to protect him as their informant by making it seem like he is “wanted” by the police, “armed and dangerous,” on the run, etc. This way, if any gangs are involved, they will not realize he has been talking to police and kill him before trial.

  29. Lloyd recorded the entire car conversation on his cell phone. He knew he was in trouble and that is why he text messaged his sister. The only question I have is…..why did he volunteer to get in the car in the first place? He knew something was up.

  30. “i’m told that smartphones these days have the ability to record conversations. since these moronic hitmen allowed their victim to text on his way to his death, is it possible that lloyd’s phone also had something beyond the texts to incriminate his killers? ”

    I was wondering the same thing since Lloyd seemed to think he might be in trouble and left the text. I wonder if he also had it recording. That will be interesting and would be very bad for the defense.

  31. Maybe they don’t have the right other 2 guys, and so these guys are AH’s top 2 followers that they will plan to stick this case of circumstantial evidence on if the overall team doesn’t cooperate in some way.

    And they could be decoys to scare AH by saying you know these 2 guys will rat you out since you know this isn’t THEIR murder. The pressure is on the pair of them to save their lives and give us stuff on you, thus the pressure is really on you to help us out before we get them to or somebody else that we dig up.

    And they can scare the 2 guys by saying AH fingered them for this murder, otherwise how did we find you and why did we pick you up and plan to charge you with murder? Give us AH now or go to jail for these murders.

  32. For the safety of the person that may be giving inside info, it would make sense to lump that guy’s name in with all of the other names for now. Eventually when we know everyone who was arrested and who’s name wasn’t released, we’ll know who was talking. Unless he has to testify there’s no reason the public should know who gave that info to the authorities. I’d assume his cooperation will get him a reduced sentence but he’ll be in jail for awhile anyway. Hernandez clearly had the means to take care of people that talk about him, so it would be nice if this guy doesn’t get his name released.

  33. Isn’t it possible, given the fact that Lloyd texted his sister, that Lloyd called his sister and since her phone wasn’t on it went straight to voice mail? So it’s possible that LLoyd recorded the events leading up to his murder on his sister’s or someone’s voicemail. Yikes!

  34. I’m guessing Lloyd said something to his gf (who was Hernandez’s gf’s sister) about the double murder, then Lloyd’s gf told her sister (Hernandez’s gf) who confronted Hernandez with the information, and that’s when all hell broke lose. Probably one or both of the sisters are responsible for the information to the cops.

  35. Ya, that makes no sense if you take a moment to think through your irrational theory.

    If there was another guy that was in the car and wasn’t arrested… then Hernandez would know he was in the car and isn’t arrested. And his identity wouldn’t be a secret to the guys that you claim he’s being protected from.

  36. The fiancee or her sister are both possibilities. When you whack somebody as tight as Lloyd seemed to be to his inner circle, that’s when those closest to you just might freak out and decide they’d better get you behind bars before you decide they’re also expendable. The way it played out, it was almost like he was trying to send a message of “See, I can kill anybody I want right here by my house and get away with it.”

  37. “And this continues to make us (or at least me) think there’s another person in custody whose name we don’t know. A person who supplied prosecutors with information about the things Hernandez allegedly said to Lloyd about not being able to “trust” anyone…”

    Less confusing: a) Carlos Ortiz, an alleged accomplice, was only charged/arraigned on a firearms violation, which could indicate a deal-in-place where Ortiz already provided witness testimony to prosecutors; b) Shayanna Jenkins, Hernandez’ girlfriend, was privy to direct statements from Hernandez and/or hearsay from Hernandez’ alleged accomplices. Shayanna Jenkins reportedly cooperated with authorities until specifically instructed to desist by Hernandez; c) Shanea Jenkins, decedent’s girlfriend, was privy to to direct statements from Shayanna Jenkins and/or related principals and/or related hearsy.

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