Hernandez apartment search yields new evidence


The news that Carlos Ortiz met with police the day before Aaron Hernandez was arrested came via a story regarding things found at an apartment Hernandez kept roughly 20 minutes from his $1.3 million home in North Attleboro.  For completeness, we probably should mention what was found when the apartment was searched.

According to the Boston Globe, authorities found “numerous boxes” of ammunition and a white hoodie that Hernandez possibly wore the night of Odin Lloyd’s death.

“This sweatshirt is consistent in color and type with the sweatshirt that Hernandez is observed to be wearing on surveillance cameras the night of the homicide,” authorities wrote in an affidavit.

Ortiz also had told police he forgot his phone at Hernandez’s apartment.  The phone was retrieved during the search.

Per the Boston Herald, police also found a cranberry-colored baseball hat Hernandez was believed to be wearing two nights before the killing of Lloyd.

No drugs were found in the search, despite a Herald headline seizing language in the search warrant mentioning the possibility that cocaine could be concealed on any of the persons present at Hernandez’s apartment.  Also present were paychecks from the Patriots and Puma, an endorser that has since dropped Hernandez.  (It may be a good idea to get those checks cashed ASAP.)

The clothing will help prosecutors establish some of the various pieces of evidence necessary to build a thorough, methodical case against Hernandez.  With video images of Hernandez wearing the hoodie (on the night of the murder) and the hat (two nights earlier, outside a club with Lloyd), prosecutors need to be able to seal off any potential “it wasn’t me” defense.

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  1. I’m not a great legal mind, so I don’t get how finding a hat and sweatshirt owned by Hernandez is any evidence that he was involved in the murder, unless the items have Lloyd’s blood on them.

  2. 1. I would assume gun shot residue.
    2. Fibers or DNA from the victim or the industrial park

    3. NFL doesn’t have direct deposit

  3. If he wore that hoody, and shot a pistol, and didnt wash it, there might be powder residue on the wrist. If he put the pistol away in the center pouch of the hoodie, then that might have powder residue.

  4. Yes, Gun Shot Residue, or GSR. There could be blood splatter, hair, skin, any number of DNA components can be gleaned from the hoodie.

  5. I’m not a great legal mind, so I don’t get how finding a hat and sweatshirt owned by Hernandez is any evidence that he was involved in the murder, unless the items have Lloyd’s blood on them.

    blood stains, gunshot residue, hair, skin cell. the hoodie can be used to identify the person who was seen in the video as hernandez if it turns out that its the same hoodie. if there is only hernandez’s DNA on the hoodie, he cant say that it was a friend who wore the hoodie on the night of the murder.

  6. Gun shot residue, the phone may contain incriminating texts and more circumstantial evidence that the in that man in the video is Aaron would be the value of the evidence found.

  7. Maybe Jamie Foxx can get him a fancy new t-shirt with Aaron wearing a hoodie.

  8. How can one guy leave so much evidence? Not even an attempt to cover his tracks during the whole chain of events.

    World-class stupidity.

  9. A white hoodie. Thats perfect. A blend of Murderin Ray’s white suit and Belicheats grey hoodie.

  10. Ortiz is singing like a bird, something says that he’s the trigger man but prosecutors never go for the killer.

    The want the high profile name.

  11. It doesn’t matter. The big deal is that one of the three guys arrested did not do any shooting and that person will spill the beans. If Hernandez did the shooting he is going down.

  12. Haven’t these guys ever watched CSI or Rizolli and Isles? The clothes tell a lot!

  13. I am assuming Hernandez wasn’t in a formal gang, because if he was associated with the bloods,crips, MS13, etc the press would be writing about it non stop.

    That being said, why would he kill or order the killings of three different people. The cop out answers are he has a sense of entitlement and feels above the law or he’s stupid. When in reality he’s either completely crazy or was running some sort of criminal enterprise.

  14. This dude is just a certified idiot. I hope they throw the library at him. At first I was thinking, maybe circumstantial (I was trying to believe being an NFL player he couldn’t possibly be that stupid…could he?), but now it is flat out guilt.

  15. To youngs79. Dude, I love the word “gleaned”. When I hear it, or better yet, when I say it, I’ll purposely wedge it into a sentence with reckless abandon (sorry about the cliche) just to hear myself saying it.

    Glean rules. Go Lions.

  16. 6th time trying to post this

    Off topic for this particular article.

    Here’s the description Cason gave to police after the 2007 shooting incident:

    Cason, then 20, told police that shooter was a “Hawaiian” or “Hispanic” male who had a large muscular build, stood about 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4, weighed about 230 or 240 pounds and had a lot of tattoos. Cason said there was also a black male with the shooter, and Cason identified the black male as Reggie Nelson, a former Florida Gator who was a rookie with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nelson, in an interview with the Gainesville police, said he had been at the nightclub earlier but denied he was even on the same street as the shooting.

    Here’s what the Gainsville PD is currently saying:

    Meanwhile, police in Gainesville, Fla., where Hernandez played three years at the University of Florida, said they will not re-investigate if Hernandez had a role in a 2007 shooting in which two men were injured. Hernandez was interviewed by police after that incident in which two men were shot in a vehicle on a night following a Gators’ football game.

    “The description of the shooter was a black male. It was not even remotely close to Mr. Hernandez’s color or build,” Gainesville Police officer Ben Tobias told USA TODAY Sports. “We did a thorough investigation at that point, and it did not lead to him whatsoever.”

  17. WOW! Are you people serious in not thinking it’s a big deal they found clothes that Hernandez might have worn during the murder? I know some people are slow but damn! They can find ton’s of evidence on that sweatshirt as other people have stated! Thank god you guys aren’t in charge of this case! He would get off for sure! lol

  18. Who has an apartment 20 minutes from a multimillion dollar mansion? Somebody who has something to hide that’s who…

  19. if he admits to being there but not being the shooter its the only chance he has and since they seem to be squealing first it may be too late see ya aaron

  20. Ok so maybe it has gsr on it. So do my clothes when I come back from the range. Unless he didn’t go to one or wasn’t part of his story before, it’s not clear cut

  21. Did Hernandez… break bad?! lol Seriously! Unbelievably sloppy drug ring murders. Too bad he already had all he needed… dumb.

  22. Aaron is done. he needs to change his plea and get his attorney to make him a deal. because he’s going to Jail for atleast 30 years to

  23. Gun residue & If they can confirm its the same hoody and hat in the apartment, they can link him to all that ammo the night of the murder also. Which opens up a hundred new and different scenarios…all bad for AH.

  24. That was the bachelor pad..even though he had had a girl and bby.. saw the spot he rented in Hermosa beach too.. 3500$ right off the sand..I bet that’s next if not Already hit. these guys were amateurs.
    Me being born in Detroit and raised in Cali I’ve seen and know real GANGSTAS. at work..and Hernandez falls short..really short regardless of him THROWIN UP BS on those TMZ pics at age 17..we call that a WANKSTA..BUSTER..HALFWAY CROOK. His “boys” are snitching on him as I post this. He got in way over his head. Don’t do dirt with mfs you wont die for or take a life bid with.

  25. Just did a mortgage for a Dr; she had 6 months of paychecks uncashed….what’s wrong with rich people?

  26. When six months of paychecks just isn’t enough motivation to deal with the pain in the ass of going to the bank, you’re doing something right.

  27. If Hernandez turns out to be innocent all this “whipping up the crowd” is going to make you look like the moron you really are.

  28. At this point people need to consider the evidence could actually help Hernandez if he didn’t pull the trigger. Although if he was present for the execution, and/or ordered it, he will be locked away for a long time regardless.

    Personally, I think on of his friends did it for him, and he may have been in the car. He is probably dumb enough to think their is a big difference.

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