Carruth’s lawyer thinks deals already have been cut by Hernandez’s co-defendants


Last Wednesday’s detailed summary of the facts against Aaron Hernandez strongly suggested that one or both of the two other men in the car with Hernandez and Odin Lloyd had been cooperating with police.  The man who represented former Panthers receiver Rae Carruth against murder charges would be very surprised if that wasn’t the case.

David Rudolf tells Kevin Manahan of USA Today that “[i]t would be shocking to me if [Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace] haven’t already discussed a deal with prosecutors.”

Rudolf believes that the decision to charge Ortiz and Wallace with crimes less than murder could provide a hint that deals were discussed before the men were arrested.  Indeed, it’s odd that Wallace would be charged only as an accessory after the fact if he were in the car with Hernandez before Lloyd was shot.

That discrepancy has caused some (OK, me) to openly wonder whether Wallace became involved in the cover up, and that a fourth man in the car has been cooperating with police, with his identity kept under wraps.

“[Prosecutors or police] are going in there and they’re saying, ‘We have you on video. We know you’re involved. You’d better tell us what went down or you’re going to go down with [Hernandez] for murder,'” Rudolf said.

Rudolf found the prosecution’s use of the term “orchestrated” intriguing, since it means that perhaps Hernandez didn’t pull the trigger — but that he ordered Wallace or Ortiz or someone else to do it.

“They want the high-profile defendant,” Rudolf said.  “That’s always the case.  And if he isn’t the shooter and they have to offer the shooter a deal to get him, they probably will, if that’s what it takes.”

It may not take that, based on the evidence that already has been disclosed.

“The prosecution has a circumstantial case [against Hernandez], but it’s a strong circumstantial case,” Rudolf said.  “Sometimes those are stronger than eyewitness cases, because evidence doesn’t lie.”

Indeed it doesn’t.  Facts are stubborn things.  And the facts as recited by the prosecution are that Lloyd died in the wee hours of a Monday morning roughly one-half mile from Hernandez’s home in a small, quiet New England town, and that within minutes a car pulled into the driveway showing Hernandez and another man getting out of the car, toting guns.

The car — a rental — later was found to be containing a shell casing that matched the shell casings found at the scene.

Yes, that’s all circumstantial evidence.  But, as Rudolf said, it’s strong circumstantial evidence.

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  1. I never felt that it was likely for us to find out that AH pulled the trigger. To actually do the dirty work and pull the trigger manually lowers your gangster street cred. The mentality of the stereotypical crimelord or crimelord wannabe is that anybody can get a gun and pull a trigger, but not anybody can order laborers to do the dirty work of taking another human life. That’s a sign of power and mechanism to develop street credibility.

  2. Who was driving the rental? Was it Hernandez? When was it rented? How long had it been rented? If it was rented for more than that day who else could have been driving it as Hernandez was likely seen leaving his house and arriving other places Ina vehicle that is not the rental? How did the rental come into play if three men left Hernandez’s house Ina car other than the rental and arrived back at his house in a car other than the rental?

    A shadow of a doubt exists. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds, even if the whole story creeps me out.

  3. Should have used a casings.. these dudes were sloppy.
    1 The rental car in Hernandez name.
    2 Killin Oldin so close to Hernandez’s house.
    3 The bubble gum wrapper..the shell casing..the Video
    His co-defendants are taken deals as we speak

  4. “They want the high-profile defendant,” Rudolph said. ”That’s always the case. And if he isn’t the shooter and they have to offer the shooter a deal to get him, they probably will, if that’s what it takes.”
    This is one of the reasons why the system seems broken. Here’s a thought…charge the guys for what they did. If AH ordered it then charge him as high as possible for that and charge the guy that pulled the trigger for Murder 1 and everybody else involved with conspiracy/accessory REGARDLESS of who is more famous or wealthy.

  5. Wherever Carruth is staying I sure hope they are getting the NFL Ticket so he can watch all the games.

  6. It pretty much seems like Hernadez is standing over a dead body with a smoking gun and two eye witnesses pointing at him. Hopefully the jury will have more intelligence than the one skillfully crafted for OJ’s trial. They both deserve a lethal injection for the good of society.

  7. I don’t think you need a Law Degree to figure out that someone flipped.

    All you have to do is watch an episode of Law & Order reruns to know that someone was going to spill the beans…

  8. it’s hilarious that Hernandez wanted to keep it real by continuing to hang with his lowlife friends even after he struck it rich.

    Then the first chance they get, they narc him out, and fast.

    These guys think they’re hard but Martha Stewart did time better than these posers.

  9. The term “circumstantial evidence” at some point got a negative connotation, causing people to think a case was a potential loser, no doubt started by defense lawyers. As an attorney, I’ve learned that most cases are circumstantial, and things aren’t as neat as they are on CSI, but that in the end, 1+1 does equal two and the jury will not only see it, but know it in their bones.

  10. Unless they can get at least one of those dudes to testify, Hernandez won’t get convicted of murder. Strong circumstantial is still circumstantial and it only takes one juror to lose see a dude walk.

    With that said, Hernandez really sucks at this Goodfellas stuff.

  11. If no lawyer would have represented Carruth he would have had to have been released, since he is entitled to representation. If the lawyer that represented him deliberately did a poor job to ensure his conviction, not only would the conviction be vacated, but the lawyer would lose his license to practice law. It amazes me that all these right wing patriots don’t have any respect for our system of justice. Everyone is entitled to adequate legal representation; period. That is the lawyer’s job and responsibility.

    If Hernandez had flipped as soon as he talked to the police, then the shooter would be up the creek. Whoever talks first gets the best deal. If you want to be an “Original Gangsta” then you have to do the time.

  12. Every defendant deserves a lawyer. From the lobster backs who committed the Boston massacre to the 9/11 terrorists. It’s one of the things that makes our country great. To call out carry this lawyer as a diseased mind is pitiful. And if you don’t get the Boston massacre reference open a damn history book. Here’s a hint they didn’t use pressure cookers.

  13. More then circumstantial evidence, I would call it AH is totally F’d evidence…..

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