Brandon Weeden on batted passes: You really can’t work on it


In the one-liners last month, we linked to a story about what the Browns were trying to do to cut down on the amount of passes that quarterback Brandon Weeden had knocked down at the line as a rookie.

There was talk of more five-to-seven step drops with Norv Turner calling the plays in 2013 as a way to create more space between Weeden and the defensive lineman as well as a mention of the need for Weeden to get rid of the ball more quickly after pegged him as the league leader in batted balls last season. Weeden would like to cut out his habit of patting the ball before he throws it because it gives defenses a clue about when he’s throwing, but he’s unconvinced that spending a lot of time trying to fix the problem will lead to positive results.

“You really can’t work on it. It’s something that if you think about it all the time, it will probably create more problems,” Weeden said on the NFL Network. “I think there are a lot of reasons they happen. One being me patting the football … It’s just a part of taking three-step drops from under center, as well. When you are under center you are not very far from the line of scrimmage and you are trying to throw over guys that are 6-4, 6-5, with long arms. You got to throw it through the windows. Unfortunately, it happened last year. I don’t know why, but I’m going to do my part, whatever I got to do to throw around those guys to make it happen.”

Whenever thoughts turn to how Weeden will fare in his second season, Turner’s name comes up and with good reason. Plenty of quarterbacks have thrived in his system and Weeden’s skills should be a good fit with what we’ve seen from Turner in the past, including the kind of deep throws that are unlikely to be knocked down at the line of scrimmage. An improvement in that area should be part of an improvement across the board for a quarterback who appears to be well positioned to succeed thanks to the changes on Cleveland’s coaching staff.

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  1. The Pats had people holding up I think it was tennis rackets preparing for JJ Watts in the playoffs last year, so yes, you can prepare for this.

  2. It’s definitely possible to work on it, look what Brady did last season to prepare for Houston and J.J. Watt. The Patriots coaches would set up on the d-line with tennis racquets and attempt to deflect passes. Eventually, Brady was completely accustomed to the situation and was comfortable with a smaller window. It’s all about preparation, anything can be worked on.

  3. Scary attitude… I really hope these quotes were taken out of context or is some kind of posturing of sorts. You think Brady or Brees or Manning would ever ‘admit defeat’ like this?

    ‘Oh it CANT be worked on’ ….really? This guy is in the league maybe two more years…

  4. Two Browns stories in a row! Yeah, I thought it was weird considering how tall he is (6’4″) getting more passes batted than Russell Wilson who is 5 inches shorter. Hopefully he fixes that because that can lead to interceptions (like in the Cincinnati game).

    I can’t wait to start the season to see whether Norv can help this guy or not.

  5. Funny how NFL talent evaluators had a concern about Russell Wilson having his passes batted, when big QB’s like Weeden and Tannenhill had a higher percentage of passes batted at the LOS than Wilson. Like Wilson explained, it’s not about seeing over the line or getting the ball over the extended arms of linemen. It is about your drop back depth and throwing through lanes. Something that the 28 yr old Weeden still needs to work on.

  6. This is just plain Sad to comment on this. Ever heard of fake pump, play action, roll outs and deeper drop back than normal. Also your o-line men need to knock down the d-line down. The things a second year pro says. Once again its the Browns.

  7. As others have stated the pump fake can help with this. It is also important to not stare down receivers so that the line is not prepared for what way the ball will be going.

  8. Weeden is working on the “batted pass” problem.

    Roethlisberger is practicing his sad little limp.

    Flacco is adding to his bank of lame excuses.

    Dalton is practicing staring at headlights.

    Everyone has something to work on this off-season…

  9. Brandon, to get better, you weed out the things that you know are hurting your game, and you change or discard them. If you have a personal habit in the pocket that’s hurting your game, making excuses for it won’t work.

    YOU can change your habits. YOU can make the necessary improvements. YOU can get better. But its often a lonely street we walk down when we try to do better for ourselves and those around us. YOU can choose to take that lonely walk, or not.

    I, hope that you do.

  10. Last year I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I put some of the blame on Shurmur for having him take a ton of 3-step drops rather than playing in the shotgun like he was used to. As for working on it, there are things you can do, but I get what he’s saying. He can’t put too much focus on hitting the dline windows because it could cause him to miss his target down field.

  11. Not to take a shot at the Browns cause I’m not above that, but this really isn’t the attitude you want from your qb. Even if it’s true. At least act like you can work on it and are determined to fix the problem. Saying you can’t do anything about it just seem like you’ve accepted it as a reality. Not good from your starting qb.

  12. This guy’s a mope, flush him with the rest of the turds and lets move on to something positive.

  13. Brady and the Patriots practiced with tennis rackets to work against batted balls, Weeden says oh well and moves on. I’m not sure that is the attitude I would want my QB to have.

  14. Be nice guys. Anyone who has to wear a poop colored helmet for a team called the “Browns” deserves some sympathy.

    Worst organization in football. No pride, no tradition, no future.

  15. “Anyone who has to wear a poop colored helmet for a team called the “Browns” deserves some sympathy.”

    Do you even watch football? I’ve never seen bright orange excrement in my life.

  16. I don’t know why players that have problems like this (and the issue of safeties & CBs jumping routes) don’t at least try to use a tinted visor to hide their eyes. Give it a shot! What have you they got to lose?

  17. I have been blasting Weeden ever since he was drafted and I had a short one liner already on this post but I just had to come back for more. It just really peeves me that this guy was made a 1st round pick.

    You can see how horrible his mindset is. A QB should have more intelligence and focus and clarity in his mind in terms of understanding what the job is and how to do it well, and all we see here is CONFUSION and IGNORANCE. Where’s the coach with helping him out with this? Also confused and ignorant or possibly just incompetent.

    So we see Weeden has made a decision. He has chosen to believe you can’t avoid PDs. But he then says because “probably” it isn’t worth it. So he can’t even determine if it’s true in face for one, but then he can’t even logically process that maybes and probablys aren’t sufficient for making a decision that doesn’t consider the matter. The fact that he is oblivious to this problem as he speaks here and now just goes to show you how lost his mindset is and how far he is from connecting the dots.

    He then says you MUST throw through the windows of the arms. Then he suggests well maybe I should try to throw around them. It’s just so bad how distracted and disconnected from a healthy logical QB mindset he is. Not only is he not a good player with weak talents, but this is stuff that he CAN potentially improve on, the thinking part, and I find his thought process to be really sad, disappointing, and unfortunate for himself and his team. And his coaches will never fix the matter or even identify the problems and show him how to transform into a real QB that gets it.

    Then it gets even worse, because his team should figure this out and realize this is a clue to suggest why they should dump him so that he can continue to struggle to find his way with some other team that he brings down in the meantime while drawing million dollar checks. But they won’ t figure that out, they are in the opposite end of the spectrum with having a high opinion of this player and believing in him. I think that’s a huge mistake and all goes back to when they were on the clock. They should NOT have called this guy’s name. It’s pathetic to see how poor some of these GMs and coaches are. Totally unacceptable for a professional sports franchise. They need to do a lot better than this or I’m going to keep hammering them.

  18. this guy’s an old bum and it’s only a second year in the league this is why the Browns will never win a Superbowl I feel bad for their fans because there’s not anything too look forward to

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