Gainesville police dispute ABC report regarding 2007 shooting

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As the Gainesville police prepare to face inevitable questions regarding an apparent propensity to look the other way when members of the Florida football program got into trouble, the department says that authorities from Massachusetts have not yet inquired about a 2007 shooting possibly involved Aaron Hernandez.

Gainesville police have issued a statement via Facebook regarding the report from ABC News that Massachusetts authorities are looking in to the ice-cold case.

“The Gainesville Police Department is aware that members of the national media are reporting on GPD Case 02-07-020053, a shooting investigation from an incident report obtained from sources outside of the Department.  The stories also mention that Massachusetts law enforcement agencies have contacted the Gainesville Police Department about the investigation.

“The Gainesville Police Department has not been contacted by any other law enforcement agency about this incident.  The Gainesville Police Department has not released any incident report concerning this case, due to it being an open criminal investigation.  Any alleged reports currently circulating may or may not be accurate, since the Gainesville Police Department did not release any reports.  The origin of these alleged reports is unknown.

“Due to the case being classified as an open criminal investigation, the Gainesville Police Department will not be releasing an incident report nor commenting on this open investigation.”

In other words, the Gainesville police are saying the information being quoted and cited from the official police report may be inaccurate, but the Gainesville police won’t say what is and isn’t accurate.

In other words, someone from the University of Florida possibly has contacted the Gainesville police department in an effort to do what the Gainesville fire department would ordinarily due in situations of this nature.

17 responses to “Gainesville police dispute ABC report regarding 2007 shooting

  1. Police Departments using Facebook as a platform to issue statements?

    That’s just retarded Sir

  2. No one is reporting that Reggie Nelson plays for the Bengals, The very same team that came out this week and issued a statement about how they wouldn’t draft Hernandez because of his baggage but they have Reggie Nelson and PacMan jones. Please call this out!

  3. It sure looks like the only people the Gainesville Police Department is protecting is the University of Florida athletic department. They ensure the UF football team stays out of jail by looking the other way.

  4. You can only let so many crimes go unresolved before people start asking questions. Sadly it took Aaron Hernandez killing people before people started wondering how 60 or 70 arrests just suddenly disappeared over the last few years in Gainesville.

    Somewhere Huntley Johnson weeps on a big pile of money he got from UF boosters.

  5. Guess they spoke to soon. The report is now public and the question is how is Reggie Nelson not sharing a cell with the Hawaiian or Hispanic shooter?

  6. I’d say there are many police departments local to large universities that let bad things the players do slide. This is far from an uncommon occurrence.

    In this case it has come back to bite them on the rear end but I doubt it will stop this practice in any way, share or form.

  7. @harrisonhits2: Yeah why would a PD investgate a trivial thing like murder. Football is far more important.

  8. ammrbinky says: Jul 3, 2013 12:59 PM

    @harrisonhits2: Yeah why would a PD investgate a trivial thing like murder. Football is far more important.


    Right. It’s been proven so over the years. (and not only for football)

    Sometimes blatantly so, but no on ever seems to want to correct it.

    Follow the money!!!

  9. I’ve been trying to post articles accompanied with links for quite some time. They’re not getting posted.

    At an article states that Hernandaz ran into Nelson at The Venue. Hernandaz told Nelson that Cason stole a necklace belonging to one of the Pouncy twins, who were also there that night. It also says that after the club closed one of the Pouncy twins confirmed the story to Nelson

    The original article from 2007 by USA Today states that Nelson’s agent says Nelson was there that night, but left 3 hours before the shooting. The article also states that the shooting happened around 2:3o am.

    If the club closed at 2:00 am and Pouncy confirmed the stolen necklace story to Nelson after the club closed, and the shooting happened at 2:30 am:

    How is it that Nelson left the club 3 hours before the shooting?

    Keep in mind that Nelson, who played college ball at Florida, was a rookie with the Jaguars at the time of the shooting. And Hernandaz was a freshman at Florida. So Nelson would have been easily recognizable to the witness. And identifiable. And Hernandaz being a freshman would have been relatively unknown.

  10. Never trust small town redneck police departments where the gigantic money maker is big-time football. We saw this in Gainesville, Norman, Eugene, State College where a monster was allowed to stalk and molest children, Boulder, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, etc.

  11. “natigator says:Jul 3, 2013 1:49 PM
    I also really doubt the Gainesville PD walked away from a murder investigation to protect a freshman Tight End”

    They will when Urban picked up the phone called in a “favor” to the Gainesville chief of police.

  12. Gainesville police say some of the story is inaccurate. How about looking the “other way” when a University of Florida football player is involved in a crime. That has to be the accurate part. Right?

  13. Is it just me or is college football becoming creepier and creepier every year? Shootings, child endangerment, and general crime seem so common. Remember that coed and Notre Dame who was sexually assaulted and complained to Notre Dame campus police? She claimed a football player assaulted her. The Notre Dame campus police ignored her complaint and a few months later she committed suicide.

    It is time to stop watching college football. The players, coaches, and tv networks put win at all costs ahead of common decency.

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