Sean Payton spends the week as a caddy


Like many hard-working coaches, Sean Payton is spending his down time working.

Payton will caddy this week for Ryan Palmer at the Greenbrier Classic in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

“What started as a plan of vacationing here at the Greenbrier for a week, after two days I’ve quickly realized, this isn’t a vacation,” Payton said Wednesday at a press conference with Palmer.  “But I’m excited about it. . . .  I take the opportunity very seriously in that this is how he makes a living.  It’s interesting to be on the course and to watch these guys, the athletes, the consistency, the way they hit the ball, it’s pretty amazing.”

Palmer’s regular caddy, James Edmondson, has gotten the week off.

“I understand and completely appreciate that this is game week, and I know what game week feels like for me in the fall and I know what it will feel like for him and what it does feel like for all these golfers,” Payton said.  “Just to be invisible as a caddie and do your job and be supportive, those are the things that I look at as being important for me this week.”

Added Palmer:  “Just shut up and keep up, that’s it.”

The PGA Tour event gets rolling Thursday and extends through Sunday.  It’s the third straight year the Greenbrier has hosted a professional golf tournament; the field includes Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson.

17 responses to “Sean Payton spends the week as a caddy

  1. Did he just call golfers “Athletes”? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore….

  2. Hope this guy can shape his shots. I’m pretty sure Payton brought his golf playbook.

  3. I’ve got $10k for you if you can take out Tiger’s knee with that 5 iron.

  4. Wow…there’s a crowd. Please tell me how people who play golf are athletic? It’s like saying bowlers are “athletic”.

  5. I think its pretty cool that an NFL coach would caddy a golfer, and I’m not a saints fan…just thought it was cool

  6. Palmer: ” How should I approach this T-shot, the sand is tricky, and I wanna put it before those trees, what do you think?”

    Payton : ” I’d probably go flip right double x jet 36 counter naked waggle x quarter ”

    Palmer: “????”

    Payton; ” I mean the 9 iron”

  7. It sounds dumb but I think stuff like this is some of what makes coaches like Payton so good. They do unusual things so they can look at things in a different way. That ability translates to their own jobs.

  8. Going to be awkward if he uses his super bowl ring has a ball marker. Palmer should have hired Mike Smith so he would not have to worry about that problem.

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