NFLPA metes out discipline to multiple agents

At a time when the NFLPA is considering the imposition of sanctions on Kim Miale for signing Jets quarterback Geno Smith with the possible use of Jay-Z as a rummer, the NFLPA has taken action against four other agents.

As announced by the union and posted at its website, the punishments come via two separate investigations.

First, agents Ethan Lock, Eric Metz, and Vance Malinovic agreed to pay fines in the amount of $5,000 each arising from the partial ownership of a company that they each represented did not provide services to athlete clients.  They previously divested their ownership in the company in question.

Second, agent J.R. Rickert agreed to serve a three-month suspension and to pay a $5,000 fine for failing to make promised payments to another contact advisor under an agreement regarding the sharing of client fees.  Rickert had assured the NFLPA that the payments had been made when in fact the payments hadn’t been made.

5 responses to “NFLPA metes out discipline to multiple agents

  1. Go ahead and sanction Miale. She will be compensated for her service by Jay-Z.

    And then she will get a bonus from the lawsuit he files that she may have baited them into during her meeting with the NFLPA if she followed Jay-Z’s script which would have been designed to initiate his retaliatory revenge play.

    This ain’t over, there are more cards in the deck that are destined to be turned over.

  2. Also just reviewed the Rickert case, and he submitted no proof that the payments were made. Which in fact means he MIGHT have actually made the payments. It’s common for split-case situations to be corrupted by agents that agree to split dollars off the books when they can concoct an advantage for doing so. So for Rickert to PROVE he made the payments could have landed him in more hot water.

    Just trying to keep the facts straight, because a legal description explaining a decision does not necessarily indicate actual truth of the real events. That’s why we have a settlement here to avoid further investigation or any appeal from Rickert. Sure it’s possible he may have just tried to screw the other agent and lie, but we will never know for sure.

  3. Why are there never any sanctions or suspensions for Drew Rosenhaus??? He is the sleaziest most dishonest agent in the business….
    Oh yes, now I remember, he has the most high profile clients and the NFLPA does not want to rock that boat….

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