The Boz says he had feud with God

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From time to time, former NFL linebacker Brian Bosworth resurfaces.  He became an actor once his playing days ended, appearing in only a smattering of roles since 2005’s The Longest Yard.

He’s now starring in the Revelation Road series, and he says the religious films made him once again a religious man.  Previously, Bosworth had a feud with God.

“It’s not that I didn’t know God or didn’t have a relationship or an understanding of God,” Bosworth told FOX News.  “I knew the Lord, I just hated him.  There was a feud and a grudge match because I felt He broke a promise we had and broke my trust.  I would choose to ignore Him.  ‘The Boz’ was born, my pride became more than my agreement with God.  That was me telling Him I didn’t need Him anymore, and being boastful of all the gifts I had.  You have to be humble and ask Him for courage and wisdom, but I put me first and God last.  I allowed people to guide me and my arrogance.  [I used] my ignorance to play through the pain and getting a call that my career was over started my feud with God.”

At least Bosworth decided when launching a feud to punch up.  Even if he was risking being permanently sent, well, down.

Meanwhile, Bosworth didn’t exactly provide a ringing endorsement of his acting skills.

“I never wanted to be an actor,” Bosworth said.  “It was always my agent’s dream.  My dream was to play football and it’s what God gave me the talents to do, but I screwed that up.  I didn’t know how to act really, and no one wants to do something they don’t have a passion or training for. . . .  ‘Revelation Road’ is my movie and the rest were ‘Boz’ movies.  I have made some horrible movies and I don’t know if I will do another movie, but I am so grateful that this one came.”

It’s unknown how grateful audiences have been for either installment of the Revelation Road series.  But you’ve now at least heard of it, which is probably more than you could say before reading this.

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  1. I will even donate money to Tim Tebow. Just please God, don’t let me turn into Brian Bosworth.

  2. gotta love pro athletes. womanizing, cheating on their wives, abusing drugs and alcohol, even murder…. living their lives against the grain of every word in the bible while in the same breath brag of their relationship with God. oh its priceless, please continue

  3. 2 Most Overrated Plays.

    1) Boz getting ‘ran over’ by Bo Jackson on the goal line. (Since when is grabbing a running back high and holding onto him the whole time as he crosses the goal line. How is that a run over?)
    I have watched Marshawn Lynch do better ‘running over’ people.

    2) Scott Norwood choke in Super Bowl XXV
    (Since when is a 47 yard FG a gimme)

    Anyways back to the Boz
    Actually watched it on Netflix (the 1st part) was not too bad. However, I found his movie looking for ones with Ray Wise in it.

  4. Kind of like when he had a “feud” with the Kindome turf after Bo Jackson was done with him??

  5. An anonymous but otherwise reliable source within God’s camp is totally denying any feud with the Boz, at any time, ever.

  6. I checked out a few minutes of it but I refused to watch more than 60 seconds after this film after I realized it was a horribly cheap knockoff attempt of the TV show Sons of Anarchy.

    3.9 from IMDB is likely generous. Stay away from this insulting and unoriginal attempt for a film concept.

  7. Even “the devil” doesn’t feud with the grand creator. “the Devil” feuds with humanity, and judging by this blog he devoured “The Boz” and kicked his ass.

    Plus the only person to blame for getting trucked by Bo Jackson(Raider Nation) is the man in his mirror.

  8. Monster in college, but his pro career basically ended when he got ran over by an outfielder for the Kansas City Royals.

  9. Color me fascinated. Having followed The Boz during his antics on the Seahawks back in the day, I am amazed to see the bravado and pride of those days now changed to humility and self-reflection on faith. Might have to check out Revelation Road and see this transformation for myself.

  10. Good grief not another nauseating professional athlete and their goofy religion. Their beliefs are based on little more than their narcissistic idea that god chose them to be a millionaire professional athlete. Is there anyone with a more skewed sense of reality than these guys?

  11. I’ have beef with god too if he allowed me to get trucked into oblivion
    by Bo Jackson.

  12. Every man finds wisdom when he has to face his own failures and has no on left to blame.
    Keep turnin’ it around Brian, and it’ll happen for you.

  13. I am old enough to remember him, but I wanted a refresher on his pro career, so I read his Wikipedia page. They had a story on it that I had never hear, but I thought was hilarious:
    “Before the first game of the season, versus the Denver Broncos, Bosworth trash talked Denver quarterback John Elway. 10,000 Denver fans wore $15 T-shirts reading “BAN THE BOZ”, but did not know that Bosworth’s company manufactured the shirts.”
    Too funny. He laughed all the way to the bank.

  14. A good friend of mine wanted me to watch this movie because he was in the fight scene at the 52 minute mark…I’m not really into the topic so much but now that it’s getting some pub maybe I’ll be able to find it somewhere.

  15. Does anyone under the age of 40 even know who this guy is?
    It was awesome when Bo Jackson blasted him into the endzone and I don’t even like the Raiders.

  16. Getting tired of these goofy religious players/ex players. Can’t wait for separation of church and the football field.

  17. Combining NFL players and religious/abstract talk = Players that express themselves with 6 year old mental development.

  18. No better way to prove you know nothing about football than to claim that Boz got run over by Bo Jackson. It’s one of the biggest myths in football history.

    Boz was rushing the QB on a blitz on the weak side (outside the right tackle). The Raiders ran a run play to the left from about the 5 yard line. Boz read the run, back-pedaled out of the blitz, got all the way to the other side of the line and tried to square up with Bo Jackson but couldn’t, so he was at about a 60 degree angle to Bo. Bo didn’t run “through” Boz, he just fell forward when Boz hit him, and was already past the goal line by that time anyway.

    Go watch the film of the play, then be properly embarrassed that you know nothing about football and that spewing that myth just makes you look like an ignorant jack to Seahawk fans who were at the game and saw it live.

    If Bo Jackson trucked anyone on that play, Boz wouldn’t even have had time to get over to him. I guarantee you that if Marshawn Lynch is hitting the left-side from the 5 yard line, there is ZERO chance a blitzing weak-side LB has time to get anywhere close to him.

    I’m no Boz fan, but I was at that game, and the constant rehashing of that myth just annoys me. It’s gotta be one of the biggest lies in football history, promoted because people hated Boz’s mouth. Hate Boz all you want, but don’t make stuff up to make yourself feel better.

    Oh and Bo had just as short career as the Boz. He gets more hype than he deserved. Without Marcus Allen, he would have been nothing. Bo Jackson was famous to baseball fans and people who didn’t watch football. Any real football fan back then knows Barry Sanders was the man. That’s who real football fans were, and still are, most impressed with. Bo knows Barry (and couldn’t carry his jock).

  19. Sorry didn’t mean for my post to sound totally rude to Boz as I re-read it today. But you just don’t do a plagiarism of a show like Sons of Anarchy if you are going to produce a B movie if you don’t want to expect to get a lot of flak raining down on you. It’s just insulting because that’s one of the highest quality TV shows in terms of a complete staff of A grade TV people across every element of the team and every aspect of the production.

    The NFL has no franchise that resembles this caliber of complete team professionalism, and when you take an ex-NFLer with a checkered past, and you then try to make a movie that infringes upon one of the very top TV staffs out there today, then that’s just looking for trouble and well criticism really.

  20. Oh and I forgot to mention I hate the title, being so close to the recent successful movie Revolution Road. It’s a weak attempt at an original thought for a title. Not only does it sound very similar, but similar connotations of the 2 words.

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