Chris Harris: Practicing against Wes Welker has made me better


The Broncos signed wide receiver Wes Welker to help their offense.

According to one member of their defense, though, Welker’s presence is benefitting Denver on the other side of the ball as well. Cornerback Chris Harris spent the spring facing off with Welker during drills and says that the experience has caused him to improve as a player heading into his third NFL season.

“We definitely have great battles each day and we’ve made each other way better,” Harris said, via the Broncos website. “I feel like, at this time compared to last year, I’m light years better than I was. I know he’s gotten a lot better, too. I’m excited to be able to cheer him on and not have to play against him.”

A better Harris should serve Denver well. With Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in town, Harris will see less time on the outside of the defense and it’s hard to think of many slot receivers that have been more troublesome matchups for defensive backs in recent years than Welker. With plenty more work ahead of them in camp, Harris should be able to polish his game even more before the Broncos spring him on unfriendly competition.

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  1. The Denver Broncos secondary is turning to one of the best in the NFL, with Champ Bailey & DRC on the outside and Chris Harris in the slot, this could be a dangerous secondary, as long as Rahim Moore doesn’t have anymore blown coverages on big plays (sorry for bringing that up Broncos fans)

  2. I’m no Welker fan but it seems a bit presumptuous to think a seasoned vet like Welker would be made “a lot better” by going up against a guy like Harris.

  3. If you thought Welker was good when he played with Brady, just wait till you see him play with… Chris Harris?

  4. Chump gets burned regularly and Crumbartie has already washed out with two teams…they don’t scare anyone.

  5. The AFC west could be interesting this year. While I am pretty sure the broncos have the division locked up, I am really curious how the chargers and chiefs will do with their new coaches. If Rivers has anything left, his new coach will get it out of him.

  6. I’d say having Von Miller is more responsible for other guys on that defense playing better.

  7. For all those who are excited about DRC in Denver, remember that there is a reason that he was able to be signed at the young of of 26 to a cheaper one year deal.

  8. I picked the Broncos to win it all this year, I believe they have the most balanced team in the NFL, with a lethal offense and Peyton Manning at the thrown and Von Miller leading the defense, I don’t see why they couldn’t…and this is all coming from a Vikings fan

  9. 7-02-2013 Chris Harris: Practicing against Wes Welker has made me better

    11-17-2013 Chris Harris: Regular season play against the Chiefs has made me walk with crutches and take pain pills.

  10. Well, practicing against Welker did not help the Patriot’s DBs the last couple of years…

  11. sounds like how people were talking about the bluejays owning the division before the season started in april…a lot of similarities in terms of hype…i’m always leery of the all-hype teams…broncos are stacked with talent but that doesn’t always mean much

  12. fanfrommontreal says: Jul 2, 2013 6:11 PM

    Well, practicing against Welker did not help the Patriot’s DBs the last couple of years…

    Good one! Thumbs up from a Pats fan.

  13. Many people may understandably not be familiar with Harris, but this dude was a trophy undrafted FA signing. The pass rush + the secondary they’ve assembled– Del Rio is going to be able to build on the D’s success…I for one will be intrigued to see how it rolls out onto the turf.

  14. baconispigcandy says:
    Jul 2, 2013 5:23 PM
    Chump gets burned regularly and Crumbartie has already washed out with two teams…they don’t scare anyone.

    Spoken like someone who has no idea what they’re talking about or ever seen a game with either player

    Champ was rated as one of the best CBs in the league last year and allowed only one – ONE – TD all regular season and it was to AJ Green

    Cromartie has amazing upside and was a Pro Bowl CB on the Cardinals. He is a great straight line athlete and best utilized man-to-man on the outside. He was a playmaker on D for the Cardinals.

    On the Eagles he was asked to cover the slot receiver in space and never fit their zone scheme. Plus he’s actually getting proper coaching now as opposed to the amateur hour in Philly

  15. Yeah, because Welker had soooo much room for improvement, and you are so good you took him there.

    Should have stopped at he has made me better.

  16. Well if you believe in what the boys over at Profootballfocus are doing….he graded out as the number five CB last year. Not bad for a second year undrafted CB.

  17. Much respect for Bailey, but between he and Jammer, they’ve gotten pretty old back there. A lot of high hopes coming from the secondary in Denver, but Cromartie, in my opinion, is a jag at this point. I’m not too scared.

  18. Champ is still one of the best in the league. Sure Torrey Smith had some plays against but Smith is a rare breed and that 2nd td was just an amazing play against good coverage. DRC I believe is still the player that has star potential he flashed in Arizona, Philly is a joke of a franchise. Combine that with the physical smart play of Harris and that secondary is gonna create alotta coverage sack to help make up for the loss of Doom. I think Moore IA gonna come back with a vengengance, he’s a hard hitter too. I’d be scared to go across the middle. I like Quenton Jammer at safety that opens up the defense to put Him, Moore, and the returning Quenton Carter. in a 3 safety formation with Jammer and Woodyard/Trevathan on a TE which was Denver’s Achilles heel last season. With that secondary you can begin to change fronts with versatile guys like Wolfe, Ayers, Shaun Phillips, and Von Miller. The could play 4-3, 3-4, 3-3 nickel, 4-2 nickel and still have some beef in the midddle and pass rush on the edge in the dime. I see this defense being the best in the league. Add that to the crazy fast high scoring O and a lead and its game over

  19. No kidding I mean look how practicing against Welker for 5 years helped the Patriot secondary get better. Oh wait, they were one of the worst in the league.

    Welker is one of my favorite players but lets not get too crazy.

  20. Some of you guys commenting on here are blowing things way out of proportion, all Harris is saying is that welker is helping him get better at nickel slot since he’ll be covering the slot WRs. Broncos does things different from the pats, why you think their defense sucked for nearly a decade. Denver’s defense has the luxury to learn and improve their game going up against a top tier offense with names like manning, ball, hilman, decker, Thomas, welker, dressen, tamme, jthomas, and the o line. Oh and @hedleykow, by the time the broncos go up against the chiefs, Alex smith will be out with a concussion and you’ll be using a QB who’ll be scared chitless of the broncos defense

  21. Chris Harris, Champ, and DRC are all better than any CB the Patriots have had since pretty much Ty Law, so to say look what it did for the Pats holds no water. Belichik has shown no willingness to invest in his secondary. Champ and Harris were the most successful CB pairing in the NFL last year, and NOBODY played wwastheell for the Eagles, so you can’t hold it personally against DRC.

    To add, anyone who thinks that the Chefs will be a contender need only look at the Eagles of recent years to know they’ve just invested everything in a coach who cannot keep up with the changing pro game. They’ll be fighting over 32nd in the power rankings with the Raiders and Jags from midseason onward. Andy Reid was the reason the Eagles sucked for the past few years. Not the other way around. He should save face and retire before everyone catches on that he’s just no good anymore.

  22. Oh and one more thing for you eagle fans, did it ever occur to you that they didnt know how to use DRC or even Asomugha? They were good on their former teams and both will be good on their new teams. Eagles had all the talent a team could ask for and they didnt know how to use them. Not to mention this team was a mess the last few years under Reid, he clearly lost the locker room and the trust of players. Say what you want but nobody was playing well on that so call dream team and I know for a fact that you fans raved about how the eagles were SB bound two years ago. Come next season you will see that it was the eagles stupidity why DRC struggled, oh and you better have that o line in tact because Denver’s defense is coming after Vick, foles or who ever your QB will be at the time.

  23. All he is saying is the competition in practice of going against an experience vet like walker had helped him a 3rd year corner learn some things . And as for him or the pats secondary he is actually good to begin c’mon walker isn’t a miracle worker

  24. A lot of idiots in here.

    Chris Harris was graded out as one if the best CB’s in the league last year (64th best player in PFF’s Top 101) and he’s a top 3 nickel CB in the NFL…

    Heading into his 3rd year, I’m pretty sure people recognize him towards the end of the year..

  25. As a Bronco fan, I must say it sure is fun reading all these positive stories coming out of the off season. IF they are all to be believed, the Broncos are like storm clouds gathering in advance of a mega storm that – when it arrives – could totally swamp the rest of the league.

    Still, it IS the off season. Nobody’s been injured yet. But you gotta like the potential of this team. Moreso than most. I look forward to the start of the season.

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