If Foles wins the starting job in Philly, what happens with Vick?

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Eagles coach Chip Kelly hasn’t named a starting quarterback.  Which means there’s still a pretty good chance the starting quarterback won’t be Mike Vick.

So what happens if Nick Foles gets the job?

I’m glad you asked.  Or I’m glad I asked on your behalf.

Kelly may want to keep Vick as the backup to Foles, even though Vick will be making a base salary of $3.5 million, seven times more than Foles’ second-year salary of $500,000.  But if Vick is going to be a backup, he may want to go to a team where he thinks he has a better chance of playing.

Moreover, the indignity of getting benched when Vick has declared it’s still “my team” and “my job” could be enough to prompt Vick to want to move on.

If Vick wants out, his contract is more conducive to a trade than the reports of one-year “up to $10 million” would suggest.  For starters, the Eagles already have paid him a $3.5 million signing bonus.  And the base salary of $3.5 million isn’t out of line, given the contracts paid to other veteran backups.

Vick can earn another $500,000 via 16 per-game roster onuses worth $31,250 each.  He also has $2.5 million available in incentives based on playing time.

Teams that could have interest in Vick if he’s available via trade or as a free agent include the Bengals, Raiders, and Cardinals.  The 49ers, who have Colt McCoy and Scott Tolzein backing up Colin Kaepernick would be foolish not to at least consider the possibility of acquiring Vick.  Injuries to starters or veteran backups also could create a market where one may not currently exist.

Thus, crazy as it may seem now, the league’s August story lines could include the end of the line for Mike Vick in Philadelphia.  That could be one of the main reasons Vick wants to know where he stands; if he’s going to be benched, he surely wants to have the most time to plan his next possible career move.

59 responses to “If Foles wins the starting job in Philly, what happens with Vick?

  1. Vick to SF makes no sense for Michael Vick. He would still be a backup and the possibility of him starting would be even slimmer with Kap at QB.

  2. Foles makes absolutely NO sense in a Chip Kelly offense. The guy rivals Dan Marino in terms of speed (but nowhere near the passing ability). Vick makes perfect sense in this offense. Hell, even Barkley makes much more sense then Foles.

    The best thing they could home for is a strong Foles preseason so they can get more in return for a trade with another team.

  3. The reason Kelly has not named a starter is because he doesn’t want complacency and wants a competitive environment where players continue to push one another. Injuries aside, Vick is the best QB on the roster.

  4. One gets the impression that Vick genuinely views himself as one of the league’s elite QB’s right now.
    That’s kinda funny..

  5. Vick is the Starter, stop trying to stir up trouble. Kelly isn’t naming the starter so other teams don’t know what to expect!

  6. I think you still have to keep him on the roster. I’m not a Vick fan by any means, but if Foles winds up doing horrible than you gotta fall back to Vick. Unless Barkley proves to the coaches he can handle the back up job.

  7. Vick will start. He is the kind of QB that Chip thrives with. The key to Vick keeping his starting role will have everything to do with the offensive line. If it does not improve, Vick will get pounded and that is going to affect his mind as well as his physical health. If Vick can regain trust in his offensive line, I think it will help him stay mentally calm and the game will slow down for him. When he is 2 seconds from getting sacked on half of his passes, that is going to change the way any QB plays…even on the plays where the line holds for longer than 2 seconds. With that said, he still needs to get better at not fumbling…

  8. As a Redskins fan, please let Foles win the starting job! When Vick is on he’s a headache to deal with.

  9. I tell you what will happen–Gordon “Shotgun” Shell. We are waiting Miss Vicky–Vegas has put up the big $$$. What else are you gonna do?

  10. Kelly doesn’t roll that way, he’s not going to say who his QB is, probably not even until week 2 or 3 of the pre-season even. I bet he honestly doesn’t even know yet, you all think Vick has it locked still but it’s all hush hush, I think know one knows and it’s a battle for the best man to win. Don’t expect this crazy uptempo offense from Kelly like at Oregon either, so a running QB really isn’t a factor in this.

  11. Wait, where are all those experts who kept saying that Vick will “shock the world” and that he is one of “the best QBs in the world” and we are all haters ? hello?…….hello?………anyone out there…….???

  12. Considering the system Chip Kelly has introduced, and the money that the Eagles have invested into Vick, it’s highly probable that Vick will get the first crack at the job through the first couple weeks of the season at the very least. This is no certainty, however, as I’m hearing from multiple people inside Philly’s organization that Nick Foles looks razor sharp throwing the ball, is taking on more of a prfound leadership rolae, and that he is THE most confident guy in the building.

    Moving forward with Nick Foles and Matt Barkley as your 2 QBs is not a bad situation to be in if you ask me. Both of these guys will be leading successful NFL teams someday.

  13. As stated before I could care less about Foles per game points and this and that…Give Foles to the league for a full season in Kelly’s offense and PROVE IT! I still say Vick would do better..Now if Philly doesn’t want him CUT HIM LOOSE! Cincy will take him and apply pressure to Dalton right now! Could care less what the haters and unforgiving americans think about him and his past…I know 1 thing he darn sure isnt Aaron Hernandez….

  14. Am I the only one who watched the Eagles last year? The offense was much more productive under Foles, and by that time the line was in tatters. Vick is just a used-up shell of a near universally overrated mental midget. Worse, he is evidently a delusional narcissist as well, with as tenuous a grasp on reality as he regularly has on the ball.

  15. “Teams that could have interest in Vick if he’s available via trade or as a free agent include the Bengals, Raiders, and Cardinals.”

    I would take that Cardinals off that list. Good or bad, the Cardinals are set at QB with Palmer & Stanton for 2013. There is no need or fit for Vick in AZ.

  16. What happens if Foles gets the job? Less drama for the Eagles, Vick gets released and gets picked up by a team in need of a QB.

  17. Why keep Vick when the team is going nowhere this year and the team can develop its two young QB’s? No matter what the offensive does, who really believes the defense will be even mediocre?

  18. As Chip has seen from watching film, Vick will never be able to make the quick read, set protection, hot route receivers & play the QB spot with the needed consistency.

    Vick is a over-hyped turnover machine that has always been an entitled mediocre QB at best. His entire Eagle career is made of 2 games. If you honestly & un-biasedly look at the stats from after the Minnesota game in 2010, the real Vick started to show up. That game started the turnover onslaught that has continued 2011 & 2012.

    The people that keep bringing up 2010 always conveniently forget how he had a chance to win & in the playoffs against GB & intercepted the game away. Always a disappointment, never a student of the game, thinks he better than he is & has relied on athleticism way too much & never evolved into a real NFL QB. It’s about time for the MV7 era to end in Philly, Dennis Dixon can’t be much worse!

  19. I can’t believe we kept this scrub. It is only a matter of time before Foles is starting. Either because Vick is hurt or Kelly just realizes Vick sucks.

  20. Foles is going to be a great starting quarterback of the Eagles this year and for many years to come.

  21. If it’s Foles, Vick goes the way of Byron Leftwich. Cut during final cuts. Or, Vick demands trade. He won’t back up a 2nd year lanky fair-haired lad.

  22. Hmmmm….
    I guess that would make him the second string quarterback until Foles gets killed by a stupid offensive scheme and bad blocking? Just a guess though.

  23. Anyone who is an Eagles fan and/or actually follows the Eagles (Like me) knows that this competition is dead even at the moment. The players have said it, and the media who have seen what they can have reported it.

    It has also been reported that Kelly’s offense cannot be described and doesn’t fit any label. So if you’re just plugging in Vick because “it fits what Kelly does” you’re wrong. I don’t know where the evidence for that is considering Kelly has coached 0 NFL games so far.

    Finally, Kelly has said this over and over again, that he needs a quarterback that can read a defense, get rid of the ball quickly, and not make mistakes. Michael Vick can’t do any of those things. Kelly has also stated that he doesn’t need a mobile QB. So go ahead, plug Vick into Kelly’s offense that you’ve never seen before.

    In my opinion Foles wins this job. It doesn’t mean he’s the future the franchise, it doesn’t mean the Eagles will be good this year. It means Vick stinks, which he does.

    Vick has never had to compete for his job before. It was his when his career started, and he fell into it after Kolb was injured, granting him the job in 2011 and 2012 with no questions asked. However 2011 and 2012 he played poorly. Offensive line is a poor excuse because the line was healthy in 2011. He has to compete, isn’t clearly winning, and publicly saying he wants Kelly to name a starter.

    Doesn’t sound like a sure pencil in, sounds like someone is afraid of losing their job. So yeah, it’s valid to consider his options if he does lose the job. He thinks he is an elite QB and will want a trade for sure.

  24. Great.

    Alright JETS fans brace yourselves, the rumors are coming.

    No but really if my JETS signed this guy I would be beyond mad..

  25. I still don’t forgive Vick…I’m sorry. He should have had a LIFE ban.

    Killing all those dogs…what a gross person.


    Perfect in Filthy


  26. Really? Who cares, egirls are not winning a superbowl no matter who starts at QB. That is how it goes every year. A lot of bark and no bite.

  27. Vick is just beginning to realize that he’s done, toast. It hasn’t sunk in quite yet because he thinks Chip Kelly hasn’t named a starter yet but that’s just a ruse.

    The sooner the Eagles dump Vick, the better off they will be. He’s a horrible human being and his QB skills are not great. I don’t care where he plays after the Eagles but whatever team signs him will be for a distraction without much in the way of upside.

  28. Vick’s the starter. Chip Kelly’s offense is tailor-made for him. This story is as realistic as “imagine if the moon dropped out of orbit? I mean, it could happen, right?”

  29. Again, I get it. You hate Vick. Your stupid dog is a member of your family. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Just because you think Vick should do a life sentence for dog fighting doesn’t mean Napoleon Dynamite is a good football player. He had 6TD’s and 11 turnovers. He was a miracle penalty flag from going 0-6 as a starter. Chip Kelly’s 2014 starting QB is not currently on the roster. If you believe Foles is the starter, you’re dumber than Gronkowski , who is subsequently the dumbest player in the NFL.

  30. Considering that Vick has been no better than average at the QB position, maybe the Eagles can make a reciever out of him or something?

    Imagine if Rex Grossman had sold that much NFL gear and made that much cash playing? Grossman is a better QB than vick, and Grossman has to buy his own shoes.

    I still don’t understand how any fan of the game can think Vick is something special. I also do not understand how he is still in the league. I guess a 1st round pick is worth something to someone no matter how bad they are. Mandrich played 4 or 5 seasons and was never any good once he found out he could not get away with juicing in the pros.

  31. Vick to the 49ers? Come on, Florio. You’re better than that. Harbaugh wants efficiency and ball security above all from his QB’s. Why would he want the turnover machine…even as a backup?

    People talk about Chip Kelly’s offense as though they know exactly what it’ll look like. He’s really innovative, and I suspect he’ll do some unique things in the NFL. It definitely won’t be a dumbed down college spread offense.

    Also, Nick Foles ran the read-option at UofArizona. And he did it well. Mobility isn’t the main qualification for running that offense…reading defenses is. So why would anyone think Vick would be better suited for this?

  32. I’m laughing at you fools that think Vick is a Kelly System QB. Kelly wants speed from his QBs… but not RUNNING speed, speed in the ability to make a decision, get rid of the ball, and get back to the line to run another play ASAP. Michael Vick DOES NOT POSSESS THESE SKILLS. Reports from OTAs were that Vick could get off 4 plays in the time that even Barkley could get off 6 or 7, and Foles was matching Barkley. Vick can’t read a defense. You need to read the defense to make a quick decision and get rid of the ball.

  33. The Arizona Wildcats and Oregon Ducks fans who watched Foles for years cannot believe this. Foles does not fit the Oregon-style offense. Then again, who said that Kelly is going to run the Oregon offense in Philly? The speed differential between skill players is smaller in the NFL because everyone is faster, so I’m suspecting that the Eagles are going to be more diverse than a standard read-option, reverse v. student body right kind of team.

  34. If Foles becomes the starter, then the logical spot for Vick to be for his best chance of starting would be…. PHILLY

  35. First and foremost, Vick was judge by a jury of his peers. He served his time and paid his debt to society. The dog fighting jokes are old and boring. The grandest part is that the people making the jokes would be offended if people mocked them everyday about there past discrepancies, and you know you have them.

    Second off, the Raiders have no space for Vick. It’s a simple equation… Trade for Matt Flynn + 4th RD draft pick on QB Tyler Wilson + $50 million dead cap space = NO MIKE VICK

  36. “First and foremost, Vick was judge by a jury of his peers. He served his time and paid his debt to society. The dog fighting jokes are old and boring. The grandest part is that the people making the jokes would be offended if people mocked them everyday about there past discrepancies, and you know you have them.”

    Wrong – Vick was never judged by a jury of his peers. He didn’t have the onions to go to trial because he knew that he would have gotten a lot more than 23 months. Vick never did ONE DAY for the animal abuse, he got off easy! He plea bargained down to a much lesser charge because the prosecutor on the case was a family friend that had once defended his father in a private practice before becoming a prosecutor. The whole thing was a custom solution for someone that has been & will always be treated special in the state of Virginia.

    As for others pasts, it’s safe to say most people do not get off torturing animals for fun which is exactly what Mikey did for SIX years. So to say that others pasts are relevant is blind loyalty to MV7.

    Maybe know what you are talking about before you post??

  37. Foles fumbled the ball at a higher rate than vick did last year. At least I seen what Vick is capable of. I think he wins the starting job. Just give him protection and a good unpredictable system and he you guys who say vick sucks will eat your words. Trust me 🙂

  38. “At least I seen what Vick is capable of. ”

    Are you talking about the playoff game against GB when he intercepted away the chance to win at the end? Or the 2 games in 2010 when he played well? The dude is a career disappointment.

    3 years ago is a lifetime in the NFL. I think you forget Shawn Alexander. NFL MVP one year, out of football the next. Vick has always been mediocre except for a couple of games 3 years ago when the league hadn’t adjusted to him yet. After Minnesota in 2010, the turnover machine has been in full production. He was in a system that made Steve Young, Joe Montana, Jeff Garcia, John Elway & Brett Favre stars & Vick sucked in it. He’ll never be a big game QB. Trust me =o)

  39. Vick will be the starter.

    This is just Kelly playing head games with Vick to make him think he must earn it like Kelly would do while coaching in college. It’s a business in the NFL and the money puts Vick in as the starter. Foles may never start in the NFL for that matter.

    Kelly is a real tool and will coach like it’s college football making it very entertaining for the rest of the NFL to watch. Duck Dynasty has arrived!

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