Santa Clara D.A. “close” to deciding on charges for Ahmad Brooks


49ers linebacker Ahamd Brooks should find out soon whether or not he’ll be facing charges for allegedly assaulting one of his teammates last month.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office is “close” to ending their debate about whether or not to charge Brooks for assaulting nose tackle Lamar Divens after Divens told Brooks that he was too drunk to drive home. Divens initially moved to press charges and two other 49ers players gave statements to the police, but Divens changed his mind and left the decision up to prosecutors.

“The case is not done,” assistant district attorney Karyn Sinunu-Towery said on Wednesday. “And that’s where we are.”

As with any player wrapped up in legal trouble, Brooks could face discipline from the league as a result of the incident. It’s much too premature to start thinking about that possibility, which allows the 49ers to issue a boilerplate statement about the issue for the time being.

“We are aware of the situation involving Ahmad Brooks,” the 49ers said in a statement. “Out of respect for the legal process, the club will have no further comment at this time.”

When we get something more than that will likely depend on how the Santa Clara D.A.’s office defines “close.”

43 responses to “Santa Clara D.A. “close” to deciding on charges for Ahmad Brooks

  1. They should prosecute him. When Steve Smith of the Panthers sucker punched a young teammate and broke his jaw, ruining his NFL career, I was stunned there was no prosecution. Player on player crime like this is not acceptable.

  2. With all eyes on the NFL and their current arrest log, you’d think ANY police dept. would want to send a message to the players & the world.

    Quit going light on these guys and actually make criminal activity ILLEGAL for them. Might see a drop in them acting like fools.

  3. He wasn’t going to make the roster anyway. He was only 2nd-Team All-Pro. We don’t settle for anything less than 1st-Team All-Pro from our ‘backers!!

  4. If it’s true and he did do all this, then get rid of him. I don’t care if he’s on my favorite team or not. If you drive drunk and you beat your teammate up for trying to save you, then you don’t deserve to play in the NFL. If this is true, then rot in prison.

  5. Interesting that they debate whether or not certain people should have the law apply to them. Can we get a transcript or video of these debates? This conversation should be scrutinized by a higher authority if they don’t file charges.


    Well that was your fault. You probably didn’t have a high enough QB passer rating in the NFL to deserve a walk. Crimes only seriously apply to the non-famous in this country. It’s called the buddy system. Didn’t they teach you that in school?

  6. Divens initially told police he would press charges but five days later changed his mind, telling police that doing so would be “bad for both of their careers.” -If someone (teammate, team official or agent) gave Divens this advice, that needs to be called out and addressed. And of course, Brooks should be charged.

  7. The fact that the Santa Clara D.A.’s office and the NFL have not thrown the book at Brooks makes them giant hypocrites.

    The public policy against drunk driving is clear. The NFL has admitted it has a drunken driving problem. This assault occurred because Brooks, a San Francisco 49er, wanted to batter his teammate into driving drunk in violation of the law. If you or I did this, we’d be prosecuted in a split second, and fired by our employer.

  8. If Brooks drove after that, he should be glad that is all he is being charged with. See Leonard Little, DOnte Stallworth, Josh Brent et. al.

  9. Why do I think the 49ers loving D.A. office of Santa Clara won’t find enough evidence to charge Brooks? Dude punched his girlfriend in the face now this? Roger, repeat offender sighted in the Bay Area, unleash the suspension.

  10. I would like to see the 49ers organization or the NFL reward Divens with some sort of a bonus.. He did the right thing, which is very rarely seen throughout the NFL nowadays. His actions should be recognized and rewarded.

    Brooks, on the other hand, should be suspended. Harbaugh should make this clown carry pads all training camp..

  11. The forty-whiners are collecting an increasing number of players and fans that choose to break the law. Not impressive. Given the front office’s ‘win at all cost’ mentality and desperation to get back to NFL relevance again, they have sold their soul to try to win games.

    The Santa Clara DA should stand strong and do the right thing. If not, when the team relocates to Santa Clara next year, it will follow that the criminal element amongst the players and the team’s fans will slowly begin taking over Santa Clara.

    This team statement about “respecting the legal process” is amusing, considering the front office is no doubt working behind the scenes putting pressure on the DA and other County elected officials to try to convince them not to press charges. If no charges are filed, then something is wrong, and we will no doubt see a few elected officials from Santa Clara with nice seats at the new stadium next year, and even better seats at Super Bowl 50 in a few years.

  12. he never punched his girlfriend or anyone else in the face …. learning to read may be to your advantage, where did you read that ?

    onbucky96 says:
    Jul 3, 2013 1:07 PM
    Why do I think the 49ers loving D.A. office of Santa Clara won’t find enough evidence to charge Brooks? Dude punched his girlfriend in the face now this? Roger, repeat offender sighted in the Bay Area, unleash the suspension.

  13. Since Divens ultimately decided not to press charges the D.A. will have to go off of the statements from the other 2 players that witnessed this, right?

    So, if either of you two read these posts, please have a momentary lapse in memory if the D.A. comes asking more questions.

    You can blame it on concussions….

  14. So are the 49ers now going to have a Brooks jersey swap? Who’d want that scumbag’s jersey?

  15. It is not Ahmads fault. It is the company that made the liquor that he drank. It is societies fault for making drinking to excess socially acceptable behavior, if you happen to be a millionaire. I am sure it is the fault of more things, maybe even the guy that got punched in the face. If he didn’t have a face, he could not have got punched in it, right?

    The league needs to start getting proactive on these issues. Brooks should be suspended for a minimum of one league year. Same with any other players who break laws that can result in jail time.

    If we wonder why our youth are so undisciplined, look no further than professional sports. Many of our youth (especially inner city youth) immitate the behavior of these professional sports figures. Why? Because they think these players are cool. They see these players accused of serious crimes, only to have the charges dropped or the player plea bargains to a probation sentence. Then these kids think they can sell dope, carry a gun, assault people and steal without consequence. Why not? They guy whose jersey they wear got away with it.

    Nothing like making gang bangers millionaire athletes for the simple reason that they can play a sport well. Forget social responsibility and personal responsibility. There is a dollar to be made, so lets throw a bunch of kids under the bus to make that dollar.

  16. Maybe Jim Harbaugh can call up the prosecutor, cry like a baby and make a bunch of weird faces. Seems to work for him with everything else.

  17. Why are some many fellow Niners fans and non-fans here quick to say lock him up and throw away the key? Was he accused of murdering 3 people?

    I’m assuming we’re all saints here and have never been in a fight or altercation where punches were thrown or where somebody got their butt kicked. You just never got caught or the police were never called, but with your logic, you or the other person should be doing hard time for that.

    Let the punishment fit the crime, which in this case, and if he has a relatively clean background should be – Anger Management classes, a fine and a 3 year informal probation period……not Life in Prison!

    Besides, being cut by the 49ers would be a far greater punishment than jail.

    Think before you type….

  18. cmoney20 says: Jul 3, 2013 1:58 PM

    Maybe Jim Harbaugh can call up the prosecutor, cry like a baby and make a bunch of weird faces. Seems to work for him with everything else.
    Except the Super Bowl.

  19. Also, what a wonderful thing for Ahmad to do after his (now ex-) teammate’s Aunt and Uncle were killed by a drunk driver immediately following the Super Bowl.

    Obviously, as a Niner Fan, I love this dude’s talent. But if this story is true, and he responded to his responsible friend who was trying to save his butt by saying “Do I need to get my ___ GUN?!”, then I think he should be made an example of. Not necessarily by the law, but by the 49ers organization.

    Also, does anyone else smell ‘roid rage here?

  20. Niners took two awful players from Cinci and turned them all pro. Keep trying to convince us you are glad they are gone while you have Clements, Smith, Lawson, and Mays all from us and looking worse than ever

  21. TRANSLATION from DA: “I haven’t been bought off yet, and someone (team or player rep) needs to contact me to settle this before I create a big stink!”

  22. Saying his team isn’t all roided up like Seadderall isn’t exaxtly saying they are angels. Just that they don’t need to cheat

  23. hawkfan50 says:
    Jul 3, 2013 12:53 PM
    Wait a minute , didn’t Harbaugh just get thru saying the Niners are all angels ?

    Nope. He just said the Niners aren’t cheaters like the PEDhawks.

  24. I am on the verge of deciding to open discussions into whether a vote should be taken to begin initial inquiries into how many burgers I should eat tomorrow.

  25. All the FortyWhiners fans come on here and talk crap about other teams players getting in trouble, then a clown of their own goes and does this.


  26. @lionsdraftguy says:
    Jul 3, 2013 2:52 PM
    All the FortyWhiners fans come on here and talk crap about other teams players getting in trouble, then a clown of their own goes and does this.

    The only thing priceless is you, you clown.

    You have enough time to come dump the crap in your head on a niners board.

    I am not condoning dumb Brooks and hopefully neither are most niner fans.

    Rooting for detroit you would know a thing or two about criminals.

  27. Six and a half sacks.
    That’s a lot.
    Hitting a teammate over the head with a bottle.
    That hurts.
    The D.A’s a Niner fan.
    This is complicated.

  28. This could have been a lot worse, Brooks is lucky and so is Divens. I don’t know what happened I wasn’t there but commenting off just what I have read and heard they are both extremely lucky. Brooks could have gotten a hold of his gun or he could have gotten into his car and killed himself or others. The fight is what probably prevented both because the police had to be called and maybe Ahmad will look into the mirror and realize that the life he has worked so hard to improve since college could have been over due to the fact he obviously has issues. Get it taken care of now Ahmad so this doesn’t come close to happening again. You can apologize for injuring someone it’s a lot harder to apologize when you murder someone.

  29. There should a law forbidding alcohol consumption by people with low IQ and poor judgement.

  30. Well, I remember Charles Haley…It’s a disturbing thing when an admired athlete does something heinous. And to a team-mate trying to help him to boot. A sincere public apology should be forthcoming,along with other spin-doctor moves. It just makes a fan sad, y’know?

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