Authorities asking for public assistance in Hernandez case

Authorities investigating Aaron Hernandez in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd are asking the public for help in locating what could be a key piece of evidence in the case.

According to Phil Perry of CSN New England, Bristol County District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter, Massachusetts State Police and North Attleboro State Police issued a statement Monday asking for assistance in finding a broken rear view mirror from the driver’s side of a silver/gray 2013 Nissan Altima.

“This mirror maybe found in a wooded or secluded area, somewhere close to the route from Fayston Street Boston down Route 95, to Ronald C Meyer Drive North Attleboro,” the release states. “If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this evidence, please notify the North Attleboro Police Department at (508) 695-1212.”

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  1. I figured it was the murder weapon. Unless the authorities think Lloyd was shot with a rear view mirror, I can’t see how that’s a crucial piece of evidence

  2. Call Aaron’s mom. Maybe she already asked him where this was and already knows. Offer her a chance to not be implicated in Aaron’s criminal ring so she can avoid the bracelets and jail time for herself. Bring her in and find out what she knows. The fact that she repudiated these charges is suspicious, I suppose she knows something critical and we need to examine that closely. Or ask Aaron to spare her the trouble if he can speed up the recovery process.

  3. Looks an awful lot like a side-view mirror. Granted, the original article says rear-view mirror, but if authorities are looking for something, shouldn’t reports about it accurately report what they are looking for? My entire life, a rear-view mirror has always been interior to the vehicle in the center of the windshield. Side-view mirrors are on, well, the sides of the vehicle.

  4. Not so sure this was the smoothest move by law enforcement: they basically announce to the world what piece of evidence they consider essential – but concede they don’t have much idea where it is.

    Translation: the “bad guys” might have a decent idea where this piece of evidence is, and (if not incarcerated) they might be able to “properly” dispose of it.

    We all want justice to be done — just not sure a public proclamation to the masses is the best way to go about it.

  5. This piece of evidence is a fitting metaphor for the Patriots current situation.

    With all the key pieces they’ve lost, their run of dominance is now most certainly in the rear view mirror.

  6. I don’t remember hearing that Hernandez had a Nissan ?… I’m assuming this is odins vehicle and there is connecting evidence to Hernandez an or his vehicle on that mirror

  7. The problem with this kind of press release in 2013 is that the mirror is now more likely to end up on Ebay than in the hands of law enforcement.

  8. “This mirror maybe found in a wooded or secluded area, somewhere close to the route from Fayston Street Boston down Route 95, to Ronald C Meyer Drive North Attleboro,”

    I bet this is where the accessory after the fact drove off 95 into the trees and lost the mirror. Find the mirror, and the gun may be nearby.

  9. You want a driver’s side rear view mirror from a silver/gray 2013 Nissan Altima?

    I got one for you in Astoria Queens. Right next to CitiField. My brother has one too, at his place up in the in the Bronx, on Jerome Ave and 161st st.

    I will hook you up bro. Whatever color you want. You want silver? Gray? I’ll make it whatever color you want.

    $50. And I’ll throw in a door handle and this Alpine stereo I just got.

  10. In the bizarro world, the image of the shooter is still held in the mirror, even now. Maybe the NSA had a secret camera installed in the mirror on all Nissans of that year and color. Have we had enough of this ridiculousness yet?

  11. Obviously I mean “mirror” not “window”. Sorry about the quotation error, it’s getting late and I’m burning the midnight oil tonight on multiple projects so a bit distracted with my focus. Lame excuse I know, but serves as a legit correction attempt and promise to clean up the mistakes before they happen the next time!

  12. yes, and if you find that mirror please mail it to Bristol County Jail in care of Aaron Hernandez….. so that he may see who’s coming up behind him in the showers.

  13. you guys don’t get it do you they want to know where the mirror is because wherever that got broken up is wherever Aaron went to dispose of the gun..

  14. They have asked the public’s help in finding this for a week or more. Probably right after whoever was in the car talked to them…

    Maybe LLoyd really didn’t want to get in the car.

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