Mike Holmgren believes Mark Sanchez will have “fine year” for Jets


New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is coming off arguably his worst season of his career.

Sanchez completed just 54-percent of his passes with just 13 touchdowns and 18 interceptions last season. Sanchez also fumbled 14 times with eight lost to the opposing team. While he has delivered two trips to the AFC Championship game, he’s far from lived up his Top 10 draft pick status in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Yet former Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren still sees some potential in the beleaguered Jets’ quarterback.

Holmgren joined the Dave “Softy” Mahler show on 950 KJR-AM in Seattle last week and discussed what he foresees from Sanchez this season.

“I think actually he’s going to have a fine year,” Holmgren said.

Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg played quarterback for Holmgren in high school and later served as an assistant coach alongside Holmgren with the Green Bay Packers. Holmgren was high on Sanchez coming out of college at USC and he believes Mornhinweg be the guy that can get Sanchez to take advantage of his passing mechanics.

“I just liked his mechanics coming out of college. I really liked his mechanics,” Holmgren said. “He would be one of those guys – I know he’s taken a lot of flack and a lot of heat – but he would have been one of those guys if I was still coaching I would really like to coach.”

From the shadow of Tim Tebow, to the Butt Fumble and the video of Sanchez baring his backside last week, the past year will be one Sanchez will want to quickly put behind him. With some of the distractions no longer in place, Holmgren thinks Sanchez can produce for the Jets.

“(Last year) was like the perfect storm. I just think he’s a better player than that,” Holmgren.

44 responses to “Mike Holmgren believes Mark Sanchez will have “fine year” for Jets

  1. Definition of ‘fine’ downgraded to meaning excessive turnover’s and butt fumbles

  2. Holmgren has coached some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Legendary quarterbacks. He can see greatness in them before they realize they’re great.

    But I think he either whiffed on this assessment, or he’s blowing sunshine to get to NY.

  3. I’m getting sick of hearing what a genius Homgren is. This is the kind of idiotic statement that just might keep him from ever working in the NFL again.

  4. I like his mechanics too Mike. But Mexican mechanics put hydraulic shocks on your car. They don’t win Super Bowls.

    If you saw the Buttfumble, you would know how comically bad Sanchez is. Not a Jets fan but living in NYC I have every single game Sanchez has played.

    It would be torture if it wasn’t so comical.

    Like…Dave Brown was better than Mark Sanchez will ever be. At least Dave Brown had an arm. I think Dave Brown and Mark Sanchez share a brain though.

    There is no other explanation. Maybe Browning Nagel has a piece of that brain too.

  5. “Fine year?”

    Sounds like one hell of an endorsement. You can almost feel the excitement in his voice!

  6. I know the popular thing to do right now is talk about how good Sanchez will be this year, but I’m just not sure he has the mental makeup to be an NFL quarterback.

  7. Yet another reason why Holmgren is out of touch and needs to fade away into retirement. I guess that’s what the old Browns would do to a guy. You had a good career in Seattle and Green Bay (only) enjoy retirement.

  8. How many top notch QB’s has Holmgren developed since Favre? Oh yeah… none.

    Most of the time when Favre threw the ball, he was looking at the backup and telling him “Don’t ever try that.”

    That’s all it took to develop Brunell, Pederson, Hasselbeck, and Brooks, is to see Favre doing stupid things and pointing it out as something to NOT do.

  9. Holmgren also thought it was cute to blow current and future top picks on questionable talent. Big fan of what he did in Seattle, but me thinks he’s lost his edge.

  10. He also said Pat Shurmur was a “fine” young coach.

    I need to see Holmgren’s dictionary to understand what “fine” means to him.

    First and foremost, Holmgren is a USC honk.

  11. Holmgren is all at once saying he had obviously lost his talent evaluation skills while passively aggressively lobbying for a job. Amazing.

  12. Even more evidence that Holmgren is one of the most over rated coaches ever. I still love how this website calls him the “Big Show.” How’s Cleavland doing? He left a nice set up there.

  13. Mike, that’s why you got fired by the mighty Browns! Sanchez sucks!!! And, always will suck. He can’t throw or process information fast enough. Any high school coach can see that!

  14. Holmgren is one who can speak with authority.
    I hope he’s right. One of the few non-Jets fans who speaks with objectivity.

  15. Well this explains why Cleveland is still terrible after employing him for the last several seasons. I guess we all drank the kool-aid and were hoping his “5 year plan” would pay off. Unfortunately his 5 year plan was collecting 50 million dollars and doing nothing but filling us with bad QBs year after year. This is the same guy who made Heckert draft McCoy and then, a year later, draft Weeden.

  16. How do these trolls lives benefit by seeing the Jets lose?

    Some unfulfilled issues within for sure.

    OK…Jets suck- now repeat your daily lines that lacked originality from Day 1.
    If you don’t find them tiring, have at it.

  17. Kind of like saying, “You’re doing a heckuva job, Brownie.”

    Holmgren’s meek praise sounds like the kiss of death to me…

  18. Sanchez has all the components to be a very good quarterback, but everything isn’t put together in his brain. He can’t handle criticism well and he doesn’t demand the respect of his teammates as shown on hard knocks a couple of years ago. IF Sanchez could get his mind together and mature a little more he would be at best an average QB.

    Btw that is a big IF

  19. Hey Mike, go get drug tested, you’re delusional. Sanchez wouldn’t be good on a high school team, the guys a bum.

  20. I will say this for Sanchez at least he only killed his career and not other human beings.

  21. Mark Sanchez’s last two seasons was cause by a lazy offensive line not doing their job.

  22. They gotta hire “somebody” after they deep six Tubby. Guess Mike figures it might as well be him. You want to go to the Jets, with Sanchise and the Toxic Swamp Gas, be my guest.

  23. Just wondering, you guys killing Sanchez, yet I forget didnt he get us to Two back to back afc championship games. Didnt he outplay Brady and Manning in that run. I agree last year was a nitemare, but lets give the kid a chance in a new system with a new coordinator who might actually develop him.

  24. Seaeagle- You lame Seattle fans talk like you’ve won multiple Super Bowls. News flash- Sanchez has been to 2 more Championships than your 1 year wonder. The adderal addiction and the lyin’ ,
    cheatin’ Pete will catch up to you this year and your back where you belong- Out of the Playoffs!

    1 Decent year and the arrogance is sickening.

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