Sherman has no relationship with his college coach


Cornerback Richard Sherman and coach Jim Harbaugh both left Stanford for the NFL in 2011.  One went to Seattle, and one went to San Francisco.

And that pretty much ended things.

“I don’t have a relationship with him,” Sherman told NFL Network on Monday regarding Harbaugh.  “I don’t try to go any route with him.  I don’t deal with him; he is not my coach.  So I deal with what is going on in Seattle and I keep it there.  I think his comments are what they are.  We are going to be the bigger team, the bigger players.”

Sherman has taken a higher road than a pair of his teammates, who bristled at comments from Harbaugh regarding the team’s rash of PED suspensions.  Cornerback Brandon Browner has said he wants to put his hands on Harbaugh’s neck.  Receiver Golden Tate has said he’d like to give Harbaugh the Sean Lee treatment.

Sherman also took the high road on various other topics, saying the right things when it comes to whether the Seahawks and 49ers are the teams to beat in the NFC, whether he was disappointed with his position in the NFLN Top 100 ranking (Sherman came in at No. 50), and whether he wants to take another verbal shot at Falcons receiver Roddy White.

In other words, Sherman possibly has matured.  And simultaneously has gotten a lot less interesting.

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  1. “I don’t have a relationship with him,” Sherman told NFL Network on Monday regarding Harbaugh. “I don’t try to go any route with him. I don’t deal with him; he is not my coach.
    This is taking the high road and maturing??
    Wow. Taking the high road means not saying anything at all if it’s not positive. I guess by his standards this is mature.

  2. We are going to be the bigger team, the bigger players.”

    Yes you will be the bigger players but steriods also have side effects

  3. A lot of talk among two teams in a division that’s been the league’s doormat for the majority of the last 10 years.

    You don’t hear all this talk from teams that enjoy consistent success year in, year out. They typically do their talking on the field.

  4. You know to be completely honest Sherman has just figured out that pretty much every journalist is a headline seeking scumbag and he’s tired of the media blowing up everything he says

  5. “In other words, Sherman possibly has matured. And simultaneously has gotten a lot less interesting.”

    Could it be that some good actually did come from him getting slapped in the face by Trent Williams?

  6. Holy smokes, Richard Sherman went to Stanford? Did he graduate? I would guess not. I’d also guess the NCAA could uncover some grade-fixing there, if they weren’t too busy investigating players who bum a piece of bubble gum from a coach or booster.

  7. Of course you will be the bigger team with the bigger players. That’s why steroids are so awesome!

  8. Sherman is a above average football player with a horrible personality. Its like that girl at work that has a slamming face and body but the second she opens her mouth it drops her from being a 10 to a 4.

  9. You can’t be the bigger team, bigger players after your team made physical threats. Your teammates charged off the high ground in full attack mode a couple weeks ago Richard Simmons…. err I mean Sherman.

  10. His roid rage must have wore off. I’m sure he’ll be back to his usual self after he gets his turn at the injection around the locker room.

  11. I guess you forgot about the little feud with Revis? You may think he’s less interesting because that’s your job to agitate, but I think he’ll show you how interesting he is when the season begins.

    He won’t mince his words. The kid is smart. Now is the time for preparation. He’ll continue to talk. Right now he’s just making sure when he does talk, he’s on the winning side of the conversation.

  12. Harbaugh, Baalke and whiners made a huge blunder in the 2011 draft. Needing a shut down CB, the whi.ers select Chris Culliver in the 3rd round and Culliver only started as a CB his SR, too, and was injured. Lol. How Harbaugh who converted Sherman to CB couldnt see his upside was an error in judgment that will cost the whiners dearly for years to coe. Culliver was a goat or burnt toast in the SB. I bet Harbaugh is kicking himself bcuz the whiners weakness is their secondary as exploited by Flacco. Then Harbaugh didnt recruit Doug Baldwin as a free agent and he’s a nice complementary receiver that he coached at Stanford. Harbaughs brain +$&# are Seattle’s gain. Thanks Jimmy! You da man! Haha

  13. Good for him! I love him whether he is talking smack or on his best behavior.

    Whether he has matured or not, the haters’ PED insults will begin in 5…4…3…2..1…

  14. His hairdo has probably fermented slightly more than it has matured. But that’s a matter of personal preference.

  15. Let me get this right, Sherman has no relationship with Harbaugh, his coach at Stanford. Wow, I wonder where this piece of shi# would be without JH. Sherman is a total embarrassment! Someone, this year, will take his head off. Comparing Harbaugh to Pete, the cheat, Carroll–give me a break!

  16. Put him in the game already. What’s the guy have to do?
    Put him in the home run derby too.

    It would be a nice opportunity for the entire country to see the guy play. Half the country is asleep when west coast games typically begin.

  17. The Seahawks and this clown talk way too much for an organization that has a big ZERO on the resume………..shut up and win something

  18. Who does Richard Sherman think he’s kidding? Harbaugh is asked a question about the very high number of positive PED tests up in Seattle, and gives an honest but tame answer; two Seahawks players respond by saying they want to choke and lay illegal hits on him. On what planet is Seadderall the “bigger” team here? Stay classy Seahawks.

  19. Pretty solid interview all around…which yes, does make it less interesting.

    For all the Sherman bashers on here, know that he has spent the offseaosn at many youth football camps around the USA, is hosting a charity softball game in the next couple weeks, and is doing a lot for the troubled Compton community/youth.

    There is no reason you should dislike a guy for using his mouth, when his outside of football time looks like this, over those NFLers getting arrested.

  20. “…In other words, Sherman possibly has matured in the last 336 hours since he said something immature”

  21. A lot less interesting? See, this is why Sherman jaws off in the first place, because apparently you don’t find a uniquely elite cornerback interesting otherwise.

  22. I’ve seen Sherman asked about Harbaugh on other occasions and I got the distinct feeling he doesn’t like him. The whole bully thing and run up the score and so forth. The false story about Harbaugh honking his horn at the bus as the Seahawks were pulling out of candlestick (blatantly false story that got perpetuated by media outlets, JH doesn’t leave the facility for several hours after games). To Quote JH : “”No. No, that did not occur. That’s a fabrication. I can’t think of a time when I’ve left the game and the other team’s still been there this entire season.”

    Sherman is a heck of a talent and a very bright guy. His combination of play and mouth have gotten him the media attention he desired. But perhaps he has gotten enough negative feedback to stifle some of the brashness of his persona.

    You watch him on the top 100 interviews and he is a very articulate, well spoken young man. I won’t find him less interesting if he slows down on the braggadocio.

  23. Haha, sorry but the only “high” road Douche Sherman has ever taken was the result of drugs

  24. I still don’t see what the big deal was all about. Harbaugh was asked a question about Seattle’s PED suspensions and he answered the question that he was aware of it. So many knuckleheads on here think he went out of his way to point it out and that wasn’t the case at all.

    Sherman and JH weren’t buddy-buddy at Stanford either…considering JH suspended Sherman from the team due to detrimental conduct.

  25. You da man sherm. Haters goin’ always hate especially on any Seahawks article. Who cares though we used to that. Men lie, women lie, numbers dont lie MY BROTHA.

  26. logicalvoicesays says:
    Jul 1, 2013 8:59 PM
    Sherman fears Garcon. #TheNationalFixedLeaguecanthelpyouthisseason

    Who? oh yeah that guy they put on IR.


  27. I think his comments are what they are. We are going to be the bigger team, the bigger players.”

    You don’t get to have 2 of your teammates threaten physical harm on the opposing coach, then claim to take the high road. That’s now how it works. And you don’t need a Stanford degree to figure that out.

  28. Everyone’s been hating on Sherman for some harmless trash talk.

    Meanwhile, since he’s become a recognizable name (via said trash talk) he’s spent his entire off-season visiting inner-city schools, using his newfound celebrity to create celebrity charity softball games for great causes, and attending football camps for youth players.

    But lets all hate on him because in his expert opinion he doesn’t think Roddy White is anything special.

  29. “In other words, Sherman possibly has matured. And simultaneously has gotten a lot less interesting.”

    If that’s how the media feels, I don’t want to hear them complaining about his trash talk anymore.

  30. Or Pete actually got tired of hearing him flapping his gums. As crazy as that might sound it seems Sherman has enough mouth to irritate even the most enthusiastic of coaches

  31. LVS is probably the one person on earth that can actually make me cheer for Sherman lol

  32. Sherman is still a professional. His comments all came during downtime, right now teams are practicing so it’s not a coincidence that you aren’t hearing anything from him.

    Once the season starts things will change.

  33. Dick Sherman and the horde of SEA bandwagon trolls will suffer the same fate as all those who display hubris.

    Much like the 2011 Detroit Lions they will overachieve then crash back down to the cellar. Especially without PED’s and replacement refs to assist them expect this team to be mediocre, I’ll be generous and say they go 9-7.

  34. Freakin’ sherman talks just to hear his own voice! He has comments about everything & everyone – & sadly, the media keeps having him on & the more he talks the less he is liked. Harbaugh doesn’t have a winning personality either. The problem with sherman is that he loves himself too dang much. And I like “sea-adderrall.”

  35. Really the bigger team? After the comments made by your teammates I think it’s too late. Unless he was talking literally then I guess he would be right, I mean aren’t you suppose to be bigger when your roided up? I could care less who likes or dislikes Harbaugh the man is my hero he turned the 49ers around in 1 year. Usually it’s the coaches you hate that have the staying power and can coach. Although I hated Singletary, Nolan and Erickson and they couldn’t coach a game of checkers. Be that as it may Jim is a hell of a coach and it makes the haters go crazy. I love it keep it up Coach!!! Can we please stop with Jim was saying derogatory crap about the Hawks. He generalized if anyone actually listened to the interview and he was answering the questions that were posed. He gets a bad deal from the Bay Area media because he doesn’t play their game and treats them like they are stupid. I would too if someone asked stupid questions all the time and thought they could call a better game than I could and they didn’t to what I do for a living.

  36. Anybody else find it kind of funny he says “We are going to be the bigger team, the bigger players.” when talking about Harbaugh’s comments on Seattle’s PED troubles?

  37. Anyone else think it’s funny Sherman said that they’d be bigger players?

  38. I cant see why these Seahawks are going about it so brazenly with what they want to do. Just say nothing, and when you the opportunity arises, paterno Harbaugh when you go out of bounds!

  39. Sherman needs to be tested for ADHD so he can take his medication legally. Nothing to be ashamed of, millions of talented people have it. But to mistaken his behavior for anything else is really being ignorant. The signs are all there.

  40. You can’t change a tigers stripes. Maybe he’s quit with the smack talk because now that he’s (presumably) off the PED’s, and the season is getting closer, he’s not as confident in his abilities to perform at the level he previously had…..just sayin’.

  41. @walkinginthewasteland ..Nice comment, just like a Seaderall Seacawk. Spose if you can’t beat Harbaugh then you must resort to taking him out one way or another huh?

  42. jay62107 says:
    Jul 2, 2013 5:25 AM
    tokyosanbblaster, I would hate to see the girls you date if you think he looks like a girl there.
    I hear you. And Sherman would probably be an 8 on my scale.

  43. 206206blue
    Jul 1, 2013, 8:32 PM PDT
    You da man sherm. Haters goin’ always hate especially on any Seahawks article. Who cares though we used to that. Men lie, women lie, numbers dont lie MY BROTHA.
    You’re used to all the hate because the Hawks and their fanbase talk trash, yet have accomplished absolutely nothing.

    And you’re right, numbers don’t lie….0 Super Bowl wins.

  44. Why are people calling Sherm a douche here? It literally makes no sense at all, he’s saying that he doesn’t talk with his old coach, and that’s not a big deal. He’s saying that Harbaugh can have his own opinion, and that’s not a big deal either. All this while helping at a football camp for kids in Bremerton. Read the article before you make assumptions.

  45. Richard Sherman has been all over the country helping young kids improve in football so they have a chance at the next level. In the video, he is at a Nike camp doing exactly that. What is the last positive anyone on here has done for their community? Take shots at players on forums isn’t exactly worthy. NFL All Pro CB and he is still improving at the position…Next year is going to be fun to watch.

  46. Why would any player have a relationship with a Coach who has multiple DUI’s, who cheats in the NFL (see Vikings game), and treats other coaches like a teenager (see lions game).

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