Schiano reiterates that Josh Freeman is the Tampa quarterback

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Actions speak louder than words.  When it comes to quarterback Josh Freeman, the Buccaneers are sticking with words.

Appearing on NFL Network, coach Greg Schiano attempted to throw water on the notion that third-round rookie Mike Glennon could topple Josh Freeman at some point in 2013.

We have a quarterback,” Schiano said, via NFLN’s P.R. department.  “It is Josh Freeman.  He had a really good spring.  I am really encouraged.  He is going to have a big year.”

If that’s the case, then why not sign Freeman to a long-term deal now?  If, after all, he goes on to have a big year, the price for keeping him will go up — perhaps considerably.  And if Freeman gets through his “big year” healthy, the Bucs may have to use the franchise tag to keep him from leaving.

In matters of this nature, talk is cheap.  Far cheaper than signing a player to a contract he may not deserve.  If the Bucs are convinced Josh Freeman deserves, it makes more sense to buy his services over the long haul now, before the cost potentially skyrockets.

Until they do, Schiano’s words don’t really say much.

59 responses to “Schiano reiterates that Josh Freeman is the Tampa quarterback

  1. Freeman is pretty much toast. Doesn’t seem capable to get from that good to great QB.

  2. Was there ever any question? The Bucs had an explosive offense last year…I only see Freeman getting better as long as he has solid receivers and Doug Martin…Freeman is not Rodgers, Brees, Brady, etc…but when he is on, he is probably a top 12 qb. No reason to even think about starting someone else unless he regresses a lot or is injured.

  3. Why not sign him now?? Maybe Freeman/his agent doesnt/dont want him to in order to drive market value…ala Joe Flacco this offseason.

  4. Schiano is wishy washy…say one thing and flip flop the other way…Josh has potential to be a good quarterback, but lacks that drive to be a consistent winning player…he has spurts of good games and then falls apart when it matters..maybe he will break out of his shell and have a great year, we shall see.

  5. He said he has one. Not that he likes the one he is currently rolling with. Sounds like a subtle way of saying he wants a great QB, or at least a better one. Chalk this up to testimony that the coach has a QB problem and is unhappy about it. Discuss.

  6. How many times are we gonna beat this dead horse?! Freeman is 25 yrs old and a little over 2000 yds from breaking the franchise passing record. I realize the Bucs don’t have hof offensive stats, just trying to put things in perspective. Those that say he sucks either aren’t paying attention or don’t know football. He is now in a consistent offense entering the 2nd yr with a healthy OL. He will deliver just wait and see.

  7. Did anyone really expect Schiano to say that Freeman’s job was in danger?

  8. just like Frasier says ponder is the qb. Great vikes team and it all rides on ponder. Can he handle it? we’ll see. anywho…have a good year bucs, but not too good for the vikes sake. ha

  9. russ tucker says schiano is bad with coverages. check out russ’s new podcast. It’s way better without pod vader. ha

  10. Perhaps his coach doesn’t want to put more pressure on him through the media.

  11. “Actions speak louder than words.”

    Preparing for the season with Josh Freeman as your starting QB would be an action.

    “If that’s the case, then why not sign Freeman to a long-term deal now? ”

    Because that’s not what Schiano was talking about.

    Freeman has the goods to be a starting QB. But he’s too schizophrenic to make a huge investment with limited assurance of reliability.

    Better to wait a year for a QB that’s worth it than jump the gun and wind up with an albatross around your neck.

  12. Freeman is not only a highly skilled qb in this league, but he is a proven tough guy, which makes him golden. For anyone to try and pretend otherwise is just foolishness.

  13. Actually what the coach said and is doing is logical.

    They probably intend for Freeman to be the QB this year – and if he does a bad job they intend to get rid of him next year.

    This seems obvious.

  14. WHAT? This is smart on Tampa’s part… They just added a ton of weapons so they want to see if Freeman can win with that talent. If he succeeds then they have enough cap to give him a good deal.
    If he fails then they wont have any dead money on him and they can just cut him!

    Look at Hernandez, He could leave a ton of dead money on the Patriots books. The Bucks are not signing freeman because they want him motivated and at his best. They dont want to make the same mistake the Jets did with Mark Sanchez, Where they have to pay him and keep him on the team because its cheaper than cutting him even though he is pure trash!


  16. This is a smart move on the Bucs part IMO…give the guy extra motivation and let him prove he deserves the money. I personally think Freeman is and will be the guy for the Bucs for a long time but its smart business to wait and see.

  17. Freeman is pretty much toast. Doesn’t seem capable to get from that good to great QB.


    That statement is true for all but maybe 3-5 QBs so that statement means nothing. People who think the Bucs should give up on Freeman should think about it…who on the open market would you rather have over Freeman?

  18. Free is gonna kill it this year.. They got a ginger in the 3rd with fire red hair to light it under his a$$ so he does kill it! All seriousness though, if he can’t make the playoffs with this team and these weapons then I say maybe time for a change but until then give him the benefit of the doubt and let him play the year out. At least hopefully we can’t blame the defense again this year?!

  19. Broke the teams all time single season passing yards and touchdown records and did that with 3 offensive lineman out of line up!! (2 pro bowlers) in the 1st year of the Sullivan offense! Absolutely, he’s toast ! Ha

  20. “Until they do, Schiano’s words don’t really say much.”

    Toes on the line!!!

  21. Every QB can’t be in the top 5 QB’s in the league. But it doesn’t mean their not a good QB.

    With that said, since he’s not a top 5 QB Schiano, why didn’t you adequately shore up that DE position so you can put the ball in your QB’s hands an extra two times a game with a pass rush that could sack the opposing QB???

  22. I’m not sold yet on the idea of either of the two, Glennon or Freeman being the long-term solution. There is some very interesting possibilities even within their own division for the future. Sure the Falcons will franchise Matt Ryan if they don’t work out a deal but can keep looking for that QB if not, maybe even in the draft with Boyd.

  23. Most of you don’t know what you’re talking about. Most forget his offensive line was shuffled all last season; most of all, he didn’t have Carl Nicks or Davin Joesph most of the season. Everyone forgets he’s younger then even Andy Dalton in Cinnci. It also didn’t help we played catch up all the time because our passing D sucked. And for the person who said he blows it when it’s on the line, you obviously have no idea what you’re even talking about. YOu prolly havne’t even seen him play once.

    Look at Drew Brees. Everyone doubted him and look what happened. Give the guy time. It doesn’t happen overnight for some guys.

  24. The Bucs are taking a page from the Ravens/Flacco play book. If Josh has a solid year…like I believe he will, the Bucs will be more than happy to give him a big contract extension. Tampa still has plenty of money and Freeman is 25 years old and entering his 4th season as the Bucs starter. They’ve got strong receivers, a great running game, and a much improved defense. I think the Bucs and Freeman will be much improved this season.

  25. One more thing: VJax averaged 19.2 ypc in 2012. A QB with a noodle arm wouldn’t aid a receiver in getting those kind of stats. Freeman isn’t elite yet, but I’d currently take him over at least half the QBs in the league easily as he has a huge upside.

  26. Raheem Morris basically drafted Josh Freeman, & Mark Dominik signed off on it. Dominik’s job is on the line this year, so why sign a decent QB (Freeman) to a great deal, when nobody knows if Dom will even be around. For all we know, the Glazers told Dom not to sign Freeman yet, because both Dom & Free are a package deal at this point. This goes higher than Schiano, yet is also about not hoisting a QB on Schiano for 5 years that he may not want.

  27. Freeman has a problem of locking on to one receiver over and over. Defense’s know it and he still try and force the ball were they know he’s throwing. Freeman work on looking the defense off doing spring training.

  28. Breaking news: Glennon isn’t that good. Did any of you see him play in the Music City Bowl?

    Yeah, I know he beat out Russell Wilson at NC State. But that was then. And his now isn’t that impressive.

  29. There are some QB’s that are good fantasy football QB’s and some that are good real football QB’s. Freeman is neither….just middle of the pack.

  30. As a Panthers fan, I was really hoping Schiano was going to pull an idiotic move and bail on Freeman.

  31. Seriously Palmer had better stats with no running game and no #1 WR than Freeman and yet Palmer is crap but Freeman is what? Great … lol.

  32. I know Barron isn’t lynch and McCoy isn’t sapp but schiano has a really good defense now so they can run the ball more and take pressure off freeman having to throw alot because of a Swiss cheese secondary last year so if he doesn’t develop now be never will.

  33. What is it that you don’t understand about letting a player play out his contract before he is signed to another one? It’s all about getting the most for the money you have under the cap, and that’s what they’re doing. Nothing wrong with it.

    I think you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid these Player Agents are trying to pass off as customary.

  34. I’m no big Freeman fan, but isn’t this the guy that just threw for over 4,000 yards and 27 TDs? You don’t just stumble into those stats. The turnovers were high, but give him a chance to get them down. Those stats are fairly similar to some that Eli Manning has put up in past seasons and no one is questioning his job security.

  35. Freeman is terrible, as long as he is QB the Bucs will never go anywhere, oh sure, he can light it up, but its so inconsistent and when he is bad, he is Mark Sanchez bad.

  36. Come now, Freeman threw for over 4,000 yds and 27 touchdown passes. He had three really bad games at the end of the season (where the bulk of his interceptions came) and suddenly he’s Christian Ponder?

    Add to that he’s YOUNGER than Tim Tebow and the same age as Ponder and a lot of the QBs coming out the last year or two, he still has plenty of room to get better.

    The second year in Sullivan’s offense will help, as will more familiarity with Vincent Jackson and the return of his two Pro Bowl guards.

    Everyone is sleeping on Tampa Bay, just assuming the Saints will be back because of Payton (even though they did nothing on defense and brought in Rob Ryan to run a D that they lack the personnel for) and the Falcons are unbeatable (even though their defensive line and secondary may be worse this year than it was last year).

    This team is going to shock a lot of people.

  37. Sorry Bro! You’re about to be replaced by this coach. Such comments are the kiss of departure!! Especially being under the last year of your contract and he didn’t draft you! The job is yours to lose at this point and it seems you will lose it.

  38. “pb420 says:
    Jul 1, 2013 8:32 PM
    How many times are we gonna beat this dead horse?! Freeman is 25 yrs old and a little over 2000 yds from breaking the franchise passing record.”

    Yeah cause the Glazers usually get bored with QB’s a few months after they sign them.

  39. Schiano is still in the league? Any coach that believes in blitzing on the Victory Formation belongs coaching high school, not the NFL.

  40. Logic is:

    Replacing a QB that was drafted in the first round, that threw for 4000 yards and 27 TDs last year… and is only 25 years old…

    ..for a rookie out of North Carolina State that you drafted in the 3rd round and has yet to take a snap.


  41. Unless you’ve watched most of the games he’s played in or followed this team closely, you’re in no position to critique him. Like I said before, he had better numbers than Flacco during the regular season and only missed the playoffs because the defense was terrible .

  42. Hey capt. Dip s%^t, the coach doesn’t ink long term deals, the GM does that. A coach saying he has a QB is trying to build confidence in his player and the team. Write the article in the correct fashion, geeze!

  43. Why would they pay Freeman now? Both parties have good reasons to wait and see how 2013 goes.

    Bucs will win the south this season because they’ll have the best D in the division. And they had the#9 offense last season.

  44. He’s not a great passer like the elite QBs. He doesn’t read defenses like the elite QBs. He can’t run like the elite running QBs. Tampa is doing the right thing. They’re making him show that he can be a franchise QB before they give him franchise QB money. He hasn’t done it yet.

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