Tuck understands NFL has image problem


As the NFL’s offseason news cycle fills with off-field problems, players know the image of the league — and by extension of themselves —is under assault.

And as much as they try to put problems such as Aaron Hernandez and others into a little box way over there, the reality is that every problem reflects on every player, whether they want to believe it or not. Because as much as bloviators such as Geraldo Rivera and Rush Limbaugh sound ridiculous, they also have audiences.

But Giants defensive end Justin Tuck said he can only worry about himself, and hope that message is delivered to others.

I think you always worry about the image of the NFL,” Tuck said while selling razors, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “But the only way I can control that is the things that I do. I can’t control what other people do.

“I can only control what image is Justin Tuck and the New York Giants [presenting]. And I think we do a good job of upholding the standards of the NFL.”

Tuck also has come to understand his own role in the cycle, knowing he has to teach younger players the importance of keeping your own yard clean.

“All I can do is control what Justin Tuck does, and help the younger guys understand that hey, they’re role models and they have to watch how they act,” he said. “It’s always predicated on how we [veterans] act. The first thing most rookies do is watch. That’s exactly what I did when I came in. You try to mimic what they [veterans] do. That’s the best way we can teach them as vets, living the life, living the way that we’re supposed to live.”

If every player could be trusted to follow good advice, Tuck could sleep well knowing he has been a good example. Unfortunately, he’s no more able to change the league’s image himself than he is to control Hernandez’s behavior.

10 responses to “Tuck understands NFL has image problem

  1. Tuck and the NYG are the epitome of class. The “Patriot Way” is a myth like unicorns. Alfonzo Denard, Killa Hernandez, Ocho Cinco, Hayensworth, spygate. Thankfully the Giants beat them twice in the superbowl. They are the Robin Hood of the NFL. #AllOtherTeamsAreInferior

  2. Ridiculous bloviators with a point of view an an audience? Were you looking in the mirror when you wrote that?

  3. Regarding Geraldo and Rush’s audience: Stupid people believe the stupid things their told. It makes them feel smart…and there’s a lot of stupid people…

  4. Tuck seems like a good guy. There are some bad apples in the NFL, and unfortunately they stick out more, but I do truly believe that most of the players in the NFL are more like Tuck than they are Aaron Hernandez or Titus Young.

  5. Tuck should take one of those razors he is hawking, bake it in a cake and mail it to Hernandez at the county lock up. Brotherhood first, NFL image second.

  6. Image means nothing. As long as Las Vegas is offering odds on NFL games … none of the rest of the side talk matters, except to websites that depend on side talk.

  7. I always liked that word, bloviate, pluralizing it could only enhance it’s appeal. How can one possibly conjure the word without a mental image of the Grand Imperial Pooh Bah, the Crowned Prince of Bloviation his own self, Rush Limbaugh? If you are a fan of professional football, count yourself lucky he’ll never catch a whiff of ownership and with the ridiculous money he’s got that’s nigh on impossible unless you shoot your mouth off proving bloviating is not only your nature, it’s your defining characteristic.

  8. “I think you always worry about the image of the NFL,” Tuck said while selling razors…….

    um what was he selling?

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