Facing sentencing for tax evasion, Zorich has negative net worth

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Former NFL defensive tackle Chris Zorich faces a July 12 sentencing on failing to file tax returns from 2006 through 2009.  Regardless of his jail time, Zorich has significant financial issues.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Zorich’s lawyer says the player’s obligation to repay $348,447 to his charity and $90,000 in back taxes and penalties exceeds his current net worth of $302,273.

“Chris Zorich’s true financial condition is that he faces heavy financial obligations, and he will be struggling to meet them for some time,” attorney Matt Lydon told a federal court in Illinois.

Zorich faces up to 16 months in prison, but there’s a chance he’ll get probation.

He already has paid more than $58,000 in back taxes.  Payments to the charity were suspended in April once Zorich’s cash flow went negative.

Zorich, 44, was a second-round draft pick of the Bears in 1991.  He played in Chicago from ’91 through 1996, finishing his career in 1997 with the Redskins.