Boston mayor calls for the community to help solve July 2012 double murder

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When the investigation of an 11-month-old double homicide suddenly heated up last week, it appeared that the authorities had tripped into a treasure trove of evidence pointing to Aaron Hernandez.

One week later, however, the case appears to be no closer to being cracked.

Buried at the bottom of a Boston Herald article that points out the significance of Carlos Ortiz meeting with police the day before Hernandez was arrested for killing Odin Lloyd is a quote from Boston mayor Thomas Menino regarding the murders of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu.

“The community has to help us,” Menino said.  “The community has to come forward and give us information they know.”

Unless Boston authorities are feigning ignorance for strategic reasons, the stall could mean that Ortiz believed Lloyd had information about the murders, but that Ortiz had no specific information himself.  If Ortiz had no personal knowledge about whether Hernandez shot and killed Furtado and Abreu, the case against Hernandez would be essentially starting from scratch.

The end result for Hernandez won’t change, if Ortiz has fully flipped on Hernandez.  If Hernandez is convicted of first-degree murder, he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life, without parole.

Of course, that won’t matter to the families of Furtado and Abreu.  They deserve to know what happened to those men, and hopefully someday they will.

31 responses to “Boston mayor calls for the community to help solve July 2012 double murder

  1. lets just pin all unsolved murder cases on Aaron Hernandez. Anyone ask him where Jimmy Hoffa is yet? Just sayin

  2. Posted a comment yesterday 6 times. Although it appears to have been posted at 9:25 pm, there’s no thumbs up or thumbs down. And there is always 1 more comment in the comments section than what is posted at bottom of the article.

    I made a post asking if anyone could see my comment posted at 9:25 pm and that comment never showed up.

  3. KJ,Hondo, Wes weckler, rob gabowski,Vince wilcott,varitek splitting the uprights! Lol

  4. Gee if there was only some extra money laying around in this world to compensate people for investigating and closing crimes. Too bad all of the money is already in the hands of those criminals than the unemployed and underemployed keep coming up short on holding accountable in society to further justice.

  5. Pssst – Hey Mayor – I think it might have been Tom Brady. He was trying to prove what a man he was to his wife.

    She still doesn’t believe him.

  6. Does anyone have the audioclip where Mayor Menino tries to pronounce some of the names involved here? That always seems to draw a public and media response.

  7. rbell2123 says:

    Anyone ask him where Jimmy Hoffa is yet?

    Lol that’s funny.

    Us Pats fans know that Hoffa is deep in the concrete foundation of Gillette Stadium though, so you won’t find him in Hernandez’ back yard.

  8. Maybe you should have conducted a search after the murder took place! It shouldn’t have to take another murder to look into a murder from LAST year! If you found out who killed this Odin guy so easily, why couldn’t you have done the same to find out who killed TWO guys. That’s double the evidence right there to trace back to someone, but no you want to wait a year after it happened to start a search for their murders! So dumb!

  9. If hernandez goes to jail for life without a murder weapon or being at the scene of the crime. But a associate says you were their to get less time is total bs. Sorry I dont feel sorry for aaron or any of his associates.typical gang members who choose that kind of lifestyle

  10. maybe Hernandez has more then one crew of boys he does his dirt with.
    maybe Hernandez wasn’t riding with Ortiz and Bo Fish on the night he did the drive by that killed Furtado and Abreu.
    maybe he wasn’t the trigger guy or he didn’t do that drive by.
    a lot of unanswered questions.

  11. Maybe it’s kind of like “Murder on the Orient Express.” Belichick drove the car, Valentine mouthed off to Furtado and Abreu, and Garnett supplied the gun. Hernandez just pulled the trigger, man.

  12. He is asking Patriot Fans to help with justice? Your kidding right. This is the land of the Walt Coleman dynasty. Forget it and move on.

  13. I don’t think hernandez will be convicted of first degree murder. To be honest, if i was on the jury I wouldn’t convict him of it.

    I can buy that he killed Lloyd but not that he planned to kill him. Feels more like a meeting gone wrong to me. It just seems too stupid to kill him so close to your home and leave a car rented in your name in the area.

    I think it’s more likely that hernandez arranged a meeting to talk to Lloyd and possibly rough him up a bit. Then he or one of his friends got offended by something lloyd said or flew off the handle and shot him.

  14. What he is saying is that they didn’t give a rats arse who capped these guys because there was no payoff in it for them like there is on the Aaron Hernandez case. Everyone wants a piece of that action, and all available resources have been put into that case. So sorry there’s nothing left for these other two guys, unless of course Aaron Hernandez is involved. We’re all gonna be famous and get huge raises when we solve the Aaron Hernandez caper! Woo Hoo!!!

  15. The double homicide may not involve Hernandez at all. It really doesn’t look like they’re gaining any type of ground on it, since they started it seems like it’s been one huge stall.

  16. swagger52 says: Jul 4, 2013 2:12 PM

    He is asking Patriot Fans to help with justice? Your kidding right. This is the land of the Walt Coleman dynasty. Forget it and move on.
    This comment…followed by “forget it and move on.”
    Coming from a guy who clearly hasn’t forgotten it and moved on.
    Couldn’t make up this stuff up if I wanted to.

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