Suh on being best tackle combo: Instead of talking about it, be about it


Earlier this offseason, Nick Fairley said that he and Ndamukong Suh give the Lions the best defensive tackle combination in the NFL.

The comment elicited a strong reaction among members of PFT Planet and around the league with arguments being made on both side of the coin, but Fairley’s partner on the line knows that such honorifics are ultimately meaningless. Suh says that he likes the challenge that comes with Fairley’s boast and agrees that he and Fairley “have the potential and the opportunity to be great,” but that they’re going to have to do more than talk to lead the Lions defense.

“I think it’s fun and it’s something good,” Suh said, via Andrew Siciliano of the NFL Network. “You’re doing something positive if you’re having a target on your back and you’re a main focus of offensive coaches and their staff. And they really have to focus on you guys and take the pressure off the rest of your teammates, allow them to make plays. If me and Nick can do that, that will be a great thing and something that I welcome and I know Nick welcomes. Let’s just make the most of it and instead of talking about it, let’s just be about it.”

It would be hard to overstate the importance of the Fairley-Suh duo to the Lions defense, so Detroit will need both players to be about it about as often as possible next season. That said, it would be just as hard to ignore that both Fairley and Suh playing well last season didn’t do much to lift the defense. It takes more than two players and the Lions will need to find others to turn things back around.

57 responses to “Suh on being best tackle combo: Instead of talking about it, be about it

  1. Suh is a dominent force, Fairley has yet to show his effectiveness. They will need the D-line to live up to the hype because that secondary is still shaky at best…

  2. That has to be the most insightful and mature comment I’ve heard from Suh. Maybe he’s turned the corner from Stomp-a-lot Lane to the NFL? If so, the sky’s the limit.

  3. Those silly boys. All that talk and nothing, absolutely nothing to back it up. No shiny hardware, no rings, or pennants hanging in the stadium. Detroit will suck again this season just like the past 50 years. But don’t forget, they’ll have the best D Tackle combo in the NFL. Just ask’em !

  4. Gunther Cunningham probably understands the x’s and o’s of schemes, but has never put his knowledge to good use in terms of matching up a game plan with the actual personnel on the field. His blitzes are the same calls any drunk can make from his living room sofa, and Gunther’s win/loss record during the course of the last two decades is proof of that.

  5. This summer Fairley seems to be getting full of himself, while Suh sounds more mature.
    I hope Fairley listens to Sapp and does something about his ‘tiny legs” (for a 300 lb’er) that Sapp pointed out and he won’t get injured as much.

  6. I’ll settle for Fairley being healthy. Don’t care where people rank him. He’s been better than Suh, IMO, when he’s actually healthy enough to play major snaps in games, but those games haven’t happened nearly enough.

  7. Suh is a low-life. The Lions suck no matter how many times Suh tries to intimidate the other team.
    My hope is to have his head stomped on repeatedly all season long.

  8. Suh and Fairley are the best Tackle combo in their own minds. Not anywhere else. DL remains a weakness off the Detroit Lions as they struggle to stop the run or pressure the passer. Lions continue to seek others who can do what these two haven’t yet done.

  9. Is Suh showing some maturity here? I like that because it could mean he’s beginning to understand that talk is cheap and he must help the Lions win if anyone is going to take him seriously. There has been lots of pressure on the rest of his teammates, especially the secondary, to make plays, and even the linebackers have allowed too many big plays when they needed to get a stop on third down. It’s good to have confidence but the Lions defense is why they have lost so many games. We can hear announcers praising the Suh and Fairly combination when they are playing but once the game is over the only time those names are mentioned is in some negative way on ESPN. I hope Suh is changing for the better and brings some positive leadership in their locker room.

  10. Sorry guys but best Tandem would need Geno Atkins on it because he is better then you both combined.

  11. As a Packer fan, I hate to give up anything to any of our division rivals, but these 2 guys absolutely have the physical attributes to become a dominant force.

    If they can get their minds right, and if the Lions scheme properly, look out.

  12. I think a lot of people misunderstand Suh, I like him and I’m not a lions fan. He is a fierce competitor and I think that he gets so hyped up in game sometimes that he does crazy stuff (like the stomp). He reminds me of mean Joe Greene.

  13. The best way to twist this one is but what kind of human is he on the field.

  14. “These 2 have shown absolutely nothing to warrant this consideration.”


    I wouldn’t go that far. PFF has Fairly and Suh ranked 4th and 5th respectively for DTs/NTs during the 2012 season. That’s not a bad tandem ranking.

    The Lions also picked up CJ Mosely in the off season as the third DT (ranked 15th in 2012).

  15. This guy, Titus Young, and Aaron Hernandez are going to start their own little gang once all of them are in prison together. I pray for all of them, but you can never avoid the inevitable.

  16. There is WAAAY too much talent on that Detroit team for them to be 4-12. Schwartz needs to step up his game or he’s gone.

    Oh, and Suh should start playing like the best DT in the league instead of just living off draft hype.

  17. I love the attitude of Suh this offseason and the Lions as a whole. They are just quietly going along with their business this offseason, which in my opinion shows the team has turned a corner in regards to maturity,i believe the sky it’s now the limit for this Lions team.Finally all those years of high draft picks will pay off. From a talent standpoint from top to bottom there aren’t my teams with a more talented roster.This may be the year that detroit finally gets a taste of the lambardi trophey. Top 5 d-fence top 5 offence Go Leos.

  18. The LAMBARDI Trophy will always be available to the Lions. That goes to the team with the worst DEFENSE in the league.

    The LOMBARDI resides in Baltimore And will STAY with the Ravens this coming season.

  19. Suh and Fairley will destroy every offense by themselves!!!

  20. But the DTs who are not named Suh or Fairley, will actually get more snaps this year than Fairley himself. So what does it mean to have the best, are you talking just a duo or the entire set which is what actually counts?

    And it’s ok if Fairley is a bust if the aggregate of the others is better than what Fairley is expecting of himself. So it’s possible that we could have better than what Fairley suggests without Fairley being part of the equation of those that make up the good contributions.

    The point is we all have to remember that this isn’t just a game of starters since the entirety of the depth on the bench is often more important than just 1 starter.

  21. “Geno Atkins is better than Suh”


    Yes, but Geno Atkins + ? < Fairly + Suh.

  22. 87hollywoodhorn says:
    Jul 4, 2013 4:31 PM
    unless the bears have fixed up their oline, these two are gonna jay cutler out, on a DOUBLE date!


    After they lose the game, of course.

  23. Honestly pisses me off how people bring up the City of Detroit in sports conversations. Talk about the team, not the city. This city relies on sports and the automotive industry. It may be a craphole, but it’s our craphole and it’s home to the most hardworking people in this country

  24. I see all this Geno talk. Still on a team that doesn’t do jack. No one will care about either of these two until they are on constant playoff teams. Don’t hold your breath.

  25. Its amazing how many losers post on here. When you say Suh is nothing special, you CLEARLY dont know football. Is he the best? Thats up in the air. But he definitely is a solid DT.

  26. Geno has to to the playoffs the past two years + a division title. He is the most dominant force at DT in the league. I have no dog in this fight, but to say Geno Atkins hasn’t done anything… You don’t watch football!!

  27. I dont like suh because he’s a bully.
    and he couldnt have went to school
    with me. I would have made short
    work of him.

  28. all this fuss over Suh.. the man is a less than average player that had one good season. Now all he do is play dirty. somebody gone take out his knee in the trenches

  29. DT’s in todays NFL are overrated, in order to have a dominant defense you need:
    1- a beast pass rusher
    2- a shut down corner
    3- 9 steady players to support the rusher and the corner

    Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams make imo the best combo still they get lost quite often in the trenches.

  30. bharr170

    Geno Adkins remains the best DT in the league.

    12.5 sacks from a DT last year. That is insane!


    He’s so good that casual football fans like yourself don’t even know his real name.

  31. eaglesnd18

    This guy, Titus Young, and Aaron Hernandez are going to start their own little gang once all of them are in prison together. I pray for all of them, but you can never avoid the inevitable.


    Yes, because “stomping” (more like wiping foot off) on someone is equivalent or worse than being a serial murderer who kills friends and abandons his daughter. I really hope this guy was trolling… if not than jut wow

  32. Lol @ this warren moon idiot. Detroit is like a war zone?… yeah, maybe in the outskirts just like New York. Atlanta. Washington. Chicago. Cleveland. i can keep listing big cities but you get the point. Also, downtown detroit where ford field is, comerica park , soon to be new joe Louis arena , the fox theatre and all of the casinos is actually a really nice.. Now act like you’ve been there before you immature clown

  33. How long is Suh gone get credit for having one good season? for the last two years he has been a below
    average and dirty football player.

  34. This team needs a running game to keep the defense off the field for awhile and keep opposing defenses from teeing off on their beat up franchise QB. Can’t play action when nobody bites on the run.

  35. It’s so funny how the haters are gonna hate no matter what Suh says or does. It’s funny how many of you guys say you want an NFL player to be a fearsome beast on the field and quiet off the field, but then have nothing but talk nothing but trash about someone is exactly like that.

    Fairly and Suh are a great tandem if they stay healthy. They’ll enable Ansah to have a stellar rookie season as a speed rusher. It’s gonna be an interesting season.

    And in July … everybody is going to the Super Bowl!

  36. Some of you need to learn how to read. It was pretty clear that Suh said they need to walk the walk and he supported Fairleys enthusiasm. That’s it!

    For those of you saying Suh had one good season. Offenses began double teaming him after his rookie season. Imagine that! That’s what happens to good defensive tackles and it opens opportunities for other defensive players to make a play. That’s a good thing for the defense and a problem for the offense. Do you think that offenses in the NFC aren’t game planning for Suh? Do you think offensive coordinators are fixated on stat sheets like you wannabe couch potatoes? They aren’t. There’s no stat for taking on a double team.

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