Parys Haralson working his way back after season lost to injury


San Francisco 49ers linebacker Parys Haralson missed the entirety of the team’s run to the Super Bowl last season after suffering a torn triceps in the preseason. The injury landed Haralson on injured reserve ending his season before it could get started.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh wished, in retrospect, the team had placed their one injured reserve return designation on Haralson as he would have been able to contribute by season’s end and the 49ers didn’t use the designation on another player.

Now Haralson is working his way back onto the field with the 49ers. He signed a one-year contract with the team in March and is looking to become a contributor once again for the 49ers.

You’re always looking to do that,” Haralson  said, via the team’s official website. “In this sport, you’re a competitor and you compete to make plays. I know what I’m able to do.”

Haralson stayed around the team throughout the team and tried to help in whatever way he could. He wasn’t able to help the team prepare on the field but he tried to lend a hand in other ways. Now he’s ready to get back to helping the team he’s made 68 starts for since 2007 between the lines.

Anytime you can get back to what you love doing, it’s always a good thing,” Haralson said. “You take things how they are. It’s unfortunate what happened last year, but being able to stay with the team and be around them, it’s what kept me into it.

“I feel like it helped me pick up where I left off.”

Haralson participated in the 49ers’ offseason workouts and will be a welcome addition back to the team’s defensive unit. With the losses the 49ers have had to free agency (Dashon Goldson, Isaac Sopoaga) and injury (Michael Crabtree), the 49ers will be happy to see the return of a capable player to their lineup.

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  1. Parys is a solid football player who can come in and give a guy a breather without a serious drop off and in some situations even add something to the D. If a guy misses a game he can start and be effective since he would be a starter on most teams as it is. I’ve always liked Parys and thought that he never quite reached his potential. His most sacks in a season was eight and he only did that once. I really liked him coming out of Tennessee and thought the 49ers got a steal when they drafted him. Very solid football player who I still think can reach or come close to double digit sacks for a season. I always thought he was better with his hand in the dirt coming off the end than as a stand up OLB but he sets the edge really well against the run I thought the 49ers could have used him late last year. If he has a good year he could parlay that into a nice contract with another team and a starting spot. Good to have you back this year Parys the 49ers missed you last year.

  2. Haralson coming back this year healthy is HUGE for the Niners if he can stay healthy. He’s a sack machine.

    He and the smash-a-beer-bottle-on-your-head-guy Brooks can rotate now keeping both fresh for yet another post season run. Add in Auburn rookie Corey Corey Lemonier and 2nd year player Cam Johnson and the Niners are redonkulously stacked at LB.

    Russell Wilson is running scared

  3. A sack machine? Do you even watch the Niners?

    Parys sets a hard edge and has some rush ability. But sack machine is a bit much. He has averaged less than 4 sacks a year for his career, from the OLB spot. That is not a sack machine.

    I like Parys and am damn glad to have him back healthy and at a reduced price. I believe he could start for a number of 3/4 teams. He is only 29 and knows the defense and his role in it. He will be the first OLB off the bench to spell either Brooks or Smith unless Lemonier really flashes some rush ability in camp and the preseason (which he may well do, as he appears to be capable of it).

    Wilson isn’t running scared. He made us look foolish a couple times when we should have had him on the ground behind that line they have up north. The guy buys time and looks down the field. It’s like the second coming of Fran Tarkenton without the overblown ego. Don’t sleep on that kid, he is for real.

    We will beat the Seaturkeys if we lock up skittles and score points when we have the ball. They are going to get some because Wilson is outstanding. I’d take Kaep over Wilson, but I would not be unhappy at all if I had the second pick and ended up with Russel instead. The guy is a winner and I don’t think scared is ever a word that could be used to describe him.

  4. Sack machine??? I really like Parys as I stated before in an earlier comment and think he is capable of a 10 sack season (which he has not had yet, once again 8 and 6 are the most he has ever had) but sack machine he is not. He’s great against the run and has C to C+ pass rushing ability. We will need him if Brooks misses some games but there will be a drop off, just not as huge as you might think.

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