Rookie Symposium was an experience Tyrann Mathieu “needed”


During the NFL’s Rookie Symposium, there are a variety of speakers addressing the new class of players on a variety of topics.

The ones that get the most attention are the ones like cornerback Adam Jones and former Bears defensive lineman Tank Johnson, players who have screwed up off the field and share their stories in hopes of keeping other players from making the same kinds of mistakes. Those speeches are meant for every player in the room, obviously, but the message was particularly resonant for Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu.

The erstwhile (and, perhaps, once more) Honey Badger was kicked off the LSU team after failed drug tests and he knows that he’s going to get little to no leeway from the Cardinals or anyone else if he continues to find trouble away from the game. Mathieu says that’s why he was listening closely even though he’d heard similar messages in the past.

“I didn’t look at it redundant, I looked at it as more people trying to help me. My process is a bit different than the rest of the rookies there. For me, it was an experience I needed,” Mathieu said, via the team’s website. “For me, [the Symposium] was real educational, inspiring and one of those reality checks and I’ve had a few of those since I’ve become an Arizona Cardinal.”

Staying clean and out of legal hot water doesn’t qualify as a success since it is the bare minimum expected of any player. Not doing it, however, would be a massive blown opportunity and the annual meeting of rookies has rightly been focused on hammering that point home to players who haven’t accomplished anything as professionals.

17 responses to “Rookie Symposium was an experience Tyrann Mathieu “needed”

  1. Staying clean and legal free IS a success for some people. Shouldn’t underestimate that…

  2. He certainly knows the right things to say. To bad so many people know his history and knows its all BS.

  3. My money is on Tyrann the first of his rookie class to get busted for something.

  4. I think he’s at the “don’t tell me, just show me” stage. Play time is over, kid.

  5. Check back with me in January to find out how long he went before being busted again.

    What’s the over under on this druggie?

  6. larrydavid7000 says:
    Jul 4, 2013 9:17 AM
    My money is on Tyrann the first of his rookie class to get busted for something.

    Ausar Walcott, anyone?

  7. you can’t win in the court of public opinion…

    if they DONT have symposiums likes this, people hate on the league/teams/owners for throwing them to the wolves…

    when they DO the events and they get positive feedback from players, people hate and say that its only a matter of time…

    you’d be surprised how much of an effect peer influence has on a young man!

  8. I for one am pulling for him. I love how people on here want to see him mess up. Not surprised. “Those without sin shall cast the first stone”

  9. Somehow I feel we haven’t heard the last of Tyrone and his problems. He has an addictive type of personality and will be his own worst enemy. Hope I’m wrong but that’s how I see it.

  10. As a taxpayer, I’m pulling for him. I dont want my hard earned money going towards his confinement. He’s had chance after chance and threw it away. You have to be a special kind of stupid to actually get kicked out of an SEC school where just about anything goes if you’re a football player.

  11. It seems to me that TM wasn’t the only rookie who attended the stmposium. The only difference here is that TM was tested and failed multiple times…..the “others” haven’t been caught, YET!

  12. Pulling for this kid, watched him play great ball at LSU. Made some bad decisions, but hopefully he has learned his lesson early. Would love to see him be just as electric in the NFL.

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