Chad Johnson gets better of Robert Gill on a treadmill

Getty Images

Chad Johnson would like a chance to beat out current NFL wide receivers for a spot on a roster, but he may have to settle for beating them at running incredibly fast on a treadmill.

Last week, we shared video of Cardinals wideout Robert Gill running 25 m.p.h. on a treadmill. While that impressive feat probably won’t do all that much to help him make the Cardinals’ 53-man roster, he does currently hold one of the 90 spots on Arizona’s team.

Johnson can’t say that much for himself, which may be why he decided to make his own YouTube treadmill video, which landed on Reddit for the masses to behold. Johnson runs 24 m.p.h. at a 2.5% incline, which adds a degree of difficulty that Gill didn’t have in his own bid for viral video glory.

Alas, Johnson’s flying feet aren’t likely to boost his chances of continuing his NFL career. Johnson’s physical abilities haven’t been in too much doubt. His dismal 2011 performance with the Patriots and last season’s arrest on domestic violence charges play a much bigger role and there’s no treadmill in the world fast enough to spin back time to a point before those things entered the conversation.