Lawyer: Young “suffering from concussions”


Former Lions wide receiver Titus Young missed another court appearance Tuesday, though it won’t cost him.

According to David Leon Moore of USA Today, an Orange County (Calif.) judge excused Young from a scheduled hearing for his string of arrests earlier this year.

Superior Court Judge Andre Manssourian said the reason for Young’s absence was “confidential and put in a confidential file,” but Young’s attorney said more.

“He’s safe,” attorney Altus W. Hudson said. “He’s still suffering from concussions.”

Hudson didn’t offer specifics, but that went beyond the previous vague descriptions of mental issues that Young’s own father mentioned.

Young’s next scheduled appearance is set for Aug. 6, but Hudson said he wasn’t sure if he’d be there.

30 responses to “Lawyer: Young “suffering from concussions”

  1. Of course he is! What a perfect way to turn this around on the NFL as the actual villains, and not Titus being a crazy MF.

    Lawyers are so predictable.

  2. What a bunch of garbage. He knowingly put Young Sr. on the back of his jersey to knock on and/or disrespect Calvin…who has Johnson Jr. on the back of his jersey. Titus is a pompous ass. Considering himself in the same class is pathetic and speaks volumes. Earn it. He might have mental issues…he might have delusions of grandeur. Nothing excuses his actions. He did what he did and he thinks he is entitled. Concussions?!?! Ridiculous. He needs to face the consequences of feeling entitled and making really bad decisions. Mental issues are not a part of this.

  3. Lmao…..I guess it is concussions , since he won’t get millions unless he jumps in the money pool of suing the same league that most of us wish we could be a part of. This is hilarious. Watch for good guy Titus ti throw his name in the hat within 3 years . What s joke.

  4. Of all the former NFL players who are broke and suing the league for “concussions” I am okay with Titus Young joining the suit because obviously something is not right. Someone like Titus is probably better off filing a suit against the NCAA…the NFL compensates these players greatly while the NCAA basically uses student athletes to drive profit. Now some of you are saying they are compensated with a free education…but how is that education going to come in handy if players are not right mentally. I do not get why the NCAA gets a free pass with concussions…

  5. What a shame…this kid NFL career is over. Soo much talent going to waste. He came in the league with Julio Jones, A.J. green & Cecil Shorts. Julio & A.J. Broke out in their rookie season bcuz they were immediate starters. Last year was supposed to be Titus Young & Cecil Short year to break out when inserted into the starting lineups. Shorts broke out while Young became a head case. So sad.

  6. Titus is crazy as cats**t, yet its all due to concussions. This is as funny as Titus tweets’ right before the lions cut him. The NFL is the gift that keeps on giving…lol

  7. The “smart ones” (doctors, judges, lawyers) are only kidding themselves if they think they are helping this punk. All they’re doing is enabling him to avoid responsibility for his actions. Wait and see, the doctors will recommend 30 days of rehab, the lawyers will sell it to the judge and the judge will go along with it…….30 days later, Titus is off his meds and back to his criminal ways. He’s already been allowed to miss several court hearings with no repercussions. I think I know who the “smart one” is and his name is Titus.

  8. The tone of most of the comments makes it sound like Young is public enemy #1 cooking up a phony defense plan. Everyone seems to have forgotten that the most serious crimes he’s charged with is stealing some water and cigars from a gas station. We’re not talking the OJ trial here. There’s not even a DUI charge.

    Young is obviously suffering from mental illness. The brain is just like any other organ in the body. It’s ability to perform (a person’s ability to think) can be impacted when there is brain illness or injury. Sometimes mental illness happens without a head injury, but sometimes a head injury can create mental illness issues.

    If you don’t believe concussions/head injuries can cause issues with the brain, ask Dave Duerson. Oooops. I guess you can’t ask him can you?

    If doctors are going to say that concussions have helped lead to Young’s mental illness issues, the question will be when the concussions were suffered. Did the problem start long before the NFL (in high school, or at Boise State)?

  9. Come on people … it is so obvious what is happening here … the NFL staged this entire ordeal for the purpose of garnering public support for their side of a case that is totally absurd. This one will go in their favor, and then precedent will be on their side. Don’t be so darned Tebow (simple) minded all the time, people. Things are working behind the scenes. Trust that you aren’t the smartest cookie, and things will turn out okay. Everything will be okay … really!

  10. For all that is humane, please, please stop using that picture of him. He looks 2 steps away from being Gollum, it depresses the hell out of me.

  11. I don’t see Jahvid Best out there stealing cars and acting stupid, and I’m pretty sure concussions ended his career.

    If Titus is granted any leeway or given any money for this BS excuse, our judicial system is more f’d than I thought.

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