Dez Bryant isn’t talking about his past


With a certain case drawing attention to the background checks the NFL puts players through before hiring them, some don’t want their backgrounds discussed.

For Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, the topic is apparently out of bounds.

Bryant was put under the microscope by former NFL scout Bryan Broaddus, who now writes for the Cowboys’ official website. During a radio interview with 105.3 FM, Broaddus called Bryant’s background “the worst I had ever seen.”

Word apparently got back to Bryant, who posted on his Twitter account: “I just wanted to know why is my background relevant right now? I promise there is more s— to talk about in this world than my background.”

And while making an appearance at an indoor football game in New Mexico last night, Bryant insisted he wasn’t going to talk about it.

No questions about the past, none,” Bryant said, via Mark Smith of the Albuquerque Journal.

Asked if he’d expound on his Twitter reaction to Broaddus’ remarks, Bryant apparently made a motion like a ref signaling an incomplete pass.

While Bryant’s had his share of troubles, many self-inflicted, all recent indications are that he’s trying to make things right. Comparing him to Aaron Hernandez seems a stretch, particularly when the comparison is made by a co-worker.

24 responses to “Dez Bryant isn’t talking about his past

  1. If someone decided to research your personal background for any reason and then they reported their findings to a radio DJ, would you feel compelled to answer a bunch of media questions about it?

    Leave the kid alone.

  2. Dez has been doing “the right thing” for awhile now and still gets criticism for the past. You people who speculate Dez life from the outside have no right. Lets talk about NSA robbing Americans of their privacy. Lets talk about these Clowns here in DC. No we want to talk about a young mans PAST!

  3. Leave Dez alone this guy is trying to do good, and focus his mind on football, not stupid $**t that don’t matter. Thanks for bringing in bad attention to my football team broddus….. Your supposed to support this guy not flap your lips about him!!!!

  4. I don’t think that Bryan Broaddus was criticizing Dez Bryant for his background, nor do I think he was making a comment to suggest Bryant will revert back to his old ways.

    His mom was in jail for dealing crack cocaine, and he bounced from home to home while in high school. So, knowing the details, I’d think that it’s probably the worst background Broaddus has seen.

    But, with that said, he should have deflected the question rather than saying something that could be easily misconstrued as criticism.

  5. As a Pats fan we all thought Hernandez was “doing the right thing” and correcting his past… apparently not.

    With this modern day murder trial happening teams are going to have a hard time over looking questionable backgrounds on draft day.

    Here’s hoping Dez has a successful career, dude’s a beast.

  6. I agree with the other 3 comments thus far. He made some mistakes but is doing what he can to prove otherwise.

    The haters will suggest he hit his own mom, while completely ignoring the fact that his mom is probably an instigator and that he probably never even hit her considering her extremely troubled past (see: Tyron Smith).

    Josh Brent, on the other hand, should be cut instantaneously for his acts and should be used as an example for those who may or may not feel inclined to revert to drastic measures that may or may not cost them a career.

  7. Shouldn’t matter, didn’t kill anyone and I don’t care what his mom did or didn’t do to get him where he is, unless she spreads disease, addiction or bullets.

  8. Good for Bryant. Ignore the noise. I’m not even a Cowboys fan, but let the kid move on. Seems like he’s working hard to stay on the straight and narrow so good for him.

  9. I’ve noticed a huge and genuine change in Dez Bryant’s attitude. Honestly, it took me by complete surprise. I can tell he’s trying to better himself. Good for him.

  10. It’s good to see Dez staying out of trouble because he’s such a talent, never thought we’d see him play up to the level he’s capable of because of his off the field issues.

  11. “Comparing him to Aaron Hernandez SEEMS a stretch” SEEMS? The only person to compare him to Hernandez is Darin Gantt, the author of this so-called “article.” “No news on Hernandez? Lets make a story about how he’s not like Dez Bryant.” You, sir, are a joke of a journalist and should be ashamed if not banished to the journalistic equivalent of Elba.

  12. Funny thing is if this hadnt happen NOONE would have said anything about Bryant and comparing him to someone else is what these clowns do just like everytime someone does something good they want to bring there past up (Ray Lewis) everyone kept bringing up the case he had over and over.

  13. Nobody was “hating” on Dez he was talking about how hard it is to judge a players past when deciding to draft him.

    Like Hernandez, Dez was taken off draft boards because his checkered past.

  14. over 75% of us has come from a bad past and most of us make it out ok the media has nothing else to do especially during the summer months so reaching for story are at its all time high during those months

  15. Wonder if the pats regret trading the Dez pick to Dallas instead of taking him themselves. Not that they are in trouble. Whether you love em or hate em, they are going to be successful year in and out. Still though, what might’ve been..

  16. I’m a huge skins fan and can honestly agree with people saying leave this kid alone. He has worked hard to improve and repair his image. I thought he should pounded deangelo hall after he smacked him last year and he didn’t. Again, he’s been showing poise. Lay off the kid

  17. I am willing to bet 100 bucks that there are over 100 players on NFL rosters right now that have murdered someone and got away with it so far. If we included all felonies, I bet there are hundreds of guys who never got caught. The NFL is a sad thing these days. They are more concerned with money than anything else. Look how these players act and what they do on a regular basis, then compare that to how seldom the NFL actually punishes a player. A one game suspension for breaking a law that would put ordinary people in jail for an extended period of time. NFL players? Well, they buy their way out of it and lose a game check.

  18. Good for Bryant,Awesome decision.

    If they want to twist something you say its better to make them twist something you don’t say You can’t change the past, so why drag it around?

    Move on media, move on.

  19. boyshole25 says:Jul 3, 2013 1:57 PM

    I’m a huge skins fan and can honestly agree with people saying leave this kid alone.

    If the NFL felt they need to be responsible, Bryant would not even be in the league. His past should have kept him from ever becoming a pro football player. Now he is a millionaire, so everything is alright? The NFL would not have even missed that player or any other player like him. There are plenty of good people out there who can play, but they just aren’t quite as good as these spoiled trouble makers and criminals, or they are noit given a chance because the NFL will look past a criminals behavior if he is popular among the sports fans.

  20. It’s surprising as the Cowboys scout analyst that Broaddus would make such a comment.

    With Dez, I think it has been enough time to put the past behind him. His past is no doubt why he fell in the draft and it was a risk that Jerry took to draft him. But the risk may pay off actually.

  21. Whoever made these comparisons and whoever decided to reprint this crazy post should be giving a 1 on 1 session with hernandez in prision for an hour.

    there is NOTHING to suggest dez bryant is a murderer..sure he had little tiny issues but to say that about him with no knowledge says more about the people asking these ?’s and passing along the info to the world then dez bryant. thats crazy

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