Report: No contract talks for Randy Starks or Paul Soliai


Last weekend, we shared Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald‘s report that impending Dolphins free agent safety Reshad Jones has yet to have any substantive contract talks with the team.

He’s not the only member of the Dolphins defense on track for unrestricted free agency after the 2013 season. He’s also not the only member of the Dolphins defense on track for unrestricted free agency that the team has chosen not to engage in extension conversations.

Jackson reports that defensive tackles Randy Starks and Paul Soliai are in a similar spot to Jones. Per Jackson, the Dolphins haven’t made a multiyear contract offer to Starks since the early days of the offseason before they slapped the franchise tag on him. That offer was reportedly well short of what Starks is looking for, which led to the tag and a July 15 deadline to land a long-term deal. That seems unlikely, although Jackson reports Starks has “a good attitude” heading into camp as he’s likely realized that he isn’t getting the deal he seeks before the deadline.

Soliai is in the final year of a two-year deal, but the team hasn’t approached him about staying around in 2014 and beyond. There’s nothing stopping the team from giving him an extension during the season, but it seems much more likely that the two players — both of whom turn 30 in December — are going to essentially vie for a deal as the season plays out.

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  1. Dolphins will give a long term contract to whoever plays better this year, let the other walk, move Odrick (first rd pick 3 yrs ago) inside, and let Dion Jordan start on the outside opposite Cam Wake.

  2. They need to resign both of these guys as well as Jones. Letting Misi, Odrick, Daniel Thomas, Carpenter, and Patterson go will open up plenty of room for them. Make it happen Ireland!

  3. I think the Dolphins will look to see who has the better season. Whichever one does gets the contract. The other one walks.

  4. I agree one of the 2 will be signed with Odrick moving inside next season and Jordan starting…….but they could trade Odrick as well

  5. I’m with several of the other posters. Ireland is actually being pretty smart about this. Odrick proved himself quite good at playing DT, his natural position. As much as I love both Starks and Soliai, it’s not realistic to keep them both. Hard to say which one Odrick would replace – they’re both outstanding at their position, but Soliai has the kind of sheer size and sumo strength that’s tough to replace. Though it’ll be hard to see one of them go, I’m not terribly worried about it.

    I’m more interested in seeing Reshad Jones signed. My hope is that, once he proves that last year wasn’t some weird fluke, he’ll get a nice contract that will keep him a Dolphin for several years. That kid was brilliant on the field last year.

  6. I see Odrick and Starks as very similar players, with Soliai (planet theory) being the one offering something different – ie: being unmovable at the POA.

    Unless something changes during the season (always a possibility) I think Soliai will be resigned, and paired with Odrick for 2014 and beyond, while some other team will get a hell of a football player (albeit at a hell of a price) in Starks for 3 to 4 years.

    It’s a shame you can’t keep them all… but it is what it is.

    As for Jones, I’d love to see him inked to a multi-year deal… but I also understand he’s shown it for half a season or a little more, and the team would like to make sure what they’re getting for their extension money. That said, if he continues on the path he started last year… he’s gonna get more expensive with every game.

  7. I think our top need in the draft will be a young DT. Miami will only sign R Jones to a long term deal if he plays as well or better than last year.

    I also can see them letting the market set the value for both Starks and Soliai much like they did J Long.

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