Packers rookie from L.A. bracing for culture shock


There are certain sights Johnathan Franklin got used to seeing while growing up in California.

A moose head in the Packers equipment room was not one of those things.

I saw a moose head in a room the other day and I went crazy. I ain’t seen none of this,” Franklin said, via Martin Hendricks of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I said, ‘Is that real? Did you really kill a moose?’ It’s so different here. I saw a porcupine the other day, I mean it’s crazy.”

The fourth-round pick from UCLA has plenty more culture shock in his future, as he goes from living in Los Angeles to the league’s smallest market.

There will be cheese curds, for one thing.

“Oh my gosh, from Los Angles to Green Bay, Wisconsin,” Franklin said. “Boy, I tell ya. It’s like night and day.”

Of course, his hometown’s relative disinterest in the NFL is another thing he’ll have to adjust to.

“The tradition here is something else,” he said. “The prestige of this franchise and how historic it is, and the players that have come through and how the community owns and supports it. I mean it’s amazing.”

Almost as amazing as seeing your first porcupine.

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  1. Only 1 moose head? No deer antlers or mounted fish? They’re behind most of the households in Wisconsin in that regard. At least the ones I’ve been in.

  2. This one time I saw a snapping turtle on a walking trail and I was like ‘Oh, neat! A turtle!’ It didn’t make the news though. Sad, but true story.

  3. This made me laugh! Thank you. As a person who is also from city locked, I can relate to the shock value that must have been. It is one thing to see on TV and in movies. Quite another to see it in person.

  4. Hey guess what, you know that steak the magically appears on your plate, well, something had to be butchered for that to appear.

  5. Welcome to Green Bay and may you have a long career in the green and gold. Lambeau is the best field in the NFL and the Packers have the best fans. (cue the trolls)

  6. Small town GB is both a blessing and a curse. Some guys like the atmosphere and some don’t. We’ll find out which group Franklin, and the rest of the rooks, are in over the course of the next few years.

    I can almost guarantee that Franklin will be seeing plenty more things he’s not seen before in LA.

  7. The cultural shock is totally understandable. But Green Bay (and Wisconsin in general) is a great place in ways that really matter. Instead of a lot of fake bling, the people are very down-to-earth and real.

  8. As a Bears fan, first I bash…

    “He will be shocked to find no culture in Green Bay that doesn’t involve the worship of cheese, or of the Packers.”

    That said, I shall show my respect for a worthy rival… There are worse things to be proud of in this life.

  9. If the deer and the porcupines are your biggest distraction, then good on you!! Alot of guys thrive in GB cuz it’s boring as hell and you just focus on your JOB!
    Chasing tail and party time is for after the SuperBowl. Good Luck Rook!

  10. Can you imagine if this guy had to play for someplace just as bad, if not worse, that DIDN’T have the same storied history or knowledgeable football fans?  Man, how do Minnesota players cope?


  11. Seriously? The first Packer article in days and only 1 negative comment from a viking fan so far? And that one was half-hearted at best. Even the bears fans have more negative comments on here than you do! What’s wrong with you slackers today?!! C’mon! You guys live for this stuff!

  12. He’s off the coast! Now, hopefully he’ll be in an environment where he can mature and develop good values…..

  13. Culture shock no doubt. The perfect place to just focus on football and not get caught up in the big city distractions. If only Aaron Hernandez could have been so lucky to be drafted by the Pack he wouldn’t be in jail for murder these days.

  14. “I ain’t seen none of this”
    What Middle School did schleprock go to again?
    ..cuz they weren’t doing their job either.

  15. It’s crazy that as “boring” as the northwoods of Wisconsin is, the highways will be packed tonight with people from Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis and Chicago flocking to vacation up there.

    Apparently fishing, hunting, golfing, drinking beer, swimming in clean water and communing with nature is not that boring. But you’ll never hear that from Viking fans. They are too busy sipping Diet Coke on their back deck, eating well done, pre-pattied burgers with Kraft singles on them and talking about how cultured they are.

  16. He only has to live there 6 months a year, and in a few years he can retire and leave that cultural wasteland like the rest of the population does. Half the population has already moved to either MN or Ill.

  17. With all the deer up there, the NFL better test all the Packer players for Deer Antler Spray.

  18. Wisconsin dosnt have Moose.
    Adrian Peterson comes to town he will put up some yards however, The Packers still win by 14.

  19. I take that back. The Wisconsin DNR estimates that the Wisconsin population of moose is at 20 to 40 animals (2003).

  20. Comparing Minnesota and Wisconsin is just silly. I live in Florida but have visited both and minus the absolute cold, the twin cities are absolutely amazing.

  21. I’ll tell you about amazing… Contra, rickspielman, 7stransponder, and me all get together for circle polishes. If you can’t trust your horn care to other dudes with the same lack of football knowledge, who can you trust?

  22. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: Jul 3, 2013 10:49 AM

    Wait until Adrian Peterson comes to town. Franklin won’t believe his eyes.


    I don’t know… lots of people on those SoCal boardwalk are juicers… how is Adrian Peterson any different? I suppose his tendency to wear purple is a bit odd…

  23. GB and Wisconsin may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you like clean air and water, no traffic jams, nature and friendly, honest people who love the Packers, most people would like it. And if Franklin does well he can enjoy a long career and undying gratitude from the Packer fan base for a lifetime (I.e. Bart Starr).

  24. He’ll have Datone Jones from UCLA to help adjust to the new environment, at least.

    Some of you guys should wedge yourselves out from behind your keyboards and take a northwoods vacation sometime. Beautiful country and nice people.

  25. If Franklin makes it in the pros and stays in Green Bay for a few years, he will never live in a big city like L.A. again. There are many players who went through Green Bay over their career who settled in Wisconsin or someplace in the rural mid west after they retired.

  26. vikingsrulez69 says:
    Jul 3, 2013 9:11 AM
    You. Can’t. Make. It. Up. Why would any players want to play there?

    LOL, I guess it’s because they actually would like a chance to win Championships rather than wear a purple uniform, lose all the biggest games of one’s career and have a condo with a view or other condos.

  27. “Comparing Minnesota and Wisconsin is just silly. I live in Florida but have visited both and minus the absolute cold, the twin cities are absolutely amazing.”

    As a NYer, I felt the opposite. Milwaukee is ugly, but it’s a damn fun town. Much better food and “culture than I thought. Madison is amazing. My daughter goes to school out there and it’s just like they say, 40 miles surrounded by reality. Fun loving place for sure. Plus the terrain is beautiful everywhere I went. Spent some time in Hayward too.

    Minneapolis is a much more pretty city but boring, and the people are colder than the weather. I couldn’t wait to get back to Manhattan so I could meet nice people again lol. Spent two months there and it was everything people on the internet said. Smile, nod, talk about weather, then stab you in the back.

  28. muskyhunter2542 says:
    Jul 3, 2013 11:51 AM
    I take that back. The Wisconsin DNR estimates that the Wisconsin population of moose is at 20 to 40 animals (2003).

    Wait until he sees elk, bears, white deer, and real tits. He’ll be amazed and want to stay forever.

  29. vincelombardisghost says:Jul 3, 2013 1:50 PM

    GB and Wisconsin may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you like clean air and water, no traffic jams, nature and friendly, honest people who love the Packers, most people would like it.

    I’m sure Wisconsin is full of friendly, honest people who love the Packers, because all of the dbag Packer fans seem to have moved to Minnesota. And we know tokyo lives in his Manhattan loft.

  30. Hopefully, he’s soon learn the local colloquialisms we’ve adopted for our neighbors to the south, like “FIB” (clue: The “I” stands for “Illinois”), and “FISHTAB” (F’n Illinois S*Head Towing A Boat).

    They love the scenery up here too, Franklin. That’s why they can’t wait until they get some time off to haul their obnoxious arses up here and spend their money.

  31. Rick, the dbags moved there to fit in. Look at it this way:

    Now at least Minnesota has some knowledgeable fans. Granted, they cheer for the green and gold…

  32. vikingsrulez69 says: Jul 3, 2013 9:11 AM

    “You. Can’t. Make. It. Up. Why would any players want to play there?”

    Because playing for a team with 13 championships – or even 9 – is better than playing for a team with 0.

  33. That “porcupine” may have been a Gopher Gal who got lost on her way to Wisconsin Dells. I see lots of Minnesotans in cars headed that way who when in the water could easily be mistaken for Sea Lions.

  34. vincelombardisghost:
    bart starr. Live in the past much?

    Undying love from a bunch of soon-to-be reality stars is quite the lie. Example, unfair & disrespectful to the Legend Brett (pre-Vikings).

  35. I’d rather have my players on a team located in a “boring” small town area than a team located in a massive city with gangs galore in it.

  36. Report comment
    jimmyt says:
    Jul 3, 2013 8:33 AM
    Waut ’till he gets an eyeful of the cheese-fed ladies up there. Hope he likes ‘em big!

    —————————————————————————————————————————————————- he might agree with you, but when he travel’s to his first viking game and see’s there women (dude’s with blonde wigg’s) he won’t mind gb women anymore.

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