Moreno stayed with Broncos because he’s cheaper, more versatile


Last month, the Broncos dumped running back Willis McGahee.  They opted to keep running back Knowshon Moreno.

So why would the Broncos cut a former first-round pick who has had a very solid career and keep another first-round pick whose NFL tenure has been mediocre, at best?

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Moreno costs $800,000 less in 2013 base salary.  Also, Moreno is better suited, both in skills and temperament, to being a third-down back and, more generally, a complement to Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Moreno definitely will have a Week One roster spot.  Since he now has four years of service, his $1.7 million base salary becomes essentially guaranteed if he isn’t cut before the regular-season opener against the Ravens.

12 responses to “Moreno stayed with Broncos because he’s cheaper, more versatile

  1. A lot of people thought Moreno was impressive in the final 7 games. I thought Moreno himself was a better player, but as a running back itself I didn’t find him impressive. He had a couple 100 yard games but against really awful run defenses, throughout the 7 games he only averaged 3.8 yards a carry, and yet again, he gets hurt on the final 7th game against Baltimore… Obviously people need to realize the Broncos SHOULD be finding an upgrade, in which they did with Montee Ball. Don’t forget about Ronnie Hillman to, the guy played at 175 pounds last year and gained up to 200 pounds while maintaining his speed still…

  2. This guy it’s good whenever his healthy, I which he could stay healthy for one full season he could definitely be an asset then.

  3. He has put in the work to learn the new scheme and is poised for a break out year”.
    yeah…. 1000+ with Ball spelling him and used in the red zone.
    Ball will be featured next year.

    Go Know……..

  4. moreno was never liked the day he was drafted in Denver, mainly because we didn’t need one when he was drafted..but his production had ALWAYS been admirable to me..any time you draft someone in the first round either 2things should happen you either draft someone who fits your system or you adapt your system around that player..Denver assert the time did nether yet coming off an injury in a system that didn’t fit him sharing carries with an o line that was built for zone blocking but was changed to a conventional power scheme he still accumulated a 1000 from scrimmage his first 2 years..but based off pure hatred he’s not liked

  5. in those six weeks moreno played this year he was forth in offensive yards behind Calvin Johnson Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson..people complain about his fumbling last year yet mcgahee fumbled more times as a bronco than moreno did his whole carrer

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