Grand jury hears from Hernandez’s barber, wants to hear from Alexander Bradley


There’s a strange dynamic unfolding in the ongoing stack of news reports regarding the Aaron Hernandez case.  With so many publications dumping as many details as possible into a single story, key details are being glossed over.

For example, an article from the North Attleboro Sun Chronicle buried the very big news that police interviewed Carlos Ortiz the day before Hernandez (and, separately, Ortiz) was arrested.  This points to Ortiz as a key witness whose cooperation with police may have touched on issues far more significant than, as mentioned by the Sun-Chronicle, the contents of Hernandez’s apartment and the whereabouts of Ortiz’s phone.

Other reports have pushed key facts regarding the ongoing investigation into the background.  For example, the Hartford Courant drops at the very bottom of a story regarding the car accident that claimed the life of a Hernandez family member to whom investigators wanted to speak news that a grand jury wants to talk to the man who recently sued Hernandez for shooting him in the face.  (ESPN buried the same news at the bottom of an item focusing on Hernandez’s denial of gang ties.)

Two key facts should have been highlighted, possibly with completely separate stories.  First, a grand jury already has been convened.  Second, the investigation is broad enough to reach to Florida for the purposes of looking at a related incident.  (ABC News previously reported that investigators were probing a 2007 shooting possibly involving Hernandez; Gainesville police have denied that any other law-enforcement agency has asked for information about the incident.)

A passing reference to a grand jury also appears at the bottom of an item in the Boston Herald with a headline that focuses on court papers citing cocaine.  Buried there is news that Hernandez’s barber, Roberto Olivares, has cooperated with authorities.  Per the report, Olivares identified the apartment that Hernandez maintained roughly 20 minutes from his North Attleboro home.

These pieces of information, added stories without explanation or emphasis, indicate that a grand jury is working diligently and thoroughly to determine who should be officially charged in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd.  It also demonstrates that witnesses otherwise aligned with Hernandez are cooperating, which generally could be very bad news for Hernandez.

63 responses to “Grand jury hears from Hernandez’s barber, wants to hear from Alexander Bradley

  1. So the prosecutor asked Tiki what he knows?

    This case just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

  2. You can only threaten, pistol whip, and beat up witnesses, have police/victims/witnesses bought off by you and your teams for so long. Eventually, it all comes tumbling down.

  3. Seems like the Hernandez we see in hand cuffs is the real Hernandez. I remember some concerns about Reggie Nelson being involved in a shooting back when whe was coming out of Florida, but obviously nothing came of it. Based on what we know now of the investigation, this was going to be the outcome of Aaron Hernandez eventually. It was too easy to just shoot people and get away with it. Multiple people in ’07, multiple people in ’12, multiple people in ’13. It appears that the ease with which he escaped the previous incidents essentially made him think he would never get caught for anything. He was just going to handle Lloyd and that would be that, another unsolved murder.

    Treating the murder so casually is mind boggling. He literally took no steps to conceal it until it was too late. It is also apparent that he wanted Lloyd to know that not only is he being murdered, but he knows that he is being murdered at the hands of AH. Why else would the murder have gone down that way? If he just wanted to silence him, he would have set him up for a drive by or something with his boys (like the ’12 incident). Why not go to your apartment first, and prepare for the evening there, and then return there after before going home? There are way way way too many stupid decisions in this story, decisions that you dont make unless you are completely certain you wont get caught…

    Sending Lloyd text messages, getting his “crew” together through text, leaving there cell phones on, letting Lloyd send out text messages telling people who he was with… It just doesnt add up. The more facts that come out, the worse it looks for Hernandez. I am astonished by all that has happened. In 2 weeks Hernandez went from potential future hall of famer, to possibly a serial shooter. If this incident had never happened, who knows how many more shootings would have happened at the hands of AH…?

  4. Also, 300 posters from this website are scheduled to testify about his gang affiliation because they saw a picture of part of a tattoo.

  5. CowboyErik says:
    Jul 3, 2013 2:20 PM
    Vladamir Putin wants to buy his RING!

    What ring?

  6. I am starting to think it was Hernandez who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend. Its a shame OJ had to go through so much. If i had to guess, i’d say he shot JR.

    Lets see;
    ted bundy
    Jeffrey dahmer
    John gacy
    Jack the Ripper (surely not?)
    Aaron Hernandez

  7. Why bother trying to bring up all these old story that are based on hear say and never got charged for. Dude killed a guy and getting life behind bars.

  8. Complete non story. As it turns out, Aaron Hernandez recommended his barber to a security guard in prison and used the phrase “fresh to death” and they just assumed the barber was dead.

  9. I once got an Aaron Hernandez card in a pack of football cards I bought. Are they going to interview me next?

  10. It’s pretty obvious he was funding his “gangs” activities. From constantly renting cars to having a “stash house” 20 minutes from his home. It all adds up.

  11. The headline says they want to speak with Alexander Bradley, but the body of the posting doesn’t mention the guy. Who is he, and why do they want to talk with him?

  12. Well Aaron, you had one thing right…can’t trust anyone anymore.

  13. Of course these stories will be buried at the bottom of articles…its the media darlings New England Patriots. Remember the media were devastated when the Ravens ruined their PARTY by eliminating the Pats and Broncos from the Superbowl
    Had this been a Raven everything would be front page HEADLINES.

  14. Wasn’t Hernandez already arraigned? If so, he has already been officially charged with the murder. Sounds like the grand jury-based on the info you mentioned at the end of the article-was convened in reference to an investigation into cocaine trafficking. An investigation that includes statements from the barber; and if the grand jury is looking into the February shooting and the 2007 Gainesville incident, is primarily focused on AH as a prime suspect.

  15. Please, please find me more Hernandez stories. I’m hanging on every word.

  16. The mere fact the barber is still alive is testament that Hernandez never received a bad haircut from him.

  17. ducknichols50 says:
    Jul 3, 2013 2:36 PM
    I am starting to think it was Hernandez who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend. Its a shame OJ had to go through so much. If i had to guess, i’d say he shot JR.

    and Lennay Kekua

  18. Barber: What king of chemical you got there

    Prince Akeem: Chemical? I have no chemical.. I use nothing but juices and berries

    Barber: Awwwe that ain’t nothing but a super perm

  19. Hopefully they check their cars before they drive them now. There just might be another “accident”.

  20. So your saying you never read an entire article since this slipped through.

  21. He should realse a statement saying;

    You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your [beep] fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.”
    So… what that make you? Good?

  22. Sweeney Todd refused to be Hernandez’ barber because he didn’t want to tarnish the image of his business.

  23. First, a grand jury has already been convened.

    The adverb (modifier) comes after the verb (has).

    You make this error in nearly every post. Is there some “colloquial” explanation?

  24. @ravenmuscle…
    Had this been a Raven everything would be front page HEADLINES.
    Where have you been— it is all over NE newpapers/news channels/talk shows etc.! I’ve seen coverage on cnn, fox, nbc, cbs, nfl network, espn – tmz has been breaking stories right and left. So, yeah, it’s covered – and in HEADLINES and more.

    And, the Pats management is taking a beating too… very negative press across the board.

  25. An Apartment 20 minutes away?

    Wonder if they were selling drugs out of that location.

    I believe we haven’t heard the last of the murders yet either.

    Mind boggling.

  26. I’m tired of hearing about this junkie loser who cares what happens to him he’s in the NFL and he don’t know how to act

  27. Actually the barber is smart the way he has taken this as a marketing opportunity. He cut Hernandez’s hair the day before AH was arrested, posed for a picture with AH and his new haircut and proceeded to drop business cards out the window of his car leaving AH’s house all shown on Boston area news. Wait till he testifies.

    There is a lot more still to come I have a feeling.

  28. hatessycophants: were you implying the correct phrase should have been: “already has”? Not as sharp as you, so missed the point. Tks.

  29. Why does the media keep printing the names of people they interview/question? First the neighbor who lived by his condo now his barber. Are they just TRYNIG to get anyone/everyone involved killed off too?

  30. The defense is going to attack the credibility of the witnesses big time.

    How many witnesses with records themselves does it take to equal one credible witness? 3?

  31. Off the collar, over the ears and short on top. And if you can hurry up, I have to go shoot some people in about 20 minutes. After that, I don’t really have anything planned for the weekend, how about you?

  32. A Prison Dream

    Hernandez gets out on parole, and signs a deal with the Bengals. They reach the Superbowl but are 6 points down and it is the last play of the game. A short pass is completed to Hernandez who turns to run while pulling out his trusty Glock. Hernandez starts shooting as would be tacklers fall by the wayside. A jubilant Aaron Hernandez is being mobbed by his joyful Bengal teammates in the end zone when he is awakened from his dream by a slobbering cell mate named Bubba whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

  33. Walter Sobchak says: Jul 3, 2013 2:31 PM
    Treating the murder so casually is mind boggling.

    I think you underestimate the effects of sleep deprivation. Suppose you knew that every time you have to commit a murder at 4:30 AM you then need to get up at 8 to report to your daytime job, without even having time to kiss your fiance or tuck in your baby. You would start cutting corners too. Probably he just figured it was easier to fool the Boston cops than to practice in front of BB without having studied the playbook. Can you blame him?

  34. Michael says:
    Jul 3, 2013 3:23 PM

    My question is WHY does he maintain an apartment 20 min from his house?

    Because he couldn’t find one closer?

  35. Who isn’t talking. The guy didn’t exactly win friends and influence people. There is a beat up girlfriend who probably is talking like crazy to distance herself from what went on. You have a fiancée who is set for life with her kid living on what she will absorb from Hernandez and she doesn’t want to be associated with his activities or being an accomplice after the fact for hiding info. He has associates and accomplices who are going to put everything from the Chicago fire to the bullet fired from the grassy knoll on him. He has bullied and threatened and killed people he wasn’t happy with and those people are going to love kicking him while he is down like he lauded his power and money over them. All I have to say is who isn’t talking to cops at this point and providing info. We will ever see Aaron Hernandez as a free man for a very very long time.

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