Redskins’ focus group discusses team name, RFK Stadium


When the Redskins hired political strategiest Frank Luntz to run focus groups and give the team insight into how fans think, it appeared to be a step toward dealing with the rising opposition to their team name. And that was, indeed, one topic for conversation in a recent Luntz-run focus group paid for by Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

But Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post reports that the Redskins are interested in a lot more than just what fans think of the team name. And among the other topics discussed as an intriguing question: Would fans be interested in attending a game at RFK Stadium?

Richard Dassing, a Redskins fan and retired D.C. police sergeant, was part of the focus group and says that at one point, Luntz asked, “Who would like to see a game played at RFK Stadium?”

The place just erupted,” Dassing said of the response. “He pointed to just about everybody there, and said, ‘When I say RFK Stadium, what do you think about?’ The Hogs, the ’80s, tradition, Super Bowls. It just went on and on, and everybody was in favor of that. Of all the topics, I would say that was the most pouplar topic that was talked about.”

It seems extremely unlikely that the Redskins would play a regular-season game at RFK Stadium, where they played from 1961 to 1996. The old stadium is significantly smaller than FedEx Field, which opened in 1997, and Snyder isn’t likely to give up the kind of gate revenue that he would have to give up to play a real game there. But a preseason game at RFK wouldn’t be totally out of the question.

The focus group also did talk about the Redskins name, but Dassing said that wasn’t the main emphasis of the meeting.

“That came up, but that was just one of literally hundreds of topics that was being spoken about,” he said.

Luntz did ask those in attendance if they had any ideas about a replacement name. Which, if Snyder is to be believed, will NEVER actually be needed.

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  1. The obvious new name: Washington Pigskins. Pays tribute to tradition of football, the Hogs, and they can still be known as the ‘Skins. Plus the name would be a reminder of its owner. And bacon, let’s not forget bacon.

  2. Washington Fluffy Bunnies and any field that is not currently full of land mines would be better than RFK.

  3. When you need a “political strategist” is when you need someone to blame for retreating from the word “never.”

    My vote: “The Washington Snyders”, the “Washington LogicalVoiceSays”, or the “Washington BadTurf.”

  4. The past 20 yrs have been abysmal at best for the Skins. Shanahan and RG3 have breathed new life into this proud franchise and now is the time for Snyder to step it up, be awesome, and most importantly be a decent human being.

    Change the name and move the team back to DC.


  5. Washington Warthogs is one option. They used to be an indoor soccer league team from 94-97, so the name is vacant in the district. Warthogs still has the whole “hogs” tradition embodied in it, although Hail To The Warthogs (even though it does fit rhythmically) sounds a little strange lol.

    Me personally, Im all for totally revamping the franchise. Something like the DC Warriors, get some cool new uniforms and a dope menacing logo to go along with it, it would be cool to usher in something like that with a team on the rise coming off an NFC East title with a rookie QB who if he remains healthy could end up being the face of the NFL.

  6. “dealing with the rising opposition to their team name”
    Where is the opposition coming from?
    I recently had a frank conversation with a member of the Lumbee tribe here in NC where I live so I asked him about the name. He said that how could one be offended by a name that is used as a sign of community and honor, He was happy with the name because it brought the entire fan-base, local and national, Black white blue and green together like nothing else seems to be able to do. Now I am paraphrasing, but he was the kind of man that was proud of who he was and absolutely thought people speaking on his behalf were just PC people looking for the next headline.

  7. There isn’t a nickname for any sports team that someone wouldn’t find offensive. Soon, we will just call a team by the city they play in. Stop giving in to all the PC BS.

  8. Tear down RFK and build a new stadium in it’s place…that place was the joint! But most importantly ask any opposing player/team and they’d tell ya the old dump was quite imposing as the fans seemed like they were right on top of you, oh and when the lower bowl got to rockin…

  9. logical1voicesays says:
    Jul 1, 2013 3:56 PM
    There isn’t a nickname for any sports team that someone wouldn’t find offensive. Soon, we will just call a team by the city they play in. Stop giving in to all the PC BS.

    Even city names are offensive to some…ie…indianapolis

  10. Snyder is going to sue that guy for sharing the content of the focus group session…

  11. They are just going to bully him into changing it, aren’t they? And I have a very specific meaning for “they”, that I cannot use on this site, because it would get my comment deleted. But if they succeed, they won’t stop with Washington.

    Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile. Look out.

  12. Anyone want to pay me to film a documentary where I travel to reservations and take tolls about the RedSkins name I think it could put an end to this debate

  13. The Washington Warriors.

    And bring back the old arrow logo circa the late 1960s.

  14. @ logical1voicesays

    Please. You can name a team after anything that is NOT a race of people, and you’ll be straight.

    A mascot should be an inanimate object, an animal, or maybe a career. Or even a color / abstract concept. Really, animal is the most normal thing.

    But a derogatory name for a race of people that basically were a victim of attempted Genocide . . . not the best choice.

    Particularly when the choice is made by an owner who was a “devout” racist, and opposed the integration of the league until the end.

  15. No one would ever name their team The Blacksins, so I’m not really sure why someone would keep Redskins as a name. I understand the tradition argument people have for retaining the current name, but in an effort to reach some sort of compromise, the name should be changed to…
    The Washington Warpath.
    Warpath is part of the fight song. “Braves on the warpath.” There is a definite DC association. Maintains a level of tradition. The colors could remain the same, but the logo would change and be the key to take the term away from a Native American association.

  16. The Washington R-Words have been insignificant since 1996 when the Ravens took over Maryland. Maybe the Ravens can play a game at RFK so the people of DC can see a real smash mouth football team.

  17. “When the Redskins hired political strategiest Frank Luntz to run focus groups and give the team insight into how fans think, it appeared to be a step toward dealing with the rising opposition to their team name.”

    The opposition is not growing. Some loud-mouth do-gooders in DC who are looking to make a name for themselves are talking about it in an attempt to get the general public to take their eyes off the incredible failures of the federal goverment.

    That’s all.

  18. Well I bleed burgundy and gold under my Browns Orange & Brown colors but as fer the name…Why not be the first and call it Washington FC(FootballClub)? That would sure as hell help sell tickets in the EU and Britain.

    RFK…as the focus group demonstrated, Skins fan consider RFK a sacred place. One game a year is nothing more than a tease…blow it up, build it bigger and better than Jerry Jones Palace and watch the magic.

  19. god people suck … colt is offensive to horses … giants to big people … steelers to the disappeared steel industry … browns to brown people

  20. They could play in the middle of New York Ave. and it would be better than the battlefield they play on now. Fed X field is a dump.

  21. Let’s change the name of the Saints, as that invokes religeous thoughts. Bucaneers, offensive to pirates. Packers, offensive to people who make a living packing boxes at warehouses around the country.

    Patriots… offensive to people who do not like the USA. Cardinals, see “Saints” above. Bears, offensive to hairy, gay men all around the world. Colts… that objectifies animals as an object (Where’s PETA on this one?). Ravens eat dead stuff, I find that disgusting. Giants is offensive to small people and really big people. Raiders, see “Bucaneers” above.

    Jets, offensive to people with a fear of flying. In fact, eliminate both city/reginal names AND team names. Assign teams new names starting with A and running through GG. Of course that would be offensive to people who don’t speak English or can’t read. So scrap that too. We need to find 32 non-offensive, non-ethnic, non-regional, monochromatic pictures to represent all the teams.

    Make it happen.

    This country is becoming a caricature of itself.

  22. thefootballgodssay says: Jul 1, 2013 3:50 PM


    3 out of 4. Pretty much says it all.

  23. The Washington Indians? Or how about we change the name to the Washington Kraken. So at games we can yell Release the Kracken! lol 🙂

  24. thefootballgodssay says: Jul 1, 2013 3:50 PM

    STOP. Giant fans are better than this.

  25. seriously. this isn’t a tough issue.

    take the name of one of the native tribes from the area.
    now, you aren’t being racist, but paying homage to the people of our country..

    no one is bitching about the chicago blackhawks, or the Florida State Seminoles…
    hell they even let the Braves go,, (once they stopped the chop)

  26. Everyone knows Dan Snyder is going to build a new stadium in DC. The word “replica” of RFK will be thrown around upfront. In the end it will be a modern stadium built in the mold of RFK.

  27. TOP-10 Rejected Washington Redskin replacement names:

    10. Washington Gridlock

    9. Washington Generals

    8. Washington George Washington’s

    7. Washington Underachievers

    6. Washington Spurriers

    5. Washington Wiretaps

    4. Washington Penalty

    3. Washington Snyders

    2. Washington Northern Cowboys

    1. Washington Snowden

  28. SAV says:
    Jul 1, 2013 4:15 PM
    They should pick something cool and modern…

    Washington Zombies


    Excellent idea but that offends everyone who voted for the bozos who voted these idiots into office.

    Sorry if I offended any clowns.

  29. I always liked the Tony Kornheiser solution to the name problem: Put a potato on the side of the helmet.

  30. if the bullets can be come the wizards, the redskins can change too. this is just an example of NFL favoritism. the same reason why the cowboys are still in the NFC east. didnt want to break the skin/cowboys rivalry. just plan dumb. cowboys have no business in the east and the redskins have no business being named that.

  31. by the way footbal1q, the kraken is greg hardy’s nickname and release the kraken is used quite frequently at the carolina panthers games.

  32. Look, it’s this simple; The name “Redskin” is just as offensive as the “N” word.

    Therefore it is unacceptable to keep the name.

    Tradition is one thing, but the name literally is a racial slur. Nothing else matters. Not the opinion of the fans not the opinions of the “numerous groups of native Americans and those whose best friend is native American” who state that they are not offended by the name.

    There really is no discussion here. ANY team from pee wee on up should change their name from Redskins to something that isn’t a racial slur.

    And for the record, Indians, Braves, Warriors, Blackhawks are not the same as Redskins. They are not racial slurs they are tribes, or status of native American soldier. Well “Indians” is a misunderstood title given to the natives when Columbus thought he reached the West Indies and named the people he found here after inhabitants of that land. More of a misunderstanding than a racial slur.

    So Mr. Snyder, grow up and change the name.

  33. They couldn’t do preseason games there. All NFL teams make their season ticket holders buy the preseason too. How are you going to sell 85,000 tickets from FedEx holders to a game at 60,000 RFK regardless of how many would actually want to go?

  34. RFK was awesome. I loved that place. Back then, we had one of the rowdiest stadiums and best home field advantages in the league.

    Sure, we could only have 55K in there, but that 55K was louder than 80K in another stadium…but admittedly, that’s a lot of gate revenue…

  35. maybe its not the stadium that made RFK what it was, how about the talent? if same teams were playing in current stadium, it would be just as revered. RFK was a crap whole cookie cutter stadium that was horribly out dated. there is a reason they do not make stadiums like that anymore. just let it go. embrace what you have.

  36. I will always refer to them as the redskins. I will always wear my redskins gear. I don’t care who it offends. I’m offended by Cracker Jack, the cracker aisle, crackers themselves, and anything with the word white in it. Not everything is racist. Get over it.

  37. I think this all really stems from the Redskins dropping that home game just before the 2012 election, making Florio sweat the “Redskins effect” that said his beloved Barack Obama might actually lose the election as well. Remember that panicked article he ran out to answer the question nobody asked, namely whether that effect was real or not? Good times.

  38. How is this even a discussion? Reducing a human to their skin color is a demeaning tradition that should have been completely abandoned long ago.

    By the way, the words ‘slippery slope’ are usually an attempt to paint a picture of danger and mask an indefensible jump in logic with fear.

  39. The Washington Boars!

    It pretty much covers everything, they can still be legitimately referred to as the Hogs and the Skins, and it even covers their play on the field!

  40. The Washington “Wounded Knee.”

    It pays tribute to the 300 Lacota tribe’s men woman and children who were slaughtered at wounded Knee in 1890….

    It also pays tribute to the end of RGIII’s career.

    Two for the price of one.

  41. Washington Gamblin Alcoholic’s

    The uniform can be a loin cloth, the logo can be a crudely drawn stick figure throwing an arrow at a deer, and instead of paying them in money you can compensate them with a fifth of anything with alcohol.

  42. how about focus on a non injured proned QB named IRG3 and a better team and field, failedskins

  43. I’m a redskins fan and am sick of this. just change the name to shut up these ppl! hell it would make a ton of money

    I wanna see it changed to the Washington DC Dragons, use 2 wicked logos(one with a.dragon shaped in to dc with its wings spread, and the other.a dragon head) and make New Badass uniforms with dragon wings and a tail on the jerseys and pants and horns on top of the helmet.

    Use as a tribute to the History of the Redskins keep the 4 uniforms and helmets used over the 80 years and Change the redskins name to Warriors on them and the curly r to a curly W and use a spear instead of the Indian head .

    there you go 4 games out of the season a tribute to history as the Washington Warriors and the other 12 games as a sign of progress and evolving society as the Washington DC Dragons!!!

    it would make a ton of money having 6 or 7 cool uniforms and helmets with the alternates a season to sell and having 2 trademarked cool names.

    I love the redskins but its time to just move on and evolve. maybe we can get a wicked awesome teamname and logo to cheer on.

    Washington Warrior-Kings is cool and one of a kind also!! Def use something fierce, cool and something that will make a fan proud to root for!!!

    If it got changed to something stupid like pigskins or reds, or warthogs i would stop rooting for the team and refuse to buy anything with a name and logo you cant be proud of!!!

    Hail To The D.C. Dragons

    I love the name Washington DC Dragons is bc could make the most wicked cool logo’s, and uniforms in all of sports!!

    Warrior’s or Warrior-King’s if use real gold not yellow could make a wicked logo with!!!!

    if it would be something to be made fun of like the washinghton pigskins, i would not ever buy anything with that name or logo on and would stop rooting for the team!!

  44. I wish semi-educated people would learn the meaning of the word “literal”. Do we really think they discussed “hundreds” of topics?

    They can change the name to the Blacksins or Pale-faces, as long as they give the rest of us the opportunity to open casinos, no questions asked.

  45. You know what is really offensive – the City of Tulsa using the Trail of Tears as a marketing tool in their bid for the 2024 Olympics. While we are busy polling Native Americans, how about we ask about THAT?

  46. Dan should set up a naming rights pact with his team/the NFL and a group representing Native American peoples. The 3 entities can form a partnership, brand the name, and make collectively more than any of them are making now. The endorsement will transform it from a slur to a highly marketable brand. All 3 become richer. All parties are satisfied. Everyone is a winner (except for PFT).

  47. ravanator says: Jul 1, 2013 4:10 PM

    The Washington R-Words have been insignificant since 1996 when the Ravens took over Maryland. Maybe the Ravens can play a game at RFK so the people of DC can see a real smash mouth football team.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t your “real smash mouth football team” get it handed to them by 4 rookies last season when they played the REDSKINS?

    Yeah, that is some “Real Smash Mouth Football” there. So Smash Mouth that half your fan base was calling radio talk shows in the Baltimore area demanding that your “Real Smash Mouth Football Team” trade for Kirk Cousins and get rid of Joe Flacco, the day after our 4 rookies beat you. Now, you are stuck with him and his albatross of a contract for the foreseeable future. Good luck with that.

  48. The Pelicans

    (Geeze – I still can’t believe N.O. went with that – sounds like a cheezy one hit wonder band from the 60s.)

  49. Depending on what side you’re on, the Washington Monument or the Washington Irrelevants.

  50. People are so sensitive now a days… SERIOUSLY. What about other team names like the cleveland BROWNS. Is that going to offend brown people? maybe… Or what about the San Antonio spurs or dallas Cowboys? I live in Texas, and I’m not a cowboy or affiliate myself with wearing spurs! It’s offensive to people in Texas who are not Cowboys and spur wearers… What about the people in OKC that dealt with the tornadoes destroying many many homes? You think the THUNDER is appropriate?!! This is just a small example of how silly it is to be complaining about the REDSKINS team name. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!! HTTR!!!!!! 4 LIFE!!!!!!!! OH and just fyi, Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic might be offendiung Wizrds and magicians and such… #SOMEPEOPLENOWADAYS

  51. The Washington “R”words change their name? hahaha. Maybe Diaper Dan could go for The Washington “Dan”dies.

  52. Here’s what was said at the focus group:

    “We are here to give the perception that we care about what the naysayers think about our team name. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, bring on the strippers and body shots!”

  53. As a lifelong hardcore Redskins fan I would LOVE to see some games at RFK but… There probably no way that would happen (regular season game) maybe a preseason game. The PC police would be out in full force wanting a name change if he Skins were once under the reign of the DC city limits again (RFK Stadium). Just like when Jack Kent Cooke wanted a new stadium on the site of RFK and DC was saying a name change was in order to make that happen. So, he built a stadium in Landover to avoid that and being ruled by DC government. If moving back to DC requires a name change don’t do it just stay put in Landover. We are the Washington Redskins and nothing else. OMG how RFK used to literally SHAKE up and down (cue the 1982 NFC Championship Game vs the Cowboys)… wow was that Magical!!! Hail!

  54. Didn’t our politically correct admins trumpet this meeting as evidence that the Redskins were caving to the tolerance brigade?

    It’s time for the jobless #Occupy hippies to make a stand. This intolerance will not be tolerated.

  55. First of all “RED” in Redskins is a re: to Red War Paint NOT skin color. Read this article:

    Several months ago, Prince George’s County resident Stephen Dodson reached out to the Washington Redskins in an effort to share his perspective on the team name.

    Dodson is a full-blooded American Inuit chief originally from the Aleutian Tribes of Alaska, and said he was tired of being spoken for as a Native American.

    “People are speaking for Native Americans that aren’t Native American. Being a full-blooded Indian with my whole family behind me, we had a big problem with all the things that were coming out [of the discussion],” he said. “I think they were basically saying that we were offended, our people were offended, and they were misrepresenting the Native American nation.

    “We don’t have a problem with [the name] at all; in fact we’re honored. We’re quite honored.”

    As the eldest member of his blood line, Dodson represents more than 700 remaining tribe members and talked to Redskins Nation about the positive power of the Redskins’ name.

    “It’s actually a term of endearment that we would refer to each other as,” he explained. “When we were on the reservation, we would call each other, ‘Hey, what’s up redskin?’ We would nickname it just ‘skins.’”

    “‘Redskin’ isn’t something given to us by the white man or the blue eyes, it was something in the Native American community that was taken from us. [It’s] used also as a term of respect, because that’s how we were. We respected each other with that term.”

    Despite being thousands of miles away from his family’s homeland, Dodson said that he has continued living and teaching his family traditions in the greater Washington, D.C. community.

    “All of us have a proud history of who we are, and I pass it down to my kids,” he said. “We go to powwows, just the normal things for Native Americans. We don’t just celebrate one nation, we celebrate many.”

    Part of that celebration is having a sports team in his adopted area that reflects the pride he feels for his own native culture.

    “It is [an honor], it’s a heritage. There’s a lot of respect in it. A great pinnacle part of who we are as a nation has to do with pride and honor. And the Redskin name is that,” he said. “That’s one of the things we use as honor and respect toward each other.

    “It’s not degrading in one bit and that’s why I sent you guys an email. It just bothered me that somebody would twist something so negatively when it’s a positive.”

    Dodson said he was upset that much of the discussion over the Redskins name was being led by people outside of the Native American community.

    “[I am] Irritated. Irritated is a polite term to say,” he said. “When you have people trying to represent our nation, you should be from our nation. Don’t represent our nation if you don’t even have an ounce of blood in you.

    “It’s wrong, and it’s going to be stopped as long as I’m on this earth—that’s for sure.”

    On a personal note, Chief Dodson confessed that while he was raised to be a Washington Redskins fan by his father, he was in fact a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan.

    But he assured viewers that this did not detract from his appreciation for the Washington Redskins organization. If anything, it enhances the sentiment.

    “My father was a Redskins fan. He and I had many battles and war parties in the house,” he said with a fond smile. “But to do the right thing is what he raised me to do, and he loved the Redskins.

    “I remember when the Redskins won in ’87 and Ronald Reagan threw to the wide receiver [Ricky Sanders], we were there for that. For my father, when they won, it was a huge deal. I’m an Eagles fan, but we have a division in the NFC East that I would call America’s division.”

    Chief Dodson took time away from his job as general manager of Charley’s Crane Service, a company that has proudly served Prince George’s County for more than 56 years.

    “It’s an in-house joke because I am an Eagles fan, and the guys that work for me are Redskins fans. We have a rule in the company where I can’t even where Eagles gear, because we support the Redskins,” he said. “You have to support what’s in PG County and DC, and that’s what it is.”

    In closing, Redskins Nation host Larry Michael reminded Stephen Dodson that the Washington Redskins’ fight song is ‘Hail to the Redskins.’ Even as an Eagles fan, Dodson said he can sing it with pride.

    “That’s a respectful thing,” he said. “A lot of people think that’s a gimmick or a joke, a good song, but that’s a respectful thing, and it’s another thing that helps me appreciate everything you’re doing.”

  56. cave to the “outrage” and PC BS that is ruining our Country, and I will lose a lot of respect for the NFL and the team I will always call the Redskins.

  57. Wow, they are gonna ride that horse until it drops.

    The constant stating that a large group of people have a problem with the name baffles me. Time and time again, they’ve brought this up and it has been shot down. And even when the native americans state that it’s NOT a problem, and in fact they like the name and team, a few PC police types have to keep at it.

    Please, people, give it a rest! I’m not a big Redskins fan, but I can’t imagine calling them by any other name.

    The name is staying, as it should.

  58. The Redskins adopted the name 80 years ago in 1933. The Redskins name was adopted in honor of the American Indians not as a racial slam. In 2004 the University of Pennsylvania conducted a poll of the Native Americans across the 48 states and 91% found the name acceptable. When it comes to the Washington Redskins, the name Redskins is used with the deep respect for the Native American people.

  59. ravanator says: Jul 1, 2013 4:10 PM

    The Washington R-Words have been insignificant since 1996 when the Ravens took over Maryland. Maybe the Ravens can play a game at RFK so the people of DC can see a real smash mouth football team.
    This from the city that had to move their baseball stadium to the southernmost edge of the city so that Washington DC could prop up the baseball team. Believe me, when Jack Kent Cooke was looking to build a stadium, Maryland was his third choice, for obvious reasons.

  60. They are irrelevant and have been for more than a decade. The only news they can generate is about their offensive name. Change it to the Washington Clowns.

  61. “dealing with the rising opposition to their team name”

    Any such opposition is being generated and perpetuated solely by Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, and Michael David Smith.

    BTW, my Cherokee wife’s birthday is Monday and I’m so looking forward to giving her a Redskins T-shirt!

  62. The Redskins need to change the name to ba able to play or to move a stadium back to DC!!!

    its time to progress and break this so called native curse!! Change the name and sell it as the redskins are being the bigger man!

    it will end up in the long run making the team worth double what it is now and that would make it the most valuable team in the world!

    Change the Name To The Washington D.C. Dragons!!

    Create two wicked badass logo’s, one with a Dragon with its wings and tail spread forming the letters DC spitting fire and the other a Dragons Head with razor sharp teeth blaring blood dripping!!!! Now that would be something to stand behind fighting tooth and nail!!

    Change the color to Real Metallic Gold, Burgundy Blood red, Black and platinum!!

    Create 4 of the coolest, most wicked badass helmets and uniforms in all of sports, putting tribal horns on the helmet above the facemask and next to the logo, tribal dragon wings on the shoulders and back of the jersey, the dc dragon and the dragon head in tribal on the rib cage of the jersey alternating with the logo on the helmet . a tribal dragon tail and legs on the pants!!! with the colors matched in it would easily be the most badass, wicked, fierce, scary, hell-raising uniform in sports!!!!

    Then as a tribute to the history of the redskins keep for 4 games a year, 4 of the Redskins uni’s used during the last 80 years, but change the “curley R” logo to a D.C. Logo, and the indian head logo to the gold spear with feathers hanging off, Change the Name Redskins on the Uniforms to Warrior’s or Warrior-King’s!!!

    Trademark the names Washington D.C. Dragon’s and Warrior’s/Warrior-King’s! Use those 8 different helmets and uniforms and 2 teamnames(Dragons And Warrior’s/Warrior-King’s) thruout the season!!

    It would be create a crazy number of jersey sales alone! it would be a def money maker as well as moving the team forward with the times and away from the native mess, and also the team back into D.C. as well as pay tribute to the history of the Redskins!!

    Then Pick a spot in the city of D.C. and build the NFL’s biggest, best and most advanced Stadium! The 8th wonder of the world, D.C’s NFL team coming home to the “The Dragon’s Lair ” Stadium!!!!!!

    Do not change the name to something stupid, embarrassing, and irrelevant now a days to the team, city and style of play, like the name pigskins, redhogs etc those names are weak and outdated terms for the oline!!

    I would not be a fan of the team if they were called warthogs, hogs, boars, pigskins(cmon now a football as the team name that is just re-tarded and says we are soft and weak!!!)

    im sick of lazy ugly crossdressing as female pigs being linked with the Hardcore-bloodthirsty Warriors of DC!! that was over 30 years ago!! The 80’s are long gone and thank god!!

    Time to move on from the cross-dressing pigs! ITs an embarrassment to how the team plays now!


    Hail To The D.C. Dragons!!! Hail Victory!! Hellion's on the warpath!!!

    HTTR for ever, but time to evolve with the times!!
    Change the name to DC DRAGONS and ADD in THE DC WARRIOR"S AS A TRIBUTE!!!!

    Move on with the times, say sorry to all the offended native americans (end the curse) and media and Change the name to DC DRAGONS, move back to DC and win Super-bowls!!

    "Weapon X" RG3 has been rebuilt and is gonna dominate the nfl this season!!!! RG3=2013/14 NFL MVP!!!!! Skins will shock the world and be SUPERBOWL 48 CHAMPS, on rival nyc's turf!!!!! it shall be done, so mote it be!!!!!!!


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