Report: Browns could carry two kickers


For the first time since the Browns returned to Cleveland as an expansion franchise in 1999 the team will be looking for a new place kicker.

The candidates include former Houston Texans kicker Shayne Graham and free agent pickup Brandon Bogotay to replace the departed Phil Dawson, who signed with the San Francisco 49ers in March.

However, according to Jamison Hensley of, the Browns may elect to keep both Graham and Bogotay to fulfill the team’s kicking duties this fall.

The two kickers have decidedly different skill-sets. As Hensley notes, Graham has converted 93.4-percent of his attempts from inside 40 yards in his career but has struggled from long-range. Last year with Houston Graham converted just 11 of 18 chances from beyond 40 yards.

Bogotay has the much stronger leg of the pair though he is inexperienced in-game situations as a field goal kicker. He attempted just three field goals during his college career at Georgia while stuck behind Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh on the depth chart. Instead, Bogotay handled kickoff duties at Georgia before being signed by the Browns this offseason.

Graham converted just 28 kickoffs for touchbacks last season in Houston, which ranked 22nd in the league. The Browns could keep Graham for short field goals while Bogotay could be called upon to handle kickoffs and long distance attempts

Head coach Rob Chudzinski said it’s still too early to declare a leader in the battle for the job.

“It’s been close. It’s been back and forth,” Chudzinski said. “Obviously, you get into the preseason and those games and that will be a very important part of the process of the evaluation. But it’s ongoing all the way through.”

It’s a rarity in the league now to carry two kickers now that kickoffs take place from the 35-yard line instead of the 30-yard line. Doing so also comes at the expense of another player at another position on the roster. Bogotay will have to prove that his inexperience isn’t a liability either as he hopes to earn one of the Browns’ 53 roster spots come the end of training camp.

19 responses to “Report: Browns could carry two kickers

  1. That’s a horrible idea. You can’t get a benefit unless you actually activate both of them. And to do that takes away a key activation to weaken one entire positional group’s depth. Good luck identifying a large enough benefit to play both of them.

    Pick ONE kicker that can suffice, even if it doesn’t happen to be either of these guys. And then you can trade these guys for something of value after you get somebody new. Or if you can’t get anything for them in trade then wise up to the fact that they aren’t worth anything and start finding that franchise kicker of the future sooner rather than later!!

  2. …Rob Chudzinski said it’s still two early to declare a leader…

    Oh PFT, you’re so punny…

  3. with kickoffs moved up, its even more ridiculous to carry 2 kickers on your 53 than ever.

    I wish I could say it was shocking that the browns would consider this….while phil dawson kicks in san fran.

  4. I could see them carrying two punters, so they don’t burn out one guy. But a kicker? They usually only kick the ball once a game.

  5. I think they should have kept Dawson, and possibly signed former Pitt kicker Kevin Harper from Mentor (I was in the stands when he kicked a 60 yarder in high school). Experience and length.

    Graham can’t kick outside of 40 yards…why is he even still in the NFL, that is like Ray Allen being unable to hit past 15 feet…how are you even useful?

  6. Phil Dawson was so solid, we need two kickers to replace him. But here come the franchise ineptitude comments about carrying two kickers.

  7. Now,
    I am not a salary cap genius like Banner, But if you have a guy who can score from 20 yards out in a blizzard or from 53 yards out consistently, and your choices are to pay him fair market or replace him with 2 guys who are an unknown factor and you pick the 2 guys even though you have the cap space……..
    Do you really want to win games this year?

  8. This must be a smokescreen so they can pick up a street free agent kicker and carry 3 kickers on the team. What a horrible, horrible idea. Maybe they should pick up another holder or long snapper too?

  9. Get rid of one of the best (Phil) kickers and think about carrying 2 …WOW! Why not just sign “Charlie Brown” up for kicker and Lucy to hold – Good Grief!!

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