Former Jag Jimmy Smith transferred to house arrest

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Back in May, we learned that former Jaguars wide receiver Jimmy Smith had started serving a prison sentence in Mississippi after being convicted on gun and drug charges.

Smith was expected to be released from prison in 2018, but he actually got out of jail in June and will serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest. Smith will be allowed to go to work, school or church during the period of confinement, but will have to be at his house otherwise. He’ll wear an ankle bracelet that allows authorities to track his movements.

A spokeswoman for the Mississippi Department of Corrections said, via Dana Treen of the Florida Times-Union, that Smith qualfied for house arrest because his crimes — possession of cocaine and possession of a firearm by a felon — made him eligible for an intensive supervision program. She also said that Smith would be eligible for parole in June 2014.

Smith has had problems with drugs for many years, including a 2009 arrest for possession that led to another spell under house arrest. Hopefully, he’s going to use this time to get whatever help he needs to avoid any further incarceration and other damage to himself or others.

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  1. Im happy for him. Jimmy isnt a threat to society, and will only be wasting the tax payers dollars while rotting in a cell for 6 years. He can be much more productive on house arrest if he stays clean.

  2. Josh, who really cares what someone does to themselves? That’s their business. If we’d let people damage themselves, we’d have more families together, believe it or not. It’s community and family that helps someone, not an overbearing, crushing privately-owned prison system, the largest per capita in the world.

    And this is a free country?

  3. So he gets what looks like a 5-year prison sentence which is changed to house arrest and he’s eligible for parole in one year? No wonder crime is so bad in this country.

    It reminds me of one of those Naked Gun movies where they did the lineup at the end of the movie and one of the guys was given a 500-year prison sentence but he was eligible for parole in 24 months.

    Do they really think giving him house arrest will help him kick his drug habit? I know someone who was battling these demons and she didn’t finally straighten her life out until she spent a year in prison. She decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. Somehow I see Jimmy thinking that they won’t do anything to him so why stop?

  4. Hopefully,he is able to deal with his addictions. So far,he has avoided hurting himself or anyone else…..I hope he can make the most of this chance and live a full and happy life….

  5. @jack3dsd
    Certainly you are referring to the Parcells era and not the Raymond Berry Pats, where they limped into the playoffs as 3rd in the division…..

    Regardless, both teams were much better run than the modern day Pats-Chumps, Parcells won with class and dignity, unfortunately as many of his traits did rub off on belli-chump, those 2 critical ones never took!

  6. He has had problems his entire NFL career, and after nearly flushing out of the league he went to Jax and thrived alongside Keenan McCardell. I hope he gets his life in order, a drug habit ain’t easy. Luckily I don’t know from experience.

  7. Sad sad, heart goes out to anyone with a drug addiction, I couldn’t imagine being addicted to any chemical or drug, it’s a tough road to recovery but I hope he’s a success story in the years to come.

  8. “@zoxtic says: Should a fan from the Pats be saying anything negative right now?”

    well least they got the Tebow show..

  9. I’ve always like J.Smith the football player and I wish him the best but I say it’s at least 50:1 odds that he’s back on the dope within……..a month. A slap on the wrist or threatened long prison term isn’t going to detour these guys because they judges and the system will give them unlimited chances.

  10. Prison sentences don’t cure drug addictions. Drug addictions are cured by someone deciding that they have a problem and wanting help. They are cured with willpower, compassion, effort and love. Addiction isn’t a weakness, it is a sickness. Jimmy Smith doesn’t need a prison cell, he needs rehab. Hopefully he uses this time to clean up and get his life straight, but cocaine addiction is no joke.

    What is more concerning is the gun charge, but lord knows that suggesting someone hopped up on cocaine shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a gun will get the NRA element too riled up since guns don’t kill people, Aaron Hernandez kills people.

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