Brady Quinn can find positives in KC year


From most viewpoints, Brady Quinn’s one year in Kansas City was nothing short of a disaster.

But the Seahawks backup quarterback said he thinks there was still some positives to take from the experience.

“Reflecting back on my time in Kansas City, it was obviously tough the way the season went,” Quinn told Rustin Dodd of the Kansas City Star. “I think it was crazy, just thinking back a year ago now — this time of year — looking at the situation, looking at our roster, and looking at all the possibilities of what we’d be able to accomplish.

“It just seems like, it looked so great on paper, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way — on the field and off the field.”

Of course, the Chiefs fell short of every expectation on the field, slouching to a 2-14 record, with both Quinn and Matt Cassel struggling in their turns at the controls. But all that was overshadowed by the murder-suicide committed by linebacker Jovan Belcher.

“I was just proud of the way a lot of the men kind of were able to persevere and fight through some of the adversity we faced,” Quinn said. “Again, football is one thing, but there were some life-changing events, too, that took place, and guys were still able to maintain and be there for one another and fight through it.”

Quinn’s own leadership and perspective during that time was one of the main reasons for that, and part of the reason he’s able to continue to find work in the NFL regardless what his stat line looks like.

22 responses to “Brady Quinn can find positives in KC year

  1. “It just seems like, it looked so great on paper, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way — on the field and off the field.”

    Brady, WTF?

    You were 2-14 on paper, remember?

  2. Quinn is a bust end of story. Sucked in Cleveland, not sure if he even played a game in Denver, and of course everyone saw his body of work or lack thereoff in KC. I remember KC fans thought he was going to be good smdh. A clipboard holder at best and that is it.

  3. Quinn has a bit of the Tebow bug…great QB mind, even a strong leader, but doesn’t have the arm strength or accuracy. As a Chiefs’ fan, I would have welcomed him back in the backup role because of his heart…but he’s not a starting QB.

  4. If he found positves from last season then they should get him on the Jimmy Hoffa case.

  5. Quinn and Cassel showed how easy it is to take a team with 5 Pro Bowlers and turn it into a 2-14 mess.

  6. Quinn deserves as many chances as Vick and T-Jack get. T-Jack has sucked everywhere he’s been so if you rip Quinn then you must rip T-Jack and Vick.

  7. Any year you’re in the NFL making that kind of money is a good year, especially if you are able to continue the following year with the same or another team and keep the dollars rolling in.

  8. joetoronto, please read the following:

    “Quinn told Rustin Dodd of the Kansas City Star. “I think it was crazy, just thinking back a year ago now — this time of year — …”

    He was talking about how it looked on paper at this time last year. Pre-season.

    Sorry but you’re a spaz.

    Brady stinks, but is not stupid.

  9. Brady Quinn isnt fit to carry Vick’s luggage. Cut me a break. He killed dogs. I get it. You hate him. That’s still the dumbest thing anyone has ever posted on here. Quinn has never even played a good game in the NFL.

  10. Stop blaming Quinn/Cassel because the ridiculous myth that the Chiefs were among the most talented teams in the NFL despite having a mostly garbage roster unraveled.

  11. The most positives Brady got out of last year:

    1) He was still payed an NFL salary, why? well that is another issue.

    2) The Chefs sucked so bad, that Brady’s level of suck was masked by the swamp of suckitude he was mired in.

  12. I have no clue how this team got as many players named to the Pro Bowl. They were getting trashed all season, and somehow there was this myth they had a powerhouse roster that was going to take the division. They have a few excellent pieces but many do they have some holes as well. Mix that was some bad coaching and you get 2-14. Quinn probably won’t beat out T-Jack for a backup spot considering this is an offense T-Jack is very familiar with already.

  13. “sa-mar-ja”

    was the only reason anyone ever heard of this guy.
    That kid was one hell of a WR.

  14. Brady Quinn can find positives in KC year

    Too bad there weren’t any positives for KC in Brady Quinn’s year.

  15. It’s good that he can find positives in his KC experience last year because one thing he won’t find this year is a locker with his name on it come the start of the season. He’s not qualified to be the backup’s backup and I fully expect the Seahawks will keep Johnson as a 3rd string developmental project. It’s conceivable that Johnson could have some trade value in a year or two, Quinn never will.

  16. Starting right away in Cleveland was the worst thing to ever happen to this kid. He has all of the intangibles that you want, but was an unpolished player coming into the league. If he had been able to sit behind an established starter and hone his craft a bit he might have been able to be pretty decent. As it was, he was hammered in Cleveland with a terrible team around him, pulled for Derek Anderson, and was more or less ruined as a QB. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a QB in the league that would have been able to win with that Chiefs team last year. For all the probowlers they had, they didn’t have a coaching staff to speak of.

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