Sheriff will try to prevent Hernandez from marrying in jail


Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée wouldn’t be able to testify against him if the two of them marry before he goes to trial. But the sheriff who oversees the jail holding Hernandez doesn’t want that to happen.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson told USA Today that he would try to prevent Hernandez and fiancée Shayanna Jenkins from marrying.

“I don’t subscribe to that. I feel that those rights are things that you access on the outside, if you’re a good citizen,” he said. “We’ll do everything we can to not have that happen.”

At the moment, this is all speculative: We don’t know if Jenkins still wants to marry Hernandez, we don’t know if the state is planning to call her as a witness at his trial and we don’t know if Hodgson could legally prevent a wedding in jail if Hernandez and Jenkins both want it.

But Jenkins could be an important witness, as she likely knows when Hernandez came home on the night Odin Lloyd died, how he was acting and whether he in fact destroyed their home security camera footage. Jenkins also could testify about what Hernandez’s relationship with Lloyd was like, as Hernandez and Lloyd met because Lloyd was dating Jenkins’s sister. If a wedding is part of a legal strategy to keep Jenkins from saying anything damaging on the stand, then the sheriff doesn’t want the wedding in his jail.

79 responses to “Sheriff will try to prevent Hernandez from marrying in jail

  1. Taking into account the current death rate of known associates of Aaron Hernandez … I would recommend Shayanna spend less time making wedding plans and more time investigating Federal Witness Relocation Programs.

  2. I hope the Sheriff prevents him from getting his hands on a car, this guy gets into a lot of trouble
    whenever he has or rents a car.

  3. Not sure this can fit into a movie anymore. We’re just getting started. Hernandez, Season 1!

    Save me from my daily addiction of searching to see what’s next!!!

  4. Are men and women allowed to get married any more? What is Chris Kluwe’s opinion on this?

  5. Wait one of the lawyers on the mother ship said that law only applies in Massachusetts if they were marred before this all took place and that even if they got married now, he would still have to answer questions from before the marriage.

    Needing some clarification here lawyer guy

  6. Not wanting to pre-judge but this dude is making himself look guilty, if he isn’t already

  7. You guys watch too much tv. You can’t get married to avoid testifying. If you weren’t married when the act in question happened then you can’t claim marital privilege.

  8. Since he hasn’t been convicted yet, I doubt the sheriff can do anything legally to stop a marriage. You forfeit some rights as a felon, but Hernandez isn’t a felon yet in the eyes of the law.

  9. Gosh, if this marriage was to proceed, it serves no purpose but to help him in some loving/legal kind of way? A short-term gain is all it will provide for Aaron. Let’s think in the long-term here folks.

    If this woman proceeds with such an ill-advised marriage, she will probably file for divorce before the paddy wagon even leaves the court for the joint, one last time! Sad thing is this: not all, but most women cannot go life alone, human nature dictates that. Just the way it is, just the reality.

    How long would such a marriage last in the long run? Is it safe to suggest that such a marriage will come with an inevitable divorce? If it’s meant to beat the system in some way, I think so.
    Any marriage here will be a temporary fix, as most women want what’s best for their child (long-term). This is not it.

    In the end, the woman has to live on? Most women try to — and eventually do live on. She will have needs, etc. etc. which will be hard to fulfill with Aaron in prison. The worst part? Which man would want to be a part of this drama after it’s all said and done? Yikes.

    Sorry, I mean no disrespect here to her… I just thought of that now by accident as I’m typing. Sad. Heck, come to think of it, hope most of the men out there would steer clear of this situation. In the end, hope this marriage does not proceed, time to move on for all parties concerned… the 2013 NFL kick off can’t come soon enough!!!

  10. I can only imagine her father, beaming with pride, as he walks his daughter down the aisle. Or through the yard or mess hall. I hope my daughter marries a known murderer.

  11. I think the Sheriff is over stepping his boundaries.

    In the court of public opinion , AH is guilty .

    In the real world he is still innocent until proven guilty.

    He has the right to marry , no matter what the reason is.

  12. I would think that anything that happened prior to the marriage would negate that she can’t testify against her spouse…

  13. Why does the sheriff need to bein news everyday now he’s 15 min of fame is up u have a prisoner in jail like the rest

  14. I had to create a login to say this: you idiots keep reporting Massachusetts law incorrectly. It’s not that she *can’t* testify, it’s that the state cannot *compel* her to testify. She can, in fact, testify if she so chooses.

    Secondly, Massachusetts law only protects *spousal* communications. They are currently not married!

  15. Jenkins should focus on getting money for herself and their daughter because the assets are going to be liquidated and that baby deserves to be supported.

  16. Unless Mass. has some crazy law on spousal privilege, it doesn’t matter if they’re married. Things like when he came home and if he destroyed the video footage wouldn’t be covered because it wasn’t a communication between the two. They also weren’t married at the time, and the privilege usually only applies to situations taking place during the marriage.

  17. I thought he was only allowed one visitor at a time. The sheriff needs to stop talking. The defense will use his comments to try and paint the entire PD as out to get AH. It only takes one idiot on the jury to believe it.

  18. I read the headline much too fast and for a moment thought Sharrif Floyd and Aaron Hernandez had gotten engaged to one another. Not that it would have been the most shocking new item of the recent weeks.

  19. If they need her that means the case could be struggling and the media took it a bit too far .. not saying he will walk , but his lawyers will make sure he is in the penthouse suits in solitary with NFL trainers helping him

  20. If she marries him I can only imagine Thanksgiving dinner with the Jenkins family. “Hey honey, can you tell us more about that time your husband killed your sister’s boyfriend?”

  21. I know he’s been charged with a LOT, but getting married while incarcerated is a right that he does have. The sheriff saying he’ll do what he can to prevent it shows how both sides of the law are dirty and selfish.

  22. On another note….why in every picture I see of AH is he cuffed in the front? I wouldn’t put it past him to snatch any cops gun and waste them. Cuff in the back guys, always in the back!

  23. They both have to show up at the courthouse for the county in which they wish to get married and go through the process of vouching that they are getting married voluntarily, i.e., not under duress (might be an issue there) before they can have an official marriage certificate, which is required for the privilege against testifying to apply. In short, even without the sheriff trying to be a hardo, they are unlikely to get married.

  24. I think he’s guilty as sin but, um, innocent until proven guilty boss. Good luck stripping a legally innocent person of his fundamental rights.

  25. Urban Meyer is not walking through that door, Aaron. Jeremy Foley is not walking through that door, and Huntley Johnson is not walking through that door.

  26. The plot lines emerging here would be rejected for Sopranos script as too fantastic to be believed. Which means that Kraft should recoup some of his losses (with proceeds to victim’s family) by making this into Reality TV (I know, I know, it already is…)

  27. I’m pretty sure he’ll wind up getting married in jail, it may not be to Shayanna Jenkins, but he’ll wind up getting married alright!

    ZING! I’ll be here all week ladies and gentlemen, try the veal!

  28. This tells you all you need to know about her character. Anyone who is willing to defend a killer, is not someone I would want to be friends with or even be acquainted with. I don’t care if your mother is the killer, you don’t support these kinds of things.

  29. This gives you a true story and how guilty one is when he talks of getting married to stop truth from coming out.

  30. If she really dont wanna testify in court all she has to do is plead the 5th amendment. she hasnt been named as a suspect so there is no abstruction. the best part is she only has to say it once

  31. While I don’t believe the sheriff can stop the marriage, I don’t believe it will have any effect on the criminal trial.

    The real question on the MA law of spousal privilege/disqualification is if it applies to all matters – even those matters before the marriage.

  32. Of course she’ll want to marry him. Then she’ll get half of his money, well whatever money is left.

  33. She’s going to marry him for the money and run since he probably won’t be able to enjoy as he more than likely will get booked for those three bodies and only God knows what else…

  34. Depends on what the spousal immunity is in Mass. Even if they were married while he’s locked up the state might not recognize the communications privilege, i.e. anything that was said to her or any of her knowledge that is considered private through the sanctity of marriage. Mass might say the heck with that you were not married when this took place.

  35. I remember when Christopher Moltisanti’s girl friend, Adriana tried this and it didn’t work. And things didn’t work out too well for her.

  36. What she really should be doing is trying to get him to adopt her. That is the new fad. I mean…she is likely more concerned about the money than making vows with a husband she would get to see through glass. Two dependents is better than one.

  37. If she wants a dime for herself or their daughter, she’d better get moving because he’s going to be penniless by the time the lawyer bills and civil suits are over. And they don’t pay all that great for stamping license plates in the big house.

  38. The Patriots have already cut off any more money coming to AH. All the current money is probably spoken for for legal fees, bills. Looming large is possible civil suits that will bankrupt his estate as well.

    She needs to take what she can, give a deposition and request a spot in the Witness Protection Program.

  39. It’s way beyond my pay grade to understand the mechanics of a guy jailed in solitary confinement having a legal marriage ceremony. Oops, that dirty filthy unword, ‘legal’.

  40. They should be able to get married just like anybody else that’s in jail or prison. They have a daughter also.

  41. Here is how things would shake out:

    Tebow = minister

    Brady = flower girl

    Belichick – wedding singer

    Gronk = plans bachelor party (likely in prison yard)

    Kraft = finances wedding

    Meyer = creepy drunk guy at wedding that hits on married women

  42. Harvey Steinberg said on NFLN that it doesnt matter if they are married after the fact, she still would have to testify, so what good does getting married do them other than allowing her the legal right to handle finances?

  43. She could also be charged with obstruction and aiding if she doesnt want to talk, so the cops have those cards to play as well.

  44. Trust me….He is gonna get married. Just not in the way he wants to be.

    “Mr Hernandez….. Big Bubba. I now pronounce you husband and husband. Mr Bubba. You may now ream the bride”

  45. Well Harvey Steinberg is wrong. The privilege applies even if the spouse was not married at the time of the events that are the subject of the criminal trial. See Commonwealth v. DiPietro

  46. Duffelbagsports,

    See Commonwealth v Walker. If charged with obstruction of justice or aiding ( which can be as simple as knowing that Hernandez destroyed the security tapes) she will be obligated to testify, marriage or not.

  47. Although I don’t agree with Hernandez, the sheriff is an idiot. He should be allow to marry. Prisoners marry all the time. Stop trying to make the news sheriff!!

  48. I heard that she visited Hernandez today and asked him how she could get in touch with Jamarcus Russell…

  49. Why doesn’t Hernandez and his car buddies marry each other? Then they could all clam up and not testify against each other.

    Is it really legal if the events happened before their marriage? Seems like a loop-hole for a ton of gangsters.

  50. Sounds like the guy of every woman’s dreams.
    3 possible murders (that they know of), shot a guy in the face,busted another guy’s eardrum,and numerous other violent incidents…sounds like a nice healthy relationship.

  51. I can’t comment on what Mass spousal protections are, however convicted murderers do get married in prison at times so I don’t see how the sheriff could block this.

  52. “Not wanting to pre-judge but this dude is making himself look guilty, if he isn’t already”

    What gave you that opinion? Destroying his cell phone, destroying his surveillance or killing people?

  53. The sheriff says:

    “I don’t subscribe to that. I feel that those rights are things that you access on the outside, if you’re a good citizen,” he said.

    So he has an opinion. It’s not his job to enforce his opinion. It’s his job to enforce the law and the opinions of judges. His opinion doesn’t mean squat, and he should have no right trying to push it and no pulpit from which to preach it.

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