Prosecutor refers to drugs during Lefeged hearing


Colts safety Joe Lefeged was released from jail Tuesday, but several new pieces of information emerged during his hearing which “bothered” the judge who let him go.

Lefeged was arrested Saturday on gun charges outside Washington D.C.

According to Keith Alexander of the Washington Post, prosecutors told Magistrate Judge Frederick Sullivan that Lefeged’s gun was loaded, and that he was using drugs at the time he tried to run from police.

Prosecutor Ben Schrader, while trying to prevent Lefeged’s release on bond, said the gun found under his seat (along with the receipt) had a round in the chamber and 12 more in the clip. Schrader described the situation as “a combination of drugs and guns,” but did not specify what drugs.

Lefeged’s attorney said his client’s recent surgery was the reason for the drugs, and pointed to his lack of felony convictions as reason why he should be released.

The judge said Lefeged’s running from police “bothers me more than anything,” and issued a stern warning.

“If you get caught with any weapons or drugs, you are going to jail,” Sullivan said.

Prosecutors said his case was being referred to a grand jury, and no follow-up court dates have been set.

9 responses to “Prosecutor refers to drugs during Lefeged hearing

  1. He was arrested in DC, not outside of it. This detail is significant due to the different gun laws in DC Maryland and VA

  2. Who cares about the lack of felony CONVICTIONS!!!!! As a former Bail Bondsman that alone tells me he’s had trouble with the law. Do the right thing Jimmy,Ryan and Coach P. Cut him and give someone who will treat this as an opportunity a chance before he gives the entire organization a black eye. It’s not as if he forgot to pay a ticket. Especially not registering the firearm after last weeks events. It’s a privilege to play Pro Football not his right

  3. Stupid Raiders Fan says:
    Jul 2, 2013 1:33 PM
    He was arrested in DC, not outside of it. This detail is significant due to the different gun laws in DC Maryland and VA

    You’re right. DC has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the entire country. Which is why no one ever gets shot there.

  4. Clearly it was Vicodin or some sort of prescription pain killer hence the surgery reference

  5. The colts should cut this player immediately. Follow the lead that the Patriots put out there. All NFL teams should sever ties with players arrested for any crime that is not a minor misdemeanor.

    On top of that, the NFL should suspend these players for life and get together with other professional leagues and make a pact that these other leagues do not hire these players either.

    The situation with players getting in serious trouble is getting out of hand. Remember, NFL, your brand is at stake in this. People are extremely tolerant of the league and their lack of discipline, but that is coming to an end. Just read threads from fan sites and see how people are starting to feel about the nonsense that the NFL turns a blind eye to, or slaps a hand over.

  6. I thought someone else was driving the car. If the driver made the decision to take off I don’t see how a passenger can be blamed for that aspect.

  7. “Do you think smoking drugs is cool?”

    It’s not a privilege to play professional football, it’s an occupation. The business end of which – excuse the pun – is not unlike many other highly-compensated occupations.

  8. The new face of this horrible franchise. A gun slinger and drug dealer. You colts fans must be Proud of Lefeged.?!! Next time somebody tell him to ask for a trade if he wants out. What a loose cannon this guy turn out to be.

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