Now Tim Tebow, Meyer will gladly talk about him


Well, what do you know? Urban Meyer will talk about the Patriots and the tight end position.

Just not such that it reflects poorly on his “daily Bible study sessions.”

During the interview in which he refused to comment on former Florida player Aaron Hernandez, Meyer was perfectly willing to gush about the good Gator, Tim Tebow.

Asked if his former Florida quarterback could play tight end (since the Patriots are running short), the now-Ohio State coach offered another testimonial on behalf of his former poster boy.

I don’t doubt Tim can do anything,” Meyer said, via Guy Cipriano of the News-Herald. “If you are asking me, that’s all speculation. He’s a good athlete, incredible competitor. To play NFL tight end now. . . . There’s only a few of them that can do that.”

Meyer was also willing to say he still speaks with Tebow regularly. Of course, his words weren’t a complete endorsement of the position change which many think will be Tebow’s only path to an NFL field, because position changes are hard.

Of course, the Jets already tried him as a personal protector. And apparently, that wasn’t Tebow’s first experience in that role, either.

32 responses to “Now Tim Tebow, Meyer will gladly talk about him

  1. What positive could come out of Meyer talking about Hernandez? Why do it? And why isn’t anyone asking Belichick to talk about Hernandez?

  2. Well he was just answering a question. And he answered the question about AH, but the report on PFT didn’t say anything about a follow up question of “why not?”.

    It’s up to the interviewer to get crafty to know how to play the game. You have to ask the right questions.

    And asking about why one won’t answer a question is a good prying question that gets to the root of the matter and opens up the dig opportunity to explore more and work your way up to the branches.

  3. College Football is full of people with questionable character. As we have seen with Penn State and many other football programs. Winning at all costs is the norm now.

    The fact that Urban Meyer recruits people who get in bar fights and murder is no surprise. The surprise is there are people out there who think this is no longer the norm.

    My advice. Stop watching college football on TV or going to the games. That is the only way to put a stop to all this nonsense.

  4. Are you seriously questioning why Meyer wouldn’t talk about Hernandez?

    Would you?

    What good can possibly come from setting a precident that you’d talk about a former player who’s in trouble, and think that something good can result in that. Open your mouth once, and you’ll never get rid of every two bit reporter that is shooting for that soundbite that will put him on the national stage.

    Keep up the silence Urban, it’s the only positive response to offer.

  5. What’s the big deal? You guys are only talking about him because he allegedly killed someone. It’s almost a dead horse now.

  6. Of course he will gladly talk about Tebow. That was his meal ticket at UF. Gotta praise your golden child every chance you get. Heck, even when not asked about Tebow, he got something to say about him.

    Now what does he have to say about the 30+ players who got in trouble under your watch Urban? Hmmm?

  7. What does Hernandez’s Pop Warner coach say about him? What about his little league coach? Does the doctor who delivered him have a comment? This is getting ridiculous.

  8. If Gronk isn’t ready in week 1, Brady will be minus his top five receivers from last season. This whole Tebow as TE notion is so nonsensical that it makes me cry real tears from laughing so uncontrollably at the silly tebowmaniacs.

  9. So what exactly do you have against “daily Bible study sessions”? It’s a free country bro. Or is it?

  10. Just wondering why you put “daily Bible study sessions” in quotation marks? Would you put any other religious studies in quotation marks? Could it be that “you” are the one with the problem here? Why is it that, “every” time you mention Tim Tebow, quotation marks, (or in your case “sarcasm marks”) must be part of your text?

  11. Why aren’t they asking UM about his QB Tebow and TE Hernandez were doing at a bar, when under aged and getting into a fight which LLEA had to be called in? And why no suspensions were handed down for anyone of his players?

  12. Tebow has to be gutted by this. Hernandez stayed with him when he was being recruited by Florida. Then they played together for three years through some incredible times. As key partners in the offense.

  13. That relationship look like a lot more than a bromance. You can google tebow-meyer and find lots of photos of hugging and kissing and practically making out on the sidelines. Now, almost four years later, they take vacations together and talk every day? Very strange.

  14. Dear tebowmaniacs, your paranoia is unbecoming of good Christian character. The quotation marks enclosing the phrase about Bible study specifically refer to a quote from a separate post. So please settle down … the witch hunt against Christians is governed by union folks, so you really don’t have much to worry about. They take breaks every 30 minutes or so.

  15. Tim doesn’t have to be exclusively a qb or exclusively a te.

    Why pin him down into those positional stereotypes?

    Heck, just call him an ow (offensive weapon), like Dennard Robinson.

    (Admittedly, Tim may be more offensive to you than he will be to most NFL defenses, but…)

  16. ” What’s wrong with ‘daily Bible study sessions”? ”

    Nothing. But there are a lot of drunks, druggies, pill poppers, sexually repressed/obsessed, racists, and other people out there with their own issues…

    And the fact is…those are usually the kind of people just waiting in the wings to make fun of someone who believes in living a clean and honest life

  17. Last I checked Aaron Hernandez is an adult, and thus responsible for his own actions. It’s not Bill Belchicks fault. It’s not Urban Meyers fault. It’s not Jeremy Foleys fault. It’s not Tim Tebows fault. It’s not Bushs fault, nor is it Obamas fault.

    He will have his day in court

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