After 68 starts, Mark Sanchez has to stop making rookie mistakes


Counting the playoffs, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has 68 career starts in the NFL. And he still makes rookie mistakes.

That’s the word from Ron Jaworski, the former Eagles quarterback and current ESPN analyst who is breaking down all of the league’s starting quarterbacks. In his assessment of Sanchez, Jaworski said that he has seen no improvement at all in Sanchez’s decision-making.

“The bottom line is Sanchez continues to make too many throws that a quarterback with his experience level should not make,” Jaworski said. “Sanchez is clearly trending downward in my evaluations. He has started 68 games in his NFL career, including the playoffs. The question now is whether he has what it takes to be a quality NFL starter. He has much to prove and a lot of work to do.”

Sanchez heard the boos all year from Jets fans, and Jaworski knows where they’re coming from.

“I was very disappointed in the overall play,” Jaworski said. “I believed Mark Sanchez entering his fourth season would improve. Instead, he regressed; his limitations further exposed. There’s only one way Sanchez can be successful as an NFL starter. That’s as a complementary piece in an offense whose foundation is a consistent running game. What does that mean? It means Sanchez’s ceiling is that of a mid-level starter, nothing more. He can only function as a system quarterback, in which his passing limitations can be minimized.”

The Jets’ choices at quarterback this season may be a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith, or a fifth-year quarterback who still makes rookie mistakes in Sanchez.

96 responses to “After 68 starts, Mark Sanchez has to stop making rookie mistakes

  1. The ButtFumble will be Sanchez’ legacy. Even if he managed to be an Alex Smith type game manager he’ll never escape that play.

  2. The WCO may be just what he needs. Quick reads may keep his head…..up. No Ryan team ever had a great O and asks way too much of the QB. That should change with Marty there. Tough to shake that USC thing though…

  3. None of these critiques and evaluations of poor performance can ever effect the fact that Sanchez is officially the Luckiest Man Alive. Getting paid millions while being totally inadequate at his job, living in New York, male model looks, more millions in endorsements, and the most beautiful models/actresses in the world at his fingertips, literally. He doesn’t have a care in the world.

  4. Not a Sanchez supporter but who is he throwing to? Who is he handing the ball off to? Who has been their right tackle? He has been awful no doubt… But the players around him are even more awful.

  5. This is how I’ve felt for a couple of years. If he has a punishing defense and strong running game, and he doesn’t have to carry the team on his arm, they’ll be OK. (Trent Dilfer will be the first one to admit this.) But without that punishing defense and strong running game, he’s a loser. Not even mid-level to me.

  6. Rookie mistakes and 4th yer starter should not be in the same stratosphere.

    Let alone the awkward behavior off the field. He’s done.

  7. Jaws is being way to hard on Mark Sanchez. He is progressing fine and his mastery of the complex NFL offense, especially the intricate nuances of the butt fumble is nothing short of spectacular. Keep up the good work Mark.


    All other NFL teams and fans

  8. as a Jets fan it makes me laugh…but a few points
    – the years in which the AFC championship games where Sanchez excelled, he had a smash mouth offense line, a damn good running game to take the pressure off of him and a great defense, plus leadership in the locker room. They asked him to hand off the ball, make some throws when needed and let the defense carry the rest. That formula can still work, you just need the GM to give you those parts again. Sanchez will never be a Flacco, Matty ice or any other type to ride his arm, but he can be effective if the right parts are there.

  9. The guy is awful (can’t deny that.) However he still has more playoff wins than Romo or Ryan combined so what foes that say about those guys! Oh wait, its not their fault, right? Deny away!

  10. Jaworski’s quarterback’s are the be-all, end-all mumbo-jumbo is so tiresome, so stale and so inaccurate.
    I’ve watched the Steelers reach three Super Bowls with a quarterback who averages 23 TD passes per season. I also saw Sanchez clearly outplay Roethlisberger in a 2010 loss for the AFC championship.
    If Sanchez has regressed, it’s because the team he quarterbacks stinks. No defense, no running game, no leadership and no coaching. Other than that, Sanchez needs to get better.
    Jaworki, please go away.

  11. Funny thing is Jaworski has won less playoff games than Sanchez. He may also be bitter since Buddy Ryan demoted him.

  12. “he can be effective if the right parts are there”

    In other words, if you put him in a situation where almost anybody can be successful, *then* he’ll be successful.

  13. I’ve always thought what what separates Tom Brady from Peyton Manning is Brady’s decision making. It not only makes or breaks a quarterback, it separates elite from pedestrian. Sanchez will always be pedestrian.

  14. As long as Rex is the coach, he will play. And he will play bad. But he will never see the bench.

  15. Sanchez has the physical skills to be an NFL starter, but he simply does not have the mental toughness and resiliency that it takes.

    He freaked out when they signed Tebow last year the same way McNabb did when the Eagles drafted Kolb. In both cases the teams gave them stupid contract extensions after which neither performed well.

    Sanchez has a fragile ego that can’t stand up to the New York or NFL spotlights.

  16. We get it. Butt fumble (as dry as possible) ha ha. He is terrible. Why is he even relevant. Lets move on. Everything else he does is embarrassing too. He is using a headband that girls use in elementary school.

  17. Do you honestly expect things to change? He is who he is, and probably already reached his peak (if that’s what you want to call it).

    The Rex Ryan regime, minus the first two years, has been a disaster. He is a quality defensive coordinator that has very limited head coaching abilities. I would expect this to be his last.

  18. I can’t tell you exactly why, but I’m really getting tired of Jaworski. Yes, I saw him play. They call him “Jaws” now but back in the day he was known as the “Polish Rifle”.

    Now I understand.

  19. I’d love to see this guy put together a great season. I’m not sure he’s capable, but it would a great story of redemption.

  20. Who is RJ? His no Joe Montana. Mark Sanchez is getting a RAW deal. The coach is no Vince Lombardi, no line, no receivers and the receivers they did have just kept dropping the balls thrown to them from Sanchez. Mark would be better off with another team – perhaps the Chargers. He is actually Californian. Go Mark and don’t give up. You have what it takes; you always have and you have a lot of fans behind you.

  21. This guy was never NFL material, his first few years the Jets had a good team and made up for a lot of his mistakes, that being said, this is it for him in NY, win, lose, or draw he’s moving on at the end of the season. The only reason he’ll last the year is the Jets owe him 8.25 mil, and they can’t trade him because no one will take him.

  22. I love how analyst will dog a guy then praise him. I do believe Sanchez sucks and is limited but just last year Alex smith was getting praised. Questions were asked about kaepernick taking over. Alex was simply a system guy like Sanchez but a higher IQ. Alex played well once we got a team around him and focused on the running game. Alex is defiantly better but both were bust based on there draft positions.

  23. Mark is an OK QB In a city that does not sleep.

    However, I am fairly confident Frank Sinatra would have never bought the kid a drink.

  24. I’m not a fan, and I think he’s done….but he is 4-2 in the playoffs.

    Just saying…this is the first year he will ever have a professional OC.

    Anyway, no expectations here.

  25. Sanchez gets alot of flak and rightfully so but if you look at his numbers he seemed to be getting a little better each year under Brain Shotty

    2009- Yards 2444 TD 12 INT20
    2010 – Yards 3291 TD 17 INT 13
    2011- Yards 3474 TD 26 INT 18

    I mean their not great numbers but it seemed like it was doing better. But Then the jets went and screwed the pooch by bring in Sparano and his garbage offense and Sanchez numbers just plummet down to 2883 yard TDS 13 INT 18.

    So who knows maybe mornhinweg can get something out of him. But more likely he’s gonna be doing his happy feet routine and checking down once he see’s his 1st option is covered

  26. As a Packer fan, I watched Brent Favre make rookie mistakes for 16 years. The difference is that sometimes, he bailed himself out with 3-4 amazing plays that no other QB would’ve tried.

  27. And the Patriots, Dolphins and Bills were quoted as saying:

    “We fully agree with the decision to keep Sanchez in the starting role….in fact, we hope he’s the starter for many more years to come.”

  28. Regardless, Sanchez should have improved more than he has, but he has had idiots for coaches since he got to the league. It would be interesting to see how he would have developed somewhere else. Rex doesn’t care about the offense, therefore no real effort has been put into improving it in his tenure. Last year they did even more to cripple the offense with Sprano, and bringing the Tebow circus to town. (the 2qb theroy teams have flirted with lately is a joke, it will never work.)

  29. You can’t coach confidence and decisiveness; MS has always been – and will always be – a marginal NFL QB who benefited from the strong defense and the newness of Ryan’s act…

    Both are soon to be unemployed by the Jets!

  30. Jets fans constantly say that Sanchez doesn’t have anyone around him and that may be true. But even when Sanchez did have the luxury of a top tier running game, a stingy defense, and above average recievers, he was still putting up very pedestrian numbers and still making costly mistakes. He did MANAGE to lead them 2 AFC title games but clearly off the strength of the pieces around him at the time.

  31. I remember a point in time when Jets fans were saying Sanchez was the better player and pick over Stafford lol

  32. I can’t believe he is still on any professional football team, let alone a starter!
    He has more interceptions than touchdowns and 17 fumbles.

  33. His best hope is to last 35 years like Testaverde…who people now remember fondly as a decent backup.

    Head case.

  34. I can see the Jets giving Sanchez another extension if they go .500 or better this year. Their excuse will be that they are giving Geno another year to mature before giving him the starting gig.

  35. A good place for the butt fumbler to start is to lose that ridiculous headband. ,!!

  36. Sanchez looks lost at the line and it’s compounded by the fact that last year he had no one to throw to, a non existent running game and an O-Line that at times took the 3,5 & 7 step drops faster than he did. He doesn’t have the leadership skills or the swagger/gunslinger mentality that the greats have.
    He’ll get another shot this year and it may be his last because his two year decline may have sunk him for good.

  37. Take this with a grain of salt, folks.
    I can remember Jaws gushing about how great Kellen Clemens was going to be…(looking down the gun barrel etc….blah, blah. blah)
    Hes just pissed that Gruden got the rookie QB camp gig.

  38. How can he make rookie mistakes, he is not a rookie any more. No his mistakes are professional mistakes. They are totally right up there at the top.

  39. Hey Rex, I heard Tebow is going to run the famous wildcat when they play you. Only time I’d root for NE. Can’t wait till you lie to the planes fans again. What a pathetic franchise!!

  40. As a Dolphins fan, I was shocked that the Yets brought in Tony Sparano to head up the offense. Sparano’s entire tenure in Miami was defined by offensive ineptitude. Somehow, the Yets thought this would be a great way to spark the team.

    Let’s say I wasn’t at all surprised by how that offense looked. If you’d put the Yets in Dolphins aqua and orange, I would have confused them for the Phins.

    No doubt, Sanchez made some pretty bad mistakes. The buttfumble will live in infamy. But he’s the least of the Jets’ problems: Awful receivers, awful line, awful coaching, awful front office. They have nothing going for them. I’m not sure that there’s ANY QB in the NFL that could make the Jets look half respectable.

    I think all this focus on Sanchez is missing the forest for the trees.

  41. By definition “mid-level” starter means there are about 15 QBs worse than him, and 15 (or so) better. In many ways this was a glowing report for Sanchez, since I would place him in the “low-level” position among starting QBs.

    With all those rookie QBs who have done well they ended flooding the league with better than average QBs.

  42. Sanchez needs a nickname. I suggest “The Weather Man” because he does not even need to be accurate with his performance in order to keep his job…

  43. I am no Jaworski or Sanchez fan, but I thought it might be fun to compare Joworski’s first 68 games vs Sanchez first 68 games. Percent pass complete Jaws 48.3 Sanchez 55.1 Touchdown passes Jaws 80 Sanchez 69 Interceptions Jaws 69 Sanchez 69 Sacks Jaws 166 Sanchez 128 Playoff wins Jaws 4 Sanches 4 Playoff losses Jaws 4 Sanches 2.
    Jaws did not become a full time starter until his 4th year, he didn’t hit 68 games until year 7. He had 3 training camps before he was a full time starter, Sanchez 1. Seems to me the pot is calling the kettle black……

  44. he’s gonna take the high road and laugh all the way to the bank. jaws doesn’t have sanchez $. haha

  45. I agree that mark Sanchez makes stupid mental errors , but he has no o-line and no one to throw too and no TE, and the Jets problems are not all his fault by a long shot , but the majority of the people on here hate the Jets and want them to fail, stop wasting your life with so much animosity, you act like you know these people and they have personally offended you. And stop being cruel , id like to see your life for everyone to see every dumb thing you do and hold it against you for the rest of your life. any way I’m a diehard Jets fan , and they piss me off plenty , especially Sanchez ,but I don’t hate the guy or want him to fail. And it’s ridiculous to now all of a sudden bash him ,when if you compare the playoff years to the last two years, he really did not have much of a supporting cast the last two years and a lot of the problems were the way the team was run on a whole which effects everything

  46. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention tony sparano from Miami , could you get an offensive coordinator more horrible.

  47. Dude looks like a sissy with that thing on his head. Maybe he should grow up and act like a man.

  48. calidolfan says:Jul 5, 2013 4:25 PM

    Keep it up, Sanchez! The more the Jets keep you as the starter…the happier we will be! GO DOLPHINS!!

    Guess you mean the one home game you host the Jets, saving your team from having 8 black outs?

    You can’t possibly mean anything else.

  49. patsfan13 says:Jul 5, 2013 6:03 AM

    I hope he plays for the Jests for years to come. He’s like a secret weapon for the Pats

    Ummmm..I wouldn’t be talking “weapons” were I a Pats fan. “Secret” is another poor choice.

  50. Sanchez fell apart after Thanksgiving 2011. The last two games that year against the Giants and the Fins were incredible. He single-handedly gave those games away, ended any playoff hopes, and allowed the Giants to win the Super Bowl – so he kinda won one for NY.

    Since then he has been a mess of a QB and a person. He is all over the place. His brain seems to work a tick slower than other elite athletes. In game situations or the interview room. I’m thinking anxiety meds.

    He has a trouble in his past that we know about. Wonder what else there might be?

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