Glover Quin: Lions secondary shaping up well


Thanks to injuries and ineffectiveness, the Lions secondary hasn’t been an area of strength the last two seasons.

In 2011, the Lions were able to overcome shortcomings on the back end well enough to make the playoffs. Last year, though, the play of the defensive backs was one of the chief reasons why Detroit won just four games. They signed safety Glover Quin as part of the effort to turn things around, with defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham citing Quin’s professionalism as one of his best traits, and Quin believes the unit is coming together thanks to a mix of youth and experience.

“I think we’re shaping up pretty well,” Quin said, via Carlos Monarrez the Detroit Free Press. “We’ve got a good group of veterans. Me and Chris Houston and Ron Bartell and Louis Delmas and we just signed Chris Hope. So we’ve got a great group of veteran guys. We’ve got a great group of young guys like Bill Bentley and Chris Greenwood and Jonte Green and we just drafted Darius Slay.”

There’s also safeties Don Carey and Amari Spievey in the mix, part of a much deeper group than the Lions had last season. The names don’t blow you away, but the quantity of them is significant because the Lions have scrambled for any healthy body they can find over the last couple of seasons when trouble strikes during the season.

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  1. Very fair profile by Mr. Alper. He’s right. The names won’t blow you away, but, Bentley, Greenwood and Green are all second year guys that will stick…because they can play. And Slay to the mix and you’ve got four young players that will be the base of the secondary for the next few years.

    The Lions secondary won’t scare teams this year, but, it won’t frighten the Detroit fans either.

  2. The play of the officials was also a huge part in a couple losses, too bad they too cannot be replaced.

  3. What’s your point? Every team that doesn’t win the SuperBowl is a 6 – 10 team. There is no 2nd place. The North playoff representatives were quickly dispatched and a certain other team blew things up.

    Detroit and maybe Green Bay battle for the playoffs this season. Vikings have no QB. Chicago is starting from scratch.

  4. Gunther Cunningham seems to always be in over his head in this league. It’s never paid getting too high on the Lions.

  5. @hatesycophants:

    Chicago may be unveiling a new, offensive-minded coaching staff, but they are hardly starting from scratch. Most of their core players from a 10-6 team are returning, and Phil Emery has done a fine job replacing Urlacher and upgrading the o-line and TE position.

    As for MN, while I think they are a one-trick pony, that one pony is pretty damn good…And ‘maybe’ GB will compete? Seriously?

    A more likely scenario is that GB and Chicago fight for the North crown, with MN vying for an NFC Wild Card spot…Detroit, even with the changes they’ve made this off-season, is unlikely to improve more than 4 or 5 games in the standings, making 9-7 an outside possibility.

    And your claim that “every team that doesn’t win the SuperBowl is a 6 – 10 team” is delusional, something only a fan of a losing team would say…By your logic SF is also a 6-10 team, huh?


  6. I’ve been hearing this for 10 years and our Secondary has been awful each and every season. This is one of our trickiest positional areas of great difficulty on a consistent basis. The logic of the LBs and DBs has routinely been poor and our players on tape expose the flaws of the teaching/coaching of our Defensive Coordinator. They don’t play the game the right way or with logic. They just play the way Gunter Cunningham wants them to play and that is NEVER going to be good enough unless Gunther is going to transform his defensive logic into something that is more effective than his current system.

    I’ll believe this when I see this, but wow I’m so excited that we have a whole bunch of great guys for once! Oh my really? Gee why did we go out of our way to only hire losers and awful guys each season before this one? Well at least we are doing something different. Uggh..

  7. Hope springs eternal each pre-season but it’s especially true with Lions fans. These are great fans that will thumb down anyone trying to suppress them with logic and a sense of history. The only thing the Lions have done in the last fifty years to deserve this adoration is move to a smaller and newer stadium that only requires 70,000 to show up to lift the NFL blackout on Sundays. Yes they did appear in maybe two playoff games in that time period but I believe they haven’t won a playoff game in several decades. The odds of one NFL team going that long and also being a team that lost every single game in a season is incredible. So just going by the odds alone should bring hope to Lions fans and this team has the talent to go all the way. It’s a team lying in the grass about to strike that could sneak up on some teams that don’t respect their ability. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is the year that they win twelve or more games instead of the one that lost twelve last season.

  8. A successful discussion calls for all participants to process a certain baseline intellectual capacity or, at the very least, knowledge of subject matter. You lack those.

  9. It gets harder and harder every year with the Lions preseason hype to stay excited, and I wont trash other teams at all, but I think when the Lions hired Gunther, we let go of the guy that had the 31st ranked defense, only to hire the only guy that finished behind him, I may have that backwards, but either way to hear the staff say this year they are gonna design their team around the talent on board?????? Should that not have been done before? I hope they have a great season and they are saying the right things (again) but lets put it on the field guys, coaches and players…..GO LIONS

  10. I have proof of the last 25 yrs, I will take proof over anything else, until you have that on your side, I guess I have to not care what you say.

  11. “The names don’t blow you away, but the quantity of them is significant because the Lions have scrambled for any healthy body they can find over the last couple of seasons when trouble strikes during the season.”

    Truth! Well said!

    If the secondary plays well this season, we will take the NFC Norris Division crown – ain’t no doubt about it. We’re in a good division with good teams, but the Lions have the most potent offense. You can say player X or player Y is better than … but the bottom line is that we can score points on anyone.

    So if the secondary can play well, the defense will be a lot stronger, and that puts us at an advantage.

    Then again … everyone is division champion and a powerhouse in July.

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