Lefeged says case against him is “drummed up”


Colts safety Joe Lefeged has been released from jail, three days after being arrested on weapons charges.

As he was leaving the jail, Lefeged made his first public comments on the situation.

According to WJLA-TV, Lefeged said he’s sorry and that the case against him is “drummed up.”

His comments come amid at least one report linking via documentation (including a receipt found in the car with the gun) showing that Lefeged had bought the gun.

It also has been reported that the driver of the car fled police, and that Lefeged then fled on foot.  The driver has still not been apprehended.

Maybe he’ll say the eventual charges against him are “drummed up,” too.

35 responses to “Lefeged says case against him is “drummed up”

    They drummed up the fact that you had a firearm in your possession that was apparently yours and it wasn’t registered! UNFLIPPING BELIEVEABLE!
    How the hell did they drum that up!

  2. “Lefeged said he’s sorry and that the case against him is “drummed up.””


    I’m not really sure how those two statements are consistent.

  3. Just another athlete who doesn’t want to take responsibility. This dude is awful damn dumb to make such an idiotic statement. Gun +receipt+fleeing = “drummed up”. and just how do the colts expect this idiot to “read defenses”.

  4. When you’re an NFL player with a whole lot to lose, you need to show an ability to prioritize that which is most important in your life, for the sake of avoiding trouble and keeping your job.

    Acting like a gangster carrying a gun around with you amongst your friends is a very fashionable thing to do, and it shows the rest of the world that you’re a real tough guy….and a complete idiot. I cannot think of a positive situation that might arise from having a gun on you as an NFL player.


  5. guns = trouble and loss of major money for NFL athletes. Some day they will wake up. Is it really worth it?

  6. Classic case of another athlete with a job that we only can deam of, and once again doesn’t remotely appreciate what he’s has.

    Can these guys ever take responsibility for their actions, or must they always put the blame on someone else?

  7. in general, if you’ve never seen a phrase written down, you might be repeating it wrong and making yourself look extra dumb.
    trumped. the word he was looking for was trumped.

  8. He meant that he was “drunked up” and has no freakin’ clue where he was or what he was doing. To be clear, Charles Barkley does not consider him a role model.

  9. I used to think that Goodell was overstepping his authority with his ‘PROTECT THE SHIELD” program,but in recent light of events I am beginning to understand his position and think something should be done to get these out -of -control morons back in line and make them realize how much damage they are doing to a money making machine such as the NFL

  10. thejuddstir says:Jul 2, 2013 4:25 PM

    and just how do the colts expect this idiot to “read defenses”.


    You were looking for “Play Defense”

  11. Officer broke in to his home, stole credit card. Purchased the weapon in his name. Then planted it in his vehicle and later pulled him over…

  12. The only thing he did wrong was drive through Washington D.C.

    The dude has a receipt for his gun, how is it not registered? It is, except the D.C. police refuse to recognize US state registrations and hit him with 5 legal technicalities. Unregistered ammunition? Is that a freaking joke?

  13. Let’s see…gun in car and he ran to avoid police. Sounds like “drummed up” to me. Doesn’t everyone pack heat and flee from officers first chance they get? Check his Wonderlic score.

  14. For this guy to be out running around with a loaded hand gun late at night just days after the Hernandez arrest is an example of how stunningly stupid some of these players are.

    If he gets convicted or pleads out expect Goodell to come down hard on him with an 8 game suspension or something equally serious.

  15. koolaidcircusbeast says:
    Jul 2, 2013 7:08 PM

    The Colts should cut Lefeged and seriously consider signing the driver; after all, he did outrun a NFL safety.
    —————————————— ——-

    Nicely done!

  16. Lefeged is now the face of this once proud franchise. Irsay is taking a deep breath and say thank you so much for taking some heat away from me. LOL and LMAO.!!!!!

  17. I guess all that college learning didn’t sink in, don’t run if you aren’t guilty of somehting.

  18. rodgers419, recommend you work on your reading comprehension. The car was originally pulled over because a passenger in the back seat was acting eratically and hanging out of the car. The car stopped and as police approached the vehicle it took off and a pursuit began. When multiple units stopped the car both everybody fled. Your boy got caught along with another passenger. The driver got away. Hardly a case of just cruising throught town and stopped for no good reason. And yes bro, different states have different laws, not commenting on the veracity of them but they do exsist. Lastly, interesting that a starting safety gets run down on foot by a police officer in full gear wearing body armor. Maybe the Colts have bigger problems in their secondary than realized.

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