Kevin Kolb thinks experience is an advantage in quarterback competition


Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb has been through enough quarterback competitions during his career to know when a coach has a favorite dog in the hunt.

Kolb doesn’t believe that’s the case in Buffalo, where he’ll battle rookie E.J. Manuel for the starting job during training camp this summer. Kolb says that he’s focused on picking up a new offense more than on beating out Manuel and he thinks that his experience with the Eagles and Cardinals will come in handy as the competition unfolds.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an advantage against EJ, but it’s an advantage for me personally to be able to lean back on those type of things and those type of situations,” Kolb said, via the team’s website. “You don’t have stay up at night worrying about things that I did when I was a young player.”

Kolb also said that he doesn’t “buy what’s being sold” about Manuel being the franchise’s future at quarterback, which is the right way for him to feel as he competes with the rookie but probably isn’t true. Players don’t get picked 16th overall to be backups, so the winner of the job this summer won’t necessarily hold onto it for the entire season. Especially if it’s Kolb.

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  1. I’m sure the experience will help. He played well in Philly, and, has experienced two NFL coaching staffs and offensive schemes. Manuel has his work cut out for him and that’s good. Nobody is going to coast into the job as starter.

  2. No, Kevin Kolb. Being a good QB is an advantage in a QB competition. Sorry but your experience isn’t going to win this for you. Have fun keeping that bench warm.

  3. Watched every cards game kolb played. For being a coaches son I ever understood how he was not better reconizing where the presure was coming from; how to ajust his protection; and where to go with the ball. To many times Fitzgerald would ajust his rout and be wide open and, and…….he never even looked his way. That being said he has his moments and with a good line he could be a better then average qb.

  4. Then why isn’t Terry Bradshaw on a team? He has experience. Experience also counts against you when the alternative is a younger and cheaper prospect with huge upside and a guy that hasn’t proven to suck as of yet.

    I say in this particular case, experience HEAVILY counts against Kolb. He’s overconfident about himself.

  5. I’m a Bills can and I am seriously coming around to the possibility of Kolb starting. It would be too risky throwing EJ in too fast only to possibly bench him mid season and tear down his confidence.

    I say start Kolb, if he’s good, good. If he sucks, it only motivates EJ that much more and get his ready for his second season.

  6. If you saw the structure of his contract, you would know that it has”backup” written all over it. 13 Mil, but only 1 mil is guaranteed. All the money kicks in with amount of starts and production. Unless Kolb starts playing like Favre, Manuel is the starter, Marrone doesn’t have to say so, Kolb’s contract does.

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